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Title: Reputable Companies - A4 Dominator vs L3+
Post by: silasmckenna on April 23, 2017, 11:52:05 PM
hey all,

i haven't mined for quite some years (back when I was mining on 5x 270x's) and cashed out during the first bubble to $45 due to needing money for school.

i've still got a handful of coins that i've been hodling; but, i'm looking to pick up a new miner to get back in the game.  i see there is the A4 Dominator (innosilicon) currently for sale at ~280mh/s and that there is the L3+ (bitmain) that isn't released until july (but same price for double the hash).  i like the sound of the L3+ but i'd rather not be sitting on my thumb for a couple of months waiting for them to actually manufacture one while i could have one now starting up and get the better one later.

how reputable are the companies behind these guys?  i.e., if I were to purcahse the a4 from innosilicon will i actually receive one? and will i receive it in a decent amount of time?

it's very hard to find any reviews on these companies