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The Universal Crypto Investment Fund is a cryptocurrency decentralized application (Dapp.)  It was designed to provide a basic universal income opportunity via the Universal Crypto Investment Fund (UCIF coin), which does not require a large sum of money from investors. Therefore, the "average" working person is afforded with an attainable method to increase their financial capacity.

Anyone who wishes to participate, may do so by first navigating to the Dapp website, while using the Chrome browser with the TronLink Chrome Extension running. Next, the individual may purchase the UCIF coins during the ICO with the Tron (TRX) token in their TronLink wallet, at a price of 1 TRX per UCIF coin. Then, the individual may deposit the coins onto the platform, in order to stake the coins and begin earning dividends. A commission is also generated for the individual who referred the participant. When the UCIF coins are staked, the individual will begin earning UCIF dividends at a rate of 1% every 24 hours. When a stake is made, the coins will be distributed as follows:
1% will go to the Dividend Pool
1% will go to the Referral
1% will go to Marketing
1% will go to Development
96% will go to the Staked Coins

The staked UCIF coins can be withdrawn at any time, and the dividends can be withdrawn as soon as the accumulation of 1 UCIF. All dividend payments will come from the Dividend Pool.

There will be limit of 400,000,000 UCIF coins ever created. 200,000,000 will go to the Dividend Pool, 100,000,000 will be on sale for 1 TRX each during the ICO, and 100,000,000 will be held in reserves. The ICO period will run for 90 days, or until all the UCIF coins are sold. All unsold coins will go to the Dividend Pool. Concluding the ICO, the coins can be traded on a decentralized exchange.
This Smart HYIP ROI Dapp essentially allows the participants to stake TRX and earn dividends and generate referral commissions without having to trade or gamble.

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