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TERA together with the accession of PS4 and Xbox One
« on: June 22, 2018, 02:31:27 AM »
TERA has been around for some years now, and is one of a couple of MMORPGs to possess true, sustained, long-term achievement. But over time, the older leveling and questing systems become obsolete in certain games. Did you want to change anything in-game to prepare for the influx of brand new level 1 players going into the game?

We had already made quite a few alterations to the leveling curve and how we present articles to new players, but at the run-up to our games launch, the staff took a peek at what occurs when players experience the primary TERA plot. To streamline the procedure (and alleviate congestion in ancient zones)we re-wrote and re-routed a few quests to get people through the first levels and to high-threat, high-reward articles as fast as possible.

In fact, we enjoyed the changes , we rolled them to the PC version too! Will there be any impact on updates / new content to the PC edition of TERA together with the accession of PS4 and Xbox One? What is the next set of articles that console gamers can anticipate?

The console versions of this game are developed by another group, so their advancement generally will not affect the PC version. For the time being, the PC version has the most current material, while the console version plays a little bit of catch-up. Ultimately, our purpose is to deliver the 2 variations closer together, though adapting new systems from PC to the consoles in a way which makes sense and can be instinctive to gamers sometimes makes that challenging.

For us, the decision is always quality over quantity, although we'd love to have all variations of the game completely in sync, every platform has its own distinct attributes, viewers, and challenges, and we will need to approach each one individually.
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