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Only a Few days left of the Moonlite ICO
« on: March 15, 2018, 01:41:18 PM »

As interest in cryptocurrency grows, the mining process has become more industrial. Economies of scale may make industrial crypto-mining more cost-efficient due to the volatility within cryptocurrencies. The question remains how to mine in a sustainable and low cost way. MoonLite may offer one possible approach.

One of the most promising projects out there is the MoonLite project. Moonlite is “a new-generation, industrial scale crypto-mining operation that is focused on efficiency by employing Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and profitability by using low cost and clean energy sources.”

The Moonlite Project is planning to be a green crypto mining project on a global scale. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin will be mined exclusively with low cost, sustainable, green energy. Moonlite will employ emergent technologies, Artificial Intelligence and custom algorithms to improve its operational efficiency and profits.

Moonlite will allocate 35% of its annual net profits to its buyback campaign. This is where the organization purchases back its MNL tokens from token-holders at the trading price and additionally each tokens profit share. All repurchased tokens will be ‘burnt’, therefore reducing the supply and increasing each token holder’s share of the total supply of MNL tokens. This also allows the net value of the token to increase over time. Token holders also have a vote in all corporate actions, profit distribution, expansion, directors, executives and the like, using the secure vote system.

Different Strategies of the Project

•   Mining of the largest and most stable currencies by utilizing efficient and effective equipment
•   Aggressive expansion and equipment replacement policy
•   Redundancy built into every system
•   Proceeds splits into a ratio of 60:20:20
•   Mining in different pools and local in-house nodes for each of the currency
•   Minimize the power and HR costs
•   Mining in areas having low power cost

Moonlite plans to be an efficient and green mining venture that will operate at an industrial scale. There is strong potential for Moonlite and by using the most advanced technologies in blockchain, operated and managed by an experienced team spearheaded by their founder Eric Kriege, Moonlite looks well placed to be at the forefront of the blockchain mining industry. - Domain names 3 Days left GoDaddy Auction

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