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Title: [ANN] Pure-Central - Request or invest in loan faster and easier with Paypal
Post by: jamesdo on January 08, 2015, 12:06:56 AM

Hi everyone,

Are you in need for a quick loan ? or for an altcoin loan ?

Get it on

Your account is not verified yet ?

In agreement with Paypal*, if you Paypal account is verified just connect it to your Pure-Central account to get it verified right away and start requesting your BTC or altcoin loan.

You are an investor ? By investing in a loan linked to a verified Paypal account you can invest in confidence. Or simply invest into one of the Pure-Central Guarantee loan.

Pure-Central is the first to offer Coins guarantee investment.

Once again if you have any question, suggestion or comments please reply to this post and I do my best to answer it quickly.

Have a nice day, and Happy New year from


*Paypal is not affiliated in anyway with