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For many weeks now we have been hard at work coming up a with a solution to facilitate in the purchasing of mining units.  There are have been great leaps foward, a few steps back, but finally we are stable and efficient and hope to grow along with the crypto-currency market!
After many worldwide trips, coffee meetings, and lunches, we are finally ready to comfortably announce our big news....are you ready?
We are going to be officially reselling/distributing for the following companies through our site, in no particular order:
   - Flower Technology
   - Mining Asics Technologies
   - KnC Miners (Coming Soon)
   - Alcheminers
   - Gridseed
   - Zeus Miners (Coming Soon)

So what does this mean for all of the minerheads you may ask...we got answers:
   1. Lower prices (discounted bulk purchases*)
   2. Various payment options
   3. Purchase from a known supplier (Gridseed Customer personal visits)
            - Customer Experience -
   4. Great communicative relationship with companies!
We are trying to create one place where you can find all of your hashing that you only need to talk to one team, one company, and trust one source!
Now comes the difficult part...proving that this is real!  Well, as our partners begin to post on the forums supporting our claim and stating that we will be working with them to resell, we shall update our "claims list" below!
     - Alcheminers Thread
If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding this please either email us at!

PS...UPDATE - We will be obtaining the NEW Gridseed Blade Miners and are taking orders on our site now!!!!
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