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I am so frustrated right now...trying to configure ANY miner

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Hey There,

I've been trying to get setup to mine for a couple of days now and no matter what I try, every single miner I can find just crashes upon opening.  The only one that hasn't is LTCeasy, but I don't think it's doing anything as I don't get any Kh/s rating or message after selecting all of my options.  I have tried posting on, but have only received 1 reply on 4 different posts...I'm stuck and need a helping hand!


I am also a litecoin novice but it would help if you could post the logs or setup configuration from your mining program. Without any of this information, we can't help you.

I can help you setup GUIMiner-scrypt if you would like.

What type of mining hardware setup do you have?

Okay, I should have posted that in the first place...

Where would I pull my litecoin.conf from?  Most of the packages have one included to modify, but I don't know if I have to drop that in that litecoin roaming app data folder or what

here's the one from my reaper folder:

port 6332
user Scooby903.1
pass 12345

worksize 256
aggression 18
threads_per_gpu 1
sharethreads 18
lookup_gap 2
gpu_thread_concurrency 6144

And the reaper.conf:

save_binaries yes
enable_graceful_shutdown no
long_polling yes

mine litecoin

I have an older HP a6000n that has 1 PCIx16 slot, which I have filled with an XFX Radeon 7850 and have replaced the PSu with a Corsair CS700.  I know I'm not going to win any contest with it, lol...I just want to familiarize myself with it before investing 2k in a rig

LTCGuru - I would love any and all help you can provide!  Would be happy to tip once things get up and running!

I double checked and my system had the drivers installed instead of the 13.x beta, so I downloaded catalyst manager 13.3 and when it opened it gave an error, but still opened, but will only allow me to up date to 12.10

Fortunately, I have Reaper mining away at 260kh/s, but would like to tweak the settings and get the drivers upgraded to see what kind of numbers I can generate as this is to be a mining rig specifically

Any ideas?


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