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Stats matter in Mmoexp buy Mut 20 coins
« on: February 09, 2020, 08:44:20 AM »

Retirements you don't want, in-team conflicts, contractual holdouts (like the one Dallas chewed their fingernails finished with Ezekiel Elliott last year) and much more would enhance down intervals between seasons.

Stats matter in buy Mut 20 coins other sports, and they monitored by some of the best analysts on the planet. Have a look at the hubbub Ravens' QB Lamar Jackson created by breaking the single-season of Michael Vick rushing record. That kind of enthusiasm is a Madden 21. Being alerted if you crush specific and historical team records will be fine. Imagine just how much more those last couple weeks of this season would imply (whether your team has created the Playoffs or not) if there were documents on the line? One more pass contest would break the record. Get on it.

Team documents will need to matter a bit more than they currently do in Madden. It's all fantasy, obviously, but that does not mean that some hardcores out there wouldn't have a kick out of shattering Jackson QB racing record. One minute, DTs are laser-guided missiles that cling to a competition's O-Line, shimmy about them and control in for a QB sack. Next, turning without motive they're floundering around like fish on property and acting as though they're on medication.

It's inconsistent, it's jerky and it stinks. Blocking requires a overhaul in Madden 21. The same holds for pass racing. This gamer has lost count of the amount of frustrated rants he's had at the TV since his defensive set up allow a simple pass expose policy. Players just don't move like real human beings, or react to other people. All it takes is one idiot spinning in a circle which playbook pick is ruined. Of course, when it comes to how players respond on the Madden field, there's a larger problem that EA need to handle.


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