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Do you want to be an ESR “whale” before launch?



To celebrate the launch of the ESR DApp on the HPB blockchain, we are looking for someone to become an ESR “whale” token holder. This will be the single biggest public giveaway before launch and a giveaway of this magnitude won’t ever be repeated again.

If you wish to be considered as a contender for an ESR whale, it will be a multi-step process, and details of the process will be shared as we move along, however to be eligible as a whale candidate you must fulfil the criteria for step 1 first of all.

The first step is easy.
Simply respond below with your primary HPB wallet address. That’s it! :)
Why are we asking for this? It’s very simple. We want to confirm that you are a HPB crypto investor.

If you have an empty HPB wallet, then you are not eligible for the competition. If you have a trivial amount of HPB in your wallet, then you are not eligible. If you are obviously creating multiple wallet accounts and splitting your pot of HPB among them to increase your chances of winning, then it will be very obvious for us to track this activity from and if we suspect you are doing this then you won’t be considered. Any new HPB wallets will receive additional scrutiny.

We want to keep the barrier to entry reasonable and fair, but at the same time the amount of HPB in your wallet needs to be of a reasonable level to convince us you are a serious HPB investor, therefore you will need a minimum of 1000 HPB in your primary wallet to be considered eligible for this competition.

So to recap on the requirements for eligibility.

You MUST share the address of your primary HPB wallet below, as this will be the HPB wallet that will be eligible to receive the ESR tokens

The HPB wallet must contain a MINIMUM of 1000 HPB

People with new HPB wallet accounts are eligible, but please note that If the account is a new account (less than 1 month old) we will most likely track the incoming and outgoing transactions to see if you appear to be distributing your HPB bag amongst multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning this competition. If we believe this to be the case, you will be removed from the competition. Similarly, if your Reddit account profile is brand new, this may lead us to scrutinising your HPB account activity.

Maximum of one account per entry. Do NOT post multiple account entries.

As this is a promotion, you must be willing to share your HPB wallet address publicly. (IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER EVER share your private keys with anyone!!) This wallet address will be public so that anyone will ultimately be able to verify that you meet the criteria for the competition.

Entry to phase 1 of the competition ends on Sunday 4th April at 20:00pm U.K. time. Any HPB wallet addresses posted after this time will not be eligible.

On Monday 5th April, the complete list of eligible participants for the giveaway will be confirmed, along with details of the next steps of the requirement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the HPB Global official telegram group ( ) to get further clarification Once again, NEVER EVER share your wallet private keys with ANYONE. Please also note that we will never ask you for this information, nor will we ever ask you to transfer any HPB to us. If anyone does this, they are a scammer.

Good luck everyone. We look forward to announcing our ESR whale in the coming weeks :)


That sounds pretty interesting to me.


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