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         I am new to litecoin and cryptocurrencies in general. I want to invest some money in ltc on the long run(buy some then wait till it's price increase then sell them back). Would that be profitable? Efficient? Useful to the community? And with how many ltc do you think i should start with?

Investment always got to be made very wisely, it is just not happening that we make random investment and still think that we could carry forward money making theory. So, we got to be right with our choice of the investment.

I put it all into upcoming ICOs, and Coinzai is one name that you just can’t ignore or miss. As they are the payment solution we are looking for with basically becoming the bridge between Crypto and us. Their wallet and the Credit card goes hand to hand, it’s extremely easy to add funs on our card and bank account!

I am on with Cryptobee here, it is sensible only to divide the investment instead of putting all our eggs in one basket. I think it is pretty good to make investment on Litecoin but got to be clever. It is NOT sensible to just throw everything at it. I like it but I invest in all top options.

My personal favorite right now is an upcoming ICO called Blendcoins, it is really nice with giving up to 25% on the presale, and it has not started yet but soon to be, so just watching it keenly.


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