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InGame to put 100% of pre-sale into gaming prizes



InGame Credit (INGAME) has announced it will be putting 100 percent of the presale ICO back into winnable prizes within the InGame ecosystem. The prizes will be used as rewards for the upcoming launch of the crypto reality treasure hunt called Prize Strike. Rewards will be digitally uploaded to specific locations for the launch which will be redeemable by the winners who locate them.

“We decided we have enough funding for the development and a fun way to get player engagement was to put all presale into real prizes for our players. We really did not need the pre-sale for technology development and prefer to make the treasure hunt game more exciting, we also hope it will attract more customer attention from a player perspective”

The InGame presale ICO information can be located on their website including the whitepaper, competition, challenge, solution, team and the token economics. The presale will run from now October through until the end of 2020. The presale is live now with the InGame team integrating Metamask into the page browser

“At InGame we integrated Metamask to make it easy for fellow crypto enthusiasts to participate. Most crypto folks like to use and trust the Metamask system so we have integrated it into a buy portal on the InGame website. We do have alternative payment processes available if required.”

Pre-sale participants will also be rewarded with two bonus rounds one for November and the other for December at 35% and 25% respectively.

Our pilot game launch is now in beta through the game “Prize Strike” this game is a reality based location driven treasure hunt. Basically it is a game where you hunt for real prizes. InGame have developed this game as gamers are sick of stupid prizes. InGame has created an ecosystem to connect business, prizes and gamers together. For further information about the network please refer to the company website.

InGame ICO Website:
Prize Strike:
Presale - ICO:

That sounds like a good project. How is it developing?


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