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« on: January 25, 2014, 08:55:08 PM »
I was hoping to get some help with my rig set-up.  I am using a gigabyte motherboard (990FXA) and trying to hook up 4 GPUs (all R9 290s, eventually hope for 5-6).  I connected everything (power supplies, memory, CPU,.....).  There is no on board video on this motherboard.  I connected a monitor up to the graphics card in PCIe slot 1 and powered everything up.  Problem is I can't seem to get any video out at all.  I tried different slots and different cards and nothing.  I tried holding down control once and delete another time while powering up and nothing.  I removed all GPUs and only hooked up one and still nothing. Cards all have fans spinning so they are powered.  Any ideas???  Thanks.