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Title: Hot Black Desert Silver Makes Your Mounts' Skin Colorful -Gold.raiditem!
Post by: Raiditem4U on September 21, 2017, 03:56:58 PM

Selling CHEAP and SECURE Black Desert Silver, Memory fragments and Enchanting Gear from 0 to +17 on the gold.raiditem - ono of the most popular online store in 2017! You deserve the best service here!

Various Servers Can be Chosen:
Silver Grinding status on EU server:
Silver Grinding status on NA server:

Regular Price for BDO Silver Buying:
-1000 M Silver + Free 50$2221.15Buy Now
-800 M Silver + Free 0ag&dg*1 92Buy Now
-600 M Silver + Free 30$1332.69Buy Now
-500 M Silver + Free 25$1110.58

Black Desert Online Silver Guarantee:
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