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Hunting and training


Dee Welch:
Well! It's been a tough year for me. I need to get a rest from my company and all those projects that I need to make before the deadline.I'm so burned up that I need Next week I will be hunting with my seniors and will train my German Shepherd to become active and aware of the surroundings. I want him to learn how cruel the world is. 8)  As for now, I need to train him step-by-step like where to leak and poop. Every night he is barking so loud, one of my friends told me to buy an E-collar to control his barking. Is anyone here familiar with those devices?

Dee Welch:
Hi guys, I just want to share that yesterday, when I was searching for an E-collar for my dog, to control his barking (my friend said that there is indeed that kind of collar) then I saw this  site, Petstreetmall which sells pet supplies. They do sell advance stuffs for your dogs and cats. If you happen to need something for your dogs and cats you can check their products.


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