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Title: AD-FREE Email service
Post by: mxc0bbn on July 30, 2013, 07:52:35 AM
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For a while now Gmail has had ads at the margins and I've never minded, but recently Google started putting ads in my inbox disguised as new messages.  Since it's a free service I can't really complain, but I don't have to take it.  I created a domain and am hosting my own email with NO ADS anywhere.

I'm offering the same service to anyone that wants it for 0.09btc or 3LTC per year

The features I'm incorporating at this point are:

I realize some might ask what's to keep me from selling email addresses to advertisers.  The God's honest truth is, nothing.  All I can say is that I hate ads and spam so I'm going to try to build this service on the promise that no ads will ever appear on your page or inbox and when/if  the service grows I will rely on user testimonials to vouch for that promise.  So basically it's in my best interest to be faithful to this promise.  Once you start using the service if you start giving away the address to shady characters and start getting spam then it's kinda your own damn fault...

A user on another board brought up the fact that they don't feel comfortable because in being the administrator of the service I will have the ability to read your mail.  This can only be done if I reset the account password (at which point you will know -- and consequently not trust again).  Given that I'm an unknown quantity and need trust to build up the service this, again, goes against my best interest to do.  Aside from this point I think you probably have more to fear from Google/AT&T/Verizon selling your data to the NSA then you do from a single admin who will definitely not have time (even if I wanted) to read your email.

Anyone interested please PM me.  Right now every email address is available, but as people sign up the more popular names will start to be taken. 

Here's a shot of what the site looks like:


You have the ability to setup all your different inboxes in a "unified" mailbox so you can see all your GMAIL or YAHOO mail without actually going to the site and consequently not having to be inundated with their ads...Once setup, you can view each inbox separate from the others or all inboxes together in one pane.


Title: Re: AD-FREE Email service
Post by: mxc0bbn on July 30, 2013, 07:54:06 AM
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Title: Re: AD-FREE Email service
Post by: Melvinchunter on July 14, 2018, 01:00:21 PM
Its really helpful