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r9 290 for mining
« on: December 01, 2013, 05:48:55 AM »
over on these r9 290 cards seem to be very popular.  It seems the trend hasn't caught on here yet.  Anyway they are hashing anywhere between 700-900 on one card.  It seems there is a lot of headroom and tuning to do. 

There are also lots of different bios options for those cards and with 7950's almost impossible to purchase and the fact that they are really starting to fall behind in hashing power I would have expeceted to see some results/guides for these new cards at only 399$ each. 

So far the xfx and power-color cards can be flashed to the asus 290x bios and unlock the extra shaders and gain voltage adjustment and more overclocking headroom. 

They are trying to flash a regular asus 290 bios to msi/gigabyte/saphire r9 290's.  It seems like one r9 290 plus a system gets on average 830hash using about 375 watts.  I guess it would be easy to run two and get 1660hash with 675 watts and around 965 or so watts for 3 r9 290's and about 2490 hash.  4 cards would require a 1300w-1600w psu and generate around 3340 hash or so at 1275 watts. 


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