Author Topic: High Rejection Rate in CGminer Please Help!  (Read 3427 times)

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High Rejection Rate in CGminer Please Help!
« on: January 02, 2014, 07:25:27 AM »
Hey fellas looking for some help or explanation on my mining concerns.  [/size]Ive been mining for the past three weeks with 5 280x (2 MSI, 3 XFX) on one motherboard and hadn't noticed high reject rates until today.Ive mined in various pools of different cryptos and notice higher rejects more than normal.  I don't recall my reject rates being this high but its possible that this is normal and just have not noticed it.Currently mining worldcoin and have 266414 accepts and 1550 rejects and 61 SS(Stales).  I also have one 280x going on a motherboard and noticed same results. Higher rejects than normal.  ---------The only change that I know of is I upgraded my wifi router to a belkin AC1200DB. Could this be the issue? Download speeds are about the same as old router (Download: 14.2, Upload: 1.04The rig running 5 280xs is running a AC Dual-Band wifi usb adapter (857mbps) and the rig running one 280x is using a 600mbps USB adapter.I also notice a difference in my hashing rates in the pools website. While in cgminer my hash rate remains around 3.57MH. I know they are not that accurate but before today I would get 3,500-3,800 KH. Today its bouncing everywhere from 2,300-3,800KH.  I get the same drastic changes in the hash rate in multiple pools not just one. I also do wait about an hour after the mining has began in that pool before taking note of the changes in the hash rate.I haven't made any changes to my conf files but just incase here is my Worldcoin Conf:


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