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Only getting 350-400 KH/s with each 7950


Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to this. I've read alot and I know I'm doing somethign wrong here.   I've got 2 7950s up and running and I know that they are working because I've gotten some LTC, but I can only seem to get about 400kh/s out of them now.   

I'm using GUIminer and I've tried both the 7950 reaper and cgminer and neither one seem to want to work.  I thought these cards were more in the 550kh range?

What all information do you guys need?

On my Sapphire DualX 7950 I use BFGMiner  v3.2.8 (newer version missreport the hash rate) which results in 580kH/sec.

Latest beta vga driver
AMD SDK v2.9
MSI Afterburner v3.0.0 beta 17

GPU Clock 1043
GPU Voltage 1113
Mem Clock 1490
Mem Voltage 1513
Powertune +10

bfgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u x -p x -o stratum+tcp:// -u x -p x --failover-only -I 18 --auto-fan --temp-overheat 80 --temp-cutoff 85 --temp-target 70 --no-submit-stale --temp-hysteresis 2

Try it for ya 7950 and see how you go.

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