Author Topic: Ensuring that RuneScape can keep going  (Read 177 times)

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Ensuring that RuneScape can keep going
« on: April 21, 2020, 03:01:19 AM »
The impact of the coronavirus means we are entering uncharted territory, not unlike when you mapped the Kharazi Jungle to make admission into the Legends' Guild. Regrettably, there isn't a quest guide for us to follow along, but our teams have been hard at work ensuring that RuneScape can keep going. We'd like to use this chance to update you on what's happening at Jagex. The security of Jagex personnel is priority number one, and from today we are advocating that JMods begin working from home for the near future. Meanwhile, we're preparing to better facilitate the team.

This does mean that, for Runescape gamers, the game update of today will be delivered as soon as possible this week. We'll edit this post when we have. Thanks for your patience and understanding. This shift represents a large change to the way we work, and you might be wondering whether this will impact RuneScape and Old School. It is possible that there might be fewer match upgrades and livestreams at the short term, but we'll communicate any program changes. We don't envisage any notable modifications.

That's it. We'd like to thank you for continued support, and we're going to leave this to you. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe, and we are going to keep RuneScape moving (after all, the best location to self-isolate is in Gielinor).

I'd be suprised if it arrives on time. Cases of Corona are gonna explode and if enough people get it then soon enough everyone will know someone that has it and will be made to self-evident. Whoever said that was dumb as sand because the use of the word of rationing is gonna send the country to a standstill whilst everybody stands out to dread buy everything!

Not to mention all the other employees needed to maintain the offices open, servers operating, etc.. Hopefully it won't be delayed but it likely more complex than we think and if cases of this virus maintain doubling daily or two who knows what the situation will be.

To be fair given the situation with all the pandemic what can they do? Clearly not aiding the spread of a dangerous new disease is much more important than releasing weekly updates. Plus everything is gradually shutting down and official advice is to stay at home if you have a cough or mild temperature. I'm not surprised or disappointed really. I'd be surprised if Archaeology isn't delayed at this point. This virus crap will get worse before it gets better and the UK government do not exactly appear to be on top of things at this time.
Check out for more details.


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