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Hello Everyone!

We would like to introduce the Hero One, our custom built 2100kh/s (and up) rig featuring a stackable anodized aluminum rack specifically made for crypto currency mining. Every hero is carefully built at our high quality production facility. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality plug and play crypto currency mining rigs to our customers. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to start mining regardless of their technical background. We manufacture, assemble, configure, and test all our mining rigs at our facility with state of the art machinery and techniques. As a result, we are able to provide high quality, aesthetically pleasing mining rigs for a better value than what our competitors offer.

Custom built stackable open rack
Our open mining rack is carefully designed and manufactured with black anodized aluminum (5005). It is designed to enhance airflow and heat dissipation to keep your GPUs at minimal temperatures while operating at high usages. The rack has been designed with a stackable structure to preserve space at your home. You will receive free stackable connectors along with your Hero. All GPUs are strategically placed to help your mining rig perform at highest capability for long durations.

Pre-configured and optimized for better hash rates
All our mining rigs are pre-configured to extract the highest hash rates on each GPU without any overclocking. We do not overclock any hardware as it significantly reduces the lifetime of the GPU. We believe that mining at optimized hash rates without increasing core clocks or voltages is a better practice than potentially damaging your hardware with overclocking. Also, keep in mind that overclocking hardware voids the respective manufacturer's warranty. We want your mining rig to last years to come without unnecessarily reducing its lifetime and potentially costing you thousands of dollars to replace your hardware. The Hero One comes configured to mine Litecoin, but any Crypto currency can be mined by simply changing configurations.

Testing - We let you gather coins even before you receive the Hero!
Once each mining rig is manufactured and assembled, we perform rigorous testing for a 48 hour time period before leaving our facility. During the test period, we create user accounts to your preferred credentials and store your crypto currency wallet within the hard drive we provide. This way, you can start earning your coins as soon as you place your order and your rig is assembled. Please keep in mind that your wallet is stored locally and we recommend to have at least two forms of backups of your wallet. Please see our FAQ page for backup recommendations.

Free 24/7 monitoring software with each Hero
We also provide safety software that seamlessly integrates with CGminer (mining software) that will help you to reduce any downtime of your rig. With the safety software installed, your mining rig will automatically take necessary precautions to continue operating at high hash rates and even automatically restart the mining software in case of a power failure. You can rest assure that your mining rig will continue to operate when you are at work, school, vacation, etc. The key to a successful mining operation is to "set it and forget it." With the Hero, never worry about monitoring your rig. The provided software is configured to monitor your rig 24/7.

Plug and play design
All our mining rigs are plug and play and no other actions are required to start mining your crypto currency. Simply, plug in the power and your rig will take care of the rest!
Please come visit our shop and contact us if you have any questions.

Happy mining everyone!

Crypto Hero Team
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