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different r9 280x cards in same rig - and crossfire.


 :P :P

Hey Buds!!!

I bought the last 280X in Toronto, I think.  I have one more coming in the mail. Both are ASUS 280x cards.

I have a chance to buy a used Sapphire 280x.  Is it possible to run different brands in one machine.

Also the crossfire bridge cables, should I use them if I have two cards form the same manufacturer?

You can run it in pc but dont use Crossfire.
If you mine with 2 or 3 cards use them alone without crossfire because it will reduce your hash rate
Set more miners in your acc and use them as miner.1 and miner.2 etc.
When you use CF you cant have more than 800 Khs and if you use just cards without crossfire you can get 725 Khs x2

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