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NFL Game Pass became free here in the UK
« on: April 21, 2020, 03:22:11 AM »
I got back in September and it was the best choice I ever made, and it's taken over my entire life. After viewing the year that is 2019-20, I have been watching so many games since NFL Game Pass became free here in the UK. As a fan it's been quite tricky picking up Madden for the first time and attempting to learn the intricacies of Madden 20 NFL. I was able to win my Solo Battles games on difficulty with ease but other? I am aware that there are plenty of challenges to do but I'd rather be playing full games rather than jumping to get a few drives, I was wondering if like in elderly FIFA games there was just one player seasons manner or some single player mode where I can play full games.

The reason I ask is because I attempted an internet game earlier and it went so horribly, every offensive play, I'd be sacked because his D obtained through my lineup apparently instantly, and on defense all his players simply seemed to break away from mine very quickly and easily, so it looks like my group requires some advancing first before I play online (It's currently sat at 83 OVR).

I believe another thing is I want to just find out more about Madden 20 NFL in general, I know offensive plays, recipient paths etc but my understanding of defense is quite small, I do not really understand what I'm calling, other than what man and zone coverages are and what a blitz is, I don't really know the difference between any of the plays, within those groups, and that I feel as this is really holding me back, so while this is not just about MUT, is there anyplace I can learn defense, whether that is online or in sport that would be amazing. Any help would be appreciated!

There, they'll clarify exactly what they cease and what the coverages mean, and there will be a offensive tutorial which teaches you how you can attack those coverages. Franchise mode is kind of like what you mentioned as a single-player style, though it's with real NFL teams and their rosters.

Thanks, never knew about the skills coach, I will certainly give that a look. Shame there's not a mode like seasons in MUT but I've had fun playing with franchise! Is there anywhere I can find out about the different playbooks so I can determine which playstyle I want to run?
Check out for more details.


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