Author Topic: I wouldn't risk laying bank into RS ability  (Read 159 times)

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I wouldn't risk laying bank into RS ability
« on: May 15, 2020, 03:08:27 AM »
I am attempting to put this. Divination did not feel fun till 70 to level. It became fun in 70 due to core searching. I'm not sure arch will feel far better when you are collecting artifacts in empty dig websites. Claiming is just AFK is a little shortsighted. What about the mysteries? What about gathering for money, something that /h? Doing ancient summoning? Is that also afk? This ability isn't just excavate for ruined artefacts; there is a whole lot more to it.Nothing more  than a bunch of self indulgent nerds believing they deserve better xp rates When you've got a skill that could have taken more than 3 weeks to develop and then you finish it in 3 days and maintain it as dead material smfh!

I went to go find him and see that the 99 emote. I don't believe he even promised the cape he simply said"xp squander" and surged away. Apparently the cape was claimed by him and do the emote without eliminating his override but I missed it. That account was being shared if you looked in their daily XP profits in every one of these abilities, only being possible if you played with 24/7 which, although not indicative of, is unsustainable for how long they kept up those XP gains.

If people understood me they'd know I wouldn't risk laying bank into the ability simply to account share and find a ban. But more importantly they'd understand I would not share my account with anyone, I simply dont trust anybody, not even myself. Lastly, rank 1 is not worth it getting banned for, such as folks are interested atm sure, but in a month most folks won't even know who position 1 is... I'm only doing it cause racing for rankings is enjoyable, the achievement wouldn't mean anything for me if I cheated, don't expect me to escape the strats I find though (if it seems insect or unnintended I report into a jmod, such as I happen ).

You grind bosses or hints until you get enough bils to start merching rares high priced items, and large numbers of priced things. Staking at duel stadium is another means to create (or lose) lots of cash. Le me was a hoster back in the afternoon before RuneScape player run games of chance were banned. Those men made tons of money. Possibly the most ever. Really scummy stuff. He could've hit a few investments. Like after EOC hit, or innovation was released, there was fluctuations in price and you would be rolling in money, if you bought the ideal item for cheap before the upgrade. In the end, there's goldfarming and RWTing but I doubt since he's too large profile to never get caught and 25, he can those. There's also just up purchasing bonds however that would require tons of real life money. And maybe he bosses a lot too, it can be /hr.

Don't think anyone is surprised the man with the bank is in a lol. How is it buyable? You still need the artefacts correct although I guess the tools are? (I'm not questioning it being buyable, I just don't know.) When you gather artefacts, you do not get to actually animate every thing have to buy what is missing, or waste time collecting it yourself from caches. There is also the fact that chronotoes are tradeable and in the shop, together with updates that are permanent you can buy boosts with them. Individuals can not justify/afford to keep these boosts busy, or purchase materials and all the updates for every artefact, so you can train this ability faster if money is no matter.

Arch has not been done by me nevertheless too being stuck in the office for another week. Like le me how do you train it fast? You buy the artifacts that you don't have to be restored by the materials. Still should dig up the artifacts, but ~ can be occasionally only given 60 percent of the materials by the excavating. That means you purchase, or can find the other 40 percent yourself from material caches or excavating them. It is not as buyable as most abilities, but it rates it up.Not to mention you can buy chronotes for continuous boosts to excavating and also to use your research group 24/7. And notes as they become accessible, if desired, to get the eligibility updates. If you're attempting to be the very first, you are likely not turning into any artifacts, cause the time to run to the collector would be XP waste, as they don't offer any XP.

Check out rsgoldfast for more details.