Author Topic: R9 280X mining nicely, HD7970 can't get over 350Kh !?  (Read 2936 times)

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R9 280X mining nicely, HD7970 can't get over 350Kh !?
« on: December 11, 2013, 08:49:19 AM »
Hi everybody,

I started mining with a pair of R9 280X (rebranded HD7970) and i can get them at 700Kh (each) for around 200W, so everything's fine.
Then i thought i would add as many HD7970 as i could (got 4). I first started to add them on the same rig, but for some reason, only 2 VGA managed to be at 700 Kh, others were at half speed. So i decided to let my rig with 2x R9 280X for a while and install HD7970 on another one.

I then changed from Win 8 to 7 (both 64bits) but i kept the same drivers and settings. And then again, the cards are running half speed at 350 Kh. Any idea about what's wrong ?

As R9 280X and HD7970 shares the exact same GPU/memory etc, only clock rates differs, i thought i could use the same settings. But even trying to find some better arguments for my HD7970 didn't get me anywhere...

I mined for 0.2 LTC this night, i'll be happy to give it to you if you can help me setting up thoses cards.


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Re: R9 280X mining nicely, HD7970 can't get over 350Kh !?
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 04:55:40 PM »
I have the Sapphire 280x dual oc and Sapphire 280x vapor that i bought last week.

I had this occur with the 280x dual it never went over 85c and was 700khs for a few days then dropped down to 425.
I never overclocked the cards and tried to keep them as cool as possible I wanted to ease into it. Afterburner says its running normally at stock settings but its just not performing anymore, I moved it to a different pc thinking maybe it was the motherboard but its definitely the gpu.

Then just now the 280x vapor has decided its going to drop to 430 as well. I've found a few people complaining of this issue even read about it in a review though he was referring to msi 280x but im at a loss with what to do i never overclocked them so i could try to return them but i dunno how they'll take it seeing as a bought those 2 280xs and 4 290s which are all fine, wont be buying 280s anymore thats for sure.

Open to suggestions on how to try and revert the problem


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