Author Topic: Stratum driving me mm crazy.  (Read 12428 times)

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Stratum driving me mm crazy.
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:50:26 AM »
I'm able to get the normal http: to work but when I try Stratum it fails.

First I open my Stratum_proxy with : Stratum_proxy.exe -pa scrypt -o -p 3333
Then run my CGMiner on newbielink:http://localhost:8332 [nonactive].

GPU shows "Accepted " *blockchain here* and Stratum Proxy is "New Job #" "Clean_Jobs=False" yet the litecoin is never accreddited to my pool account *I've tried 2 different pools.*

Another problem involving non Stratum. My ATI6970 GPU pulls around 155kh/s at 13 intensity unclocked. Yet only about 10-13kh/s ever register on the pool.

I've read this could mean my hardware isn't configured correctly? Maybe I need to overclock it to correctly fit the memory ratio on the GPU?

My GPU is 2 gigabytes dedicated and 12 gb ram on my computer. If that matters at all.

Been messing around with this all day and still not fully understanding it.

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Re: Stratum driving me mm crazy.
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2013, 10:58:06 PM »
Any particular reason why you are using Slush's mining proxy with just one computer that does less than 1 GH/s?

CGMiner in and of itself can do Stratum proxies and scrypt protocol by default, you just need to set it up correctly. Make sure you get the latest official download of it and set it up.

Something you should be made aware of, I've been hearing a lot of bad things about in general, this is just a little snippet of it, newbielink: [nonactive].

Got other questions about this, just ask.

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Re: Stratum driving me mm crazy.
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2013, 11:06:20 PM »
If you are having trouble with your hash rate when using Slush's proxy, I have seen that happen when you don't have a dedicated computer to do just the proxy. If you run the proxy and the miner program together on the same computer, I have seen the rates drop like a rock. It would probably help to know that Slush's proxy is not a binary (meaning not a stand-alone executable) it's running as a bunch of scripts, which in turn are interpreted which is where the slow down comes in.

The only time you should use Slush's proxy is if you are doing far in excess of 4 GH/s and have multiple computers or dedicated ASICs using the getwork protocol and have a separate computer on the network handle all the incoming connections over TCP/IP to get rerouted to the stratum proxy port on that computer. When you have only 1 computer spitting out less than 12 GH/s, there really isn't a need. Besides, the Scrypt algorithm is far different in calculations than SHA256D algorithm by itself is.

Note: The ASICs at this time are only SHA256D not scrypt based, the reason for using Slush's mining proxy is to keep the ASIC miners from running out of stuff to do because they work so fast as compared to the standard GPU or even a CPU.

By the way, you will have a far lower Scrypt hash rate than a standard SHA256D, just a heads up.  When I say far in excess, I am referring to above 20 GH/s. If you're hitting 20 GH/s in scrypt, you've got a pretty bad ass setup. That I have never seen something that fast in scrypt, in SHA256D sure.

I've run CGMiner in a pool before doing scrypt algorithm over stratum and never run out of work. This is what Slush's proxy is supposed to alleviate, the running out of work to do but since scrypt works different than SHA256D, my worker is constantly doing something.

When I was doing normal SHA256D, yes I was running out of work in a pool, then I switched to solo for that computer.
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