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BRICSTether is set to launch, as the US banking system is imploding and the USD



BRICSTether is set to launch,as the US banking system is imploding,and the USD dominance is waining.

With the US banking system imploding, & record withdrawals, up to $94 billion alone in recent weeks, deposit holders are desperately searching for alternatives, to place their savings and investment funds. Stablecoins that are 100% asset-backed, including Gold, Silver, cash, and crypto are in demand. A perfect time for BRICSTether to launch, especially for those wary of using USD-backed tethers like USDT or USDC the two biggest ones. Can BRICSTether rival one USDT? With the BRICS Nations' support, it could happen rapidly, not to mention the 10% pa returns for staking. Who wants to risk their money in a bank anymore for almost zero returns, whilst Bank Executives take high risks on depositors' monies to boost their bonuses, then expect taxpayer bailouts when things go wrong?

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