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Want to start mining with technobit harware


Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to mining, but from all the guides and calculators and posts out there I get very confused.

Now I need a few advice.

I'm planning to invest in one or two of these:
newbielink: [nonactive]

Optimistically I'll start mining by mid January with 40/80 GH/s. Pessimistically i hope by mid February. The electricity here is very cheap (0.05$ per KWh) so I think I should be able to mine quite efficiently.

The questions are:

Should I mine for BTC or LTC?
This is a machine dedicated to mining BTC, if I decide to go for LTC can I do it with it?
Do you think there is a more suitable mining option for the 1200eur price-range?

Could you provide some more up to date links for mining pool comparison and other useful information for an absolute beginner.


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