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Altrady v3.0 - Your Best Choice for a Crypto Trading Platform in 2020 and Beyond

Altrady proves yet again that it could be your best choice for an ultimate crypto trading platform in 2020 and even for the years to come. With the release of Altrady Version 3.0, the company further accomplishes its goal of making every crypto trader’s life easier by providing powerful solutions in an extremely accessible and convenient crypto trading application.

But what makes Altrady an authority among the top multi-exchange cryptocurrency API trading platforms?

Transparent & Inclusive Product Development Culture

Altrady started as a humble software company in The Hague, Netherlands. CEO and Founder, Benoist Claassen, recalls, “The beginning of my crypto trading venture was a struggle. I had to compromise a lot of my time and suffer from significant monetary loss just because there was no tool that can help me with exactly what I need.”

This struggle served as the foundation of Altrady’s mission: to make crypto traders’ life easier by providing a simple crypto trading platform that is accessible to everyone.

Since Benoist has been in the same boat as other struggling traders, he understands the need for an inclusive app development culture where everybody’s voice can be heard and considered. From the start, Altrady’s development team has always been open to user feedback and recommendations. Benoist even personally acknowledges and responds to users’ messages to provide his warm yet expert take on various trading concerns.

It is because of this transparent and inclusive development culture that Altrady has grown to become one of the best crypto trading platforms for users globally. By fostering an active community of traders in our communication channels, we were able to discover and eventually develop what they truly need to become successful in this venture.

Accessible Trading Anytime and Anywhere - Desktop & Web-Based Trading

The first few months of Altrady opened a lot of areas for improvement including the development of a web-based trading feature that would allow greater mobility among our users. With Altrady Version 3.0, we are now finally enabling a safe and secure web-based trading function so you can access altrady’s complete trading features whenever and wherever. With this development, you can immediately respond to market movements and price alerts without being constrained by your location and desktop availability.

The Altrady website application features all the essential elements of the desktop app including charting, market monitoring, portfolio tracking, and trading, among others. It also has a multi-screen support where you can open as many browser tabs as you want and arrange them between all your screens.

Very soon, the Altrady mobile app will also be seeing a major revamp to enable trading, account management, and asset tracking.

Real-Time Crypto Alerts Like No Other

We all know how crypto prices can suddenly rise and drop in a matter of seconds. Without real-time crypto price alerts, it would be impossible to catch profitable trades.

If you have registered to other crypto trading apps, you could have noticed the speed of their crypto alerts. One of the strongest points of Altrady is our powerful technology that allows real-time alerts instantly delivered to users just when you need them the most. Since our websockets connection in 2019, traders and trading bots have already been receiving crypto price information and market updates over 30 times faster than ever before. Altrady’s unique algorithms make automatic crypto market analyses and real-time notifications 24/7/365 possible.

Powerful Trading Terminal Comparable to None

We wouldn’t call Altrady your ultimate crypto trading platform for nothing. We have worked passionately hard to give you a powerful software that comprehensively includes a variety of functions such as multi-exchange trading, multiple account management, and strategic market scanning, among others.

Version 3.0 further includes backend exchange updates which can track your progress even when your desktop is off. With this feature, Altrady will be able to send price alerts or notify you of any executed orders via email or mobile app.

Although our main purpose is to give you the convenience of trading from across multiple crypto exchanges using only a single trading interface, we want to give you more power through our innovative tools. Both the Base Scanner and Quick Scanner tools of Altrady are incorporated on our software. You can take advantage of the accurate information coming from these tools to have a more profitable trading experience.

Altrady’s Base Scanner automatically analyzes crypto market histories and checks prices against bases which is helpful in finding profitable market entry positions. On the other hand, Quick Scanner lets you spot huge and sudden price drops and rises happening in thousands of markets. Both of these tools provide real-time notifications that can prove helpful in your trading strategy.

Insightful Trading Through a Comprehensive Portfolio

Since altrady’s developers are crypto traders themselves, they fully understand the process of making the right trading decisions. Buy and sell actions shall never be based on some random surge or drop in emotions. Instead, trading should always be insightful - taking into consideration the effect of coin orders on the overall health of our portfolio. However, this can only be done if we are equipped with the right tools and resources to make it possible.

Altrady Portfolio Version 3.0 is a response to this need. It features a more comprehensive presentation of digital assets through an aesthetic yet utilitarian visualization of your trading performance.

The new portfolio now presents information in three ways - line chart, pie chart, and stacked chart.  The line chart shows your portfolio value over a selected period; the stack chart shows asset distribution by currency, and the pie chart shows the distribution of assets by exchange.

Giving you an organized, accurate, and updated insight of the asset distribution across exchanges and currencies can significantly impact the way that you make your trading decisions. Strategic trading can now be more effectively done with altrady’s automatic portfolio tracking that can accurately reflect the growth, decline, and the spread of your digital assets across multiple crypto exchanges.

Complementing our portfolio is Altrady’s Break-Even Calculator Widget where you can immediately see whether you are still earning or losing coins from all your trades on a selected market. It automatically calculates all your trades made on a specific market chart and instantly reflects the data on the widget.

Advanced Trading Orders Through Scaled Ladders

Altrady supports various trade order types such as Market Order, Limit Order, and Limit Ladder Order. Market Order basically lets you buy a certain volume of coins based on the price in the order book while Limit Order lets you buy or sell a coin at a specific limit price or better. Both of these order types are common among exchange platforms and have their own advantages and disadvantages based on your trading strategy.

With Scaled Ladder orders, you can quickly place orders at multiple levels on the market chart. Those who follow the QFL method or the base strategy frequently use this order type to take advantage of a volatile market and minimize their risks. On the altrady trading widget, select the limit ladder order type and configure your order according to start and end price, spend volume percentage, and number of ladder orders.

Intuitive User Interface and Customizable Trading Page

The Altrady trading dashboard is built for traders by traders. Ease of use and functionality are among the guiding principles in the design and development of the Altrady application. The latest version of the app has the following updates:

A More Functional and Interactive Crypto Chart

Crypto charts are useful for the effective visualization of market movements and instant spotting of price trends. To maximize the functionality of Altrady charts, users can now instantly create orders and alert commands directly on the price chart. To do this, simply select a specific price point on the chart then right click to create buy and sell orders or set alerts at such a price level. With this new function, users can follow strategic trading decisions based on chart patterns and information.

Improved Market Tabs User Interface & Search Market Functions

Market search, selection, and monitoring can be easily done through Altrady’s improved market search function and redesigned Market Tabs UI. If you have a specific target market or a market under your watchlist, you can simply put them in your market tabs. This way, you can easily jump from one market to another and see the information on your widgets being automatically reflected from the selected market.

Notes Widget to Organize Trading Thoughts

Do you know that most of the successful traders keep their own trading notes? Since crypto markets are extremely volatile with fast and frequent changes, it is best to keep a record of your trading thoughts, market observations, and trend discoveries through a trading journal. But with the introduction of the Altrady Notes Widget, there is no more need for a separate trading journal. Your Altrady dashboard becomes exactly this plus a lot more!

Altrady’s development doesn’t stop at Version 3.0. To claim that we could be your choice for the best crypto trading platform in 2020 and beyond requires a more open feedback mechanism, non-stop research, intensified development work, and a forward-looking mindset.

Know that we will never stop looking for better, smarter, and more innovative ways to make your trading lives easier and to make the beautiful possibilities of crypto trading accessible to everyone.

Altrady Crypto Trading Platform Releases v3.0 With Web-Based Trading,
New Portfolio & Other Features

Altrady Leads the Top Crypto Trading Platforms in Real-Time Alerts & Customer Support


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