Author Topic: Seeking advice on building my first rig  (Read 2017 times)

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Seeking advice on building my first rig
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:55:32 AM »
Hello all. I've been lurking/ researching for a while now and I'm getting ready to build my first rig. I was looking at buying 4 ibuypower AMD Radeon R9 280x cards based on their (relatively) low cost... Anyone have any experience/thoughts on those? I couldn't find much info as far as mining with ibuypower cards.

My other question is this: how do you determine how much wattage each card draws? I couldn't find that sort of info on any cards I looked at. Is there like a general rule of thumb?

Any thoughts on motherboard/processor/PSU to use with these cards are welcome. I've got a few in mind but I'm interested in cheap options  ;D

Thanks for your time and patience with a noob!


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