Author Topic: Sting Defi NFT Gaming Project just hold in your wallet and get 100% to 1000%  (Read 1152 times)

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The NFT Gaming Pro based on Binance smart chain. it has staking benefits. just hold in your wallet and get 100% to 1000% Annual profit.

Announcement: Hi Guys as we are near launch of Sting Defi on exchange. There are several benefits of holding and also utilities of Sting Defi which is built on binance chain.

1) Fees are very low almost null so anyone can trade easily without having issue of gas

2) For every transaction there will be 1% Burn in tokens also 2% Distribution to all holders. Hence supply will burn daily

3) Every month Random dates there will be free airdrop depends on the holdings of coin of person wallet from 10% to 30% of holdings amount will be airdrop.



Pancakeswap swap.

Next step 1 to 4 weeks:
1) Logo upload on trustwallet already applied
2) Apply for coingecko and coinmarketcap
3) Start of game development.
4) YouTube Videos
5) Marketing on twitter and telegram
6) Partnership Announcement
7) First airdrop of 100% to 1000% to people who hold sting defi in their wallet. Snapshot will be taken randomly in a month and rewards will be distributed in 7 days of each month
8) 2 more exchanges