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There are so many people out there who provide online courses, live video sessions, and all such stuff. But always find it incredibly tough, as they have the stuff that is absolutely outdated and out of fashion! Not anymore! Introducing to you world’s finest created combined with the technology of the FUTURE blockchain.

Yondo is an eCommerce platform that allows users to sell digital products including Online Videos on demand, online video courses, live 1 to 1 Video Sessions, Webinars, and Online Audio on demand (Live since 2015).

Yondo is also there to offer the functionality to sell E-Books and Audio Recordings (2018) and online courses packaged with E-Books, Audio Recordings, Live and Pre-Recorded Video Content (2018).

Yondo is an upcoming ICO that is ALL-IN-ONE Video eCommerce Platform to help to take your business ONLINE! It is created to allow you to enjoy your life yet able to get what you always desire.

With features that enable you to Offer pre-recorded videos with options like Monthly subscriptions or timed pay-per-view rentals or both! Then, you could perform Webinars and group classes online for upto 1000 attendees and you can also allow your customers to book yourself to perform live 1:1 videos or phones sessions! But that’s not IT!

Yondo will also be providing you the greatest option called LIVE Experience. It will enable you to create videos that are presented as LIVE, which allows you not to sweat over the worries that often occur with LIVE presentation or product demo. As this feature will allow you to record your presentation and play it as LIVE. With this, you will have the opportunity to edit and deliver a PERFECT presentation to the viewers.

And last but not the least; it is YondoCoin Reward program, which will allow users to exchange Gold and Platinum YondoCoin Rewards within the Yondo Platform for online gift cards.

The brand rewards program is set to be released this year in the U.S, Canada, and Australia with further expanding on various countries over the next couple of years. The Yondo rewards program will have over a hundred gift card brands including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Target, eBay, GAP, Nike, Adidas, Delta Airlines and many more.

The Presale is already started from 13th March 2018 at the price of $0.20. It will run for 75 days or early IF the hardcap is accomplished.

The first 4 weeks (24 days) of the presale will have upto 70% bonus.

So, do not miss out on the opportunity of the lifetime!

You can check here for further info:

Official Website:




Social Media Link:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- Email:




I don’t think it is even required to say how much chatting/communicating online has become common and required as well. But how many of us have complete freedom over what we chat or talk about?

I think most of us can do communicating freely and without any issues. But none gets the privacy for it. As stored copy of conversation is always there, this means that the third parties are always in the chance of accessing to our conversations and use them inappropriately.

Not anymore with ySign! It an upcoming ICO that promises to bring revolutionary changes to the industry! It is here to give you the platform for smooth communication, discrete conversations with 100% privacy guaranteed and an opportunity to stay anonymous and secure! It comes with the Blockchain-based system app, the users get the power to send messages or to make phone calls to other users FREE and with complete privacy and security.

The whole concept of ySign is decentralized and anonymous chats, while the users are registered only with their username and password. And every user has one unique ID Address with absolute power to delete or keep the message to himself whenever he wishes. As ultimately the goal is to give every individual on the social network the privacy they DESERVE! So come forward to join hands with ySign – The new way of communication!

The presale starts from 21st of March and will last for 4 weeks till 18th of April. The starting price from the Presale phase will be 0.00018 ETH/0.43 XEM per Token and will continue to increase by same figure every week to eventually reach towards 0.00072 ETH /1.71 XEM per Token on the 4th and last week.

Then, the final phase will begin. The Token sale phase will run from 19th April till 4th May at price of 0.00084 ETH/2.00 XEM per Token.

So, now is your chance to join in as early as possible to MAXIMIZE the BENEFITS!

That is not ALL! You have a chance to get FREE Tokens!

It’s in 5 SIMPLE steps!

1. Visit the ySign website and click on Affiliate Link.
2. Fill registration form and activate your profile through email confirmation.
3. Log in and click on Affiliate from the menu.
4. Copy your UNIQUE affiliate link and share it with your family and friends.
5. Receive 1 FREE token for entry which activates the account by email confirmation.

So, join in the fun on the greatest creation!

Check below in order to know further:

Official Website:




Social Media Link:

- Bitcointalk:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- YouTube:
- Telegram:
- Reddit:

Marketplace / Here Are The Benefits Of The Vivid Platform
« on: March 16, 2018, 04:32:12 PM »
Seeking to know the benefits of the Vivid platform? The Vivid platform is a crypto portfolio management platform with a focus on community created content.

Some of the benefits of using Vivid are; Portfolio management, availability of technical indicators, possibility of creating social contents, voting system, and AR advertising. To gain access to the Vivid platform, you need to have the vivid token to pay for their services. Wondering how to get the Vivid token? The token is currently on sale.


How important is Facebook for us? Or all major social sites? I think very important, as the day is just incomplete without it!

That is exactly why Presiam is here to guide you and give back the control of your own data! Not just that but also have you as a perfect partner into revenue sharing and much more.

Presiam (PRSM) is a new Private Blockchain Social Networking app for the Crypto World that includes features like Friend Feed, PRSM Mining, Crypto Wallet, Crypto Exchange as well as Advertising Revenue Sharing as a Publisher. It is built with the users in mind instead of the company itself, which makes this such an epic project.

All that done but why do we consider our self as “Official Facebook Killer” - It’s very simple. Unlike Facebook, we are not here to sell your data and yet never give you a penny for it.

Unlike Facebook, we don’t force things into your face via news you have absolutely no interest or relevant with. Unlike Facebook, we don’t keep on your data even if you want to remove it. In short, unlike Facebook and all other social sites, we are not CARELESS about the users.

Presiam is not about YOU or ME, it’s about US! With having a 50/50 revenue share from all ads that will be shown in your feed and it will be relevant to your choice.

The Presiam Social App also has a built in mining component that mines Presiam transactions while your phone is charging. Earn PRSM tokens while you sleep. Wake up and your tokens will be in your PRSM Wallet.

The Presiam Social App also has an exchange component. Want to exchange PRSM for Bitcoin or Ethereum? No problem, it's in the app. Want to Buy or Sell more PRSM tokens? No problem, it's in the app! Here's the kicker. Want to leave Presiam? Take your data with you. It's yours and only yours! When you delete your account it will remove all of your data if you want. It's up to you.

That’s not all! You can also join the Airdrop which starts from 1st April, so come and be part of this revolutionary thing which is going to change the social media and also your life!

For further info check here:

Official Website:






Social Media Link:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:

Marketplace / Only a Few days left of the Moonlite ICO
« on: March 15, 2018, 01:41:18 PM »

As interest in cryptocurrency grows, the mining process has become more industrial. Economies of scale may make industrial crypto-mining more cost-efficient due to the volatility within cryptocurrencies. The question remains how to mine in a sustainable and low cost way. MoonLite may offer one possible approach.

One of the most promising projects out there is the MoonLite project. Moonlite is “a new-generation, industrial scale crypto-mining operation that is focused on efficiency by employing Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and profitability by using low cost and clean energy sources.”

The Moonlite Project is planning to be a green crypto mining project on a global scale. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin will be mined exclusively with low cost, sustainable, green energy. Moonlite will employ emergent technologies, Artificial Intelligence and custom algorithms to improve its operational efficiency and profits.

Moonlite will allocate 35% of its annual net profits to its buyback campaign. This is where the organization purchases back its MNL tokens from token-holders at the trading price and additionally each tokens profit share. All repurchased tokens will be ‘burnt’, therefore reducing the supply and increasing each token holder’s share of the total supply of MNL tokens. This also allows the net value of the token to increase over time. Token holders also have a vote in all corporate actions, profit distribution, expansion, directors, executives and the like, using the secure vote system.

Different Strategies of the Project

•   Mining of the largest and most stable currencies by utilizing efficient and effective equipment
•   Aggressive expansion and equipment replacement policy
•   Redundancy built into every system
•   Proceeds splits into a ratio of 60:20:20
•   Mining in different pools and local in-house nodes for each of the currency
•   Minimize the power and HR costs
•   Mining in areas having low power cost

Moonlite plans to be an efficient and green mining venture that will operate at an industrial scale. There is strong potential for Moonlite and by using the most advanced technologies in blockchain, operated and managed by an experienced team spearheaded by their founder Eric Kriege, Moonlite looks well placed to be at the forefront of the blockchain mining industry.



How does it feel when you have the ability and the unique set of skill yet you are not getting sufficient rewards for it? How does it feel when you the original creator of the content doesn’t get enough to even pay your bills? It certainly doesn’t feel good.

That’s why BlockPix is here to be your SOLUTION! BlockPix is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency solution specifically designed to facilitate ease of B2C relations between artistic creators in Music, Films, Photography and other Multimedia works and their target markets using BPX Coin.

With help of BlockPix, it will enable clients to track the original content and the owner will be paid accordingly for their skills! And that with eliminating all the hassles of fiat transactions, offering creators greater conversion value, as well as the opportunity to participate in the highly profitable business of digital currency trading.

That’s not all, the benefits of the BlockPix E-Commerce solution for creators and their target markets include having Largest storage bandwidth for creators, Higher value for creators with complete control over the pricing, creators having direct access to clients, making it easier to negotiate, intellectual property are guaranteed and much more, so all this makes them the standout deal in the industry!

So, come forward and get your hands on BlockPix Coin Token, which is called BPX. It will be the Official Currency of BlockPix platform!

The token sale begins from 18th March with closing out on 18th April, so do not miss out on this revolutionary project, which will change the way entertainment industry works!

Check out further info from here:

Official Website:




Social Media Link:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- YouTube:
- Gplus: 


There are so many ICOs and Cryptocurrencies that we see coming up with random setup and all that, but there is nothing like GMTCoin. It brings a combined 7 years of experience in Telecom sector to Global Mobitop. The GLOBAL MOBITOP (GMT) was founded in 2014 by John Watson from Wales, United Kingdom.

Initially, the company focused on delivery of global airtime service. And has shown tremendous growth in recent years, which comes due to a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and flexible solution for the customers all over the globe. GMT Carriers is a global solution-provider for services in Security, Data, and Mobile Airtime in 150 countries with 600 telecom operators.

GMT Coin is an upcoming cryptocurrency (private internet currency), which will have a value based on the current market and currently, there is [COLOR="Lime"]50% bonus on the FIRST Day of the ICO Sales[/COLOR]. GMT Coin is a decentralized open source worldwide currency, which means that the transactions will not be managed or verified by any traditional banking institution. This allows users to control their own finances privately and can do mobile airtime top up in more than 150 countries.

The greatest advantage that comes with GMT Coin is that unlike other Cryptocurrencies, it is running through a revolutionary operating structure, which is easier and safer to use. At the same time, it uses a custom asymmetrical difficulty re-target algorithm since it was released, which has worked well. The rewards for mining GMT Coin never decrease, it only increases with block height and difficulty.

GMT is built on the blockchain technology, which will allow users to spend tokens to pay for travel and tourism related services such as booking an airline ticket, making reservations and accessing other related services along with other multination online vendors.

GMT is building a different payment system, which is designed in particular to facilitate on-demand payment. It’s fully secured, easy to use and lower fees than any other traditional payment method and yet the transactions are done much quicker. It is launch to create a revolution in payment solution for International Mobile Airtime, Shopping and Travel Industry!

That’s not all, GMT is a marketplace platform designed to allow anyone and everyone to create an online store, which could be a good use of the most advanced technologies in the E-Commerce field, including the option to pay for goods with Cryptocurrencies and GMT Tokens.

It will help connect Buyers and Sellers all over the globe with giving necessary tools for the launching of one-of-a-kind merchandise to the market with ease and minimum cost.

So, come and be part of this mind-boggling opportunity in 8 days! The ICO starts from 21st March with 50% bonus on the FIRST day.

Then things moved towards the 2nd phase, which will run for 7 days having 40% bonus and there is 5% referral bonus as well, so join in as early as you can to get HIGHEST rewards to join this revolutionary project.

Check out further info from here:

Official Website:






Social Media Link:

- Twitter:
- YouTube:

Seeking for what makes the Multiversum platform different from other platforms? Then you are at the right place. The Multiversum platform is a blockchain-powered payment platform. Multiversum manages parallel transactions, complex data structures and can certify with typical blockchain transactions.

Furthermore, it gives its own answer to speed issues allowing parallel transactions on self-splittable and self-rejoinable sub-chains, replacing extremely expensive and polluting PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) with a new concept: Proof of Integrity, a lightweight, fast and low environmental footprint system which, despite being still under development, already gives evidence of its efficiency.

Via the advent of internet, businesses discovered a more direct and convenient means of targeting consumers with ad campaigns. Unfortunately, traditional advertising companies rip off the social media users.

But with Sphere, you will earn money from your data. Sphere is currently in round 2, which commenced on February 26, 2018 and is to end on March 12, 2018.

The bonus SAT for this round is 35%. If you buy from 2000 SAT to 19999 SAT, you will get extra 5%. And if you buy from 20,000 to 149,999 SAT, you will get 10% extra.


Dragon Corp from Macau plans to issue a $500 Million token sale

Largest crowd sale to date, with an actual use case for both Blockchain and funds being raised

Dragon has rumored partnerships with F1, Le Mans, Asian Golf, and Team Brit.

Once the business is fully connected Dragon are looking at a Daily buy volume of $250-300 Mil USD independent from Crypto markets due to our high rollers who daily visit the VIP rooms and use our Dragon platform (this means they have to hold DRG to access them and enjoy the massive reduction is fees.

Global adoption with, a key focus on ASIAN Market High net worth and Ultra High Networth Individuals not forgetting surging population growth with 4.5 Billion, making a new billionaire every day in Asia and two every week in China

Accelerated Growth across Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia. With several other countries pending,

The only Coin which has to be purchased every day, let that sink in what Crypto currency do you buy every single day? The answer is none yet, with DRG there is a daily demand to supply all the Asian gamers.

Multi Billion dollar per month industry e.g. Macau for the month of Jan 2018 made $3.3 Billion

Instead of following the path of ICO before Dragon under the guidance of Paul Moynan and Chakrit Ahmad have set the bar high and forged new standard of business-driven ICO's.

Chakrit Ahmad is the CEO & co founder of Dragon Corporation

Ahmad is a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur with broad leadership experience across technology, software, listings, and M&A

Mr Ahmad’s track record in crafting technology solutions to bring success & development to new industries is excellent

It is no surprise that he leads the Dragon Inc. in revolutionizing the Entertainment industry with Blockchain Technology

The Social benefits for the gamer, industry leaders & the societies they work in are huge

Paul Moynan is a global entrepreneur & operations expert

As a formal Royal Marine Commando, Moynan was awarded the prestigious Green Beret

He has two decades of success in high level projects including govt & high net worth families and Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos

He has strong business acumen, work ethic & project execution skills

This has led him to develop a significant portfolio of industry-leading companies

Their all team members have extremely impressive credentials

Already trading on exchanges HitBTC, Qryptos, CoinHub, Ether Delta, Idex and more to follow, in late stage talks with several of the top 10 exchanges, all this before crowdsale is over. pretty impressive.

Major strategic partnerships with sports, gaming and film industry which is growing every day and major announcements to be made in the coming weeks.

Benefits to token holders include:

1: Monthly buy back and burn program reducing our Total Circulating supply every month until we have only 21 Million Tokens left in circulation. 
2: Monthly airdrop to DRG token holders.
3: Social wallet and Global Cash Cards along with ATMS to be rolled out
4: Plus an independent daily buying pressure from crypto markets which makes Dragon in a league of their own

It is one of the largest Token Sale to date with over $320 Million raised before the Public Token Sale

With all the momentum that Dragon is experiencing, it is one of the most promising real business opportunities in the Blockchain Ecosystem to date

Dragon Coin stands a good chance of becoming the largest ICO ever

Newbies / Litecoin Cash: A Faster way Of Transaction
« on: March 08, 2018, 08:36:54 PM »

The cryptocurrency world is evolving and currently gathering more disciples. With the hypes around a lot of the digital tokens, users and potential investors expect much from such tokens. Unfortunately, not all tokens are able to deliver on their promises because they either end up not delivering at all or they under-deliver. However, one token that promises to revolutionize the crypto world is the Litecoin Cash.

What is Litecoin Cash?

Litecoin Cash (LTCH) is a kind of Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), which is better enhanced to enable you carry out instant, secure and anonymous transactions. It is an innovative digital token used on a peer-to-peer basis to seamlessly transfer tokens without third parties or central authorities taking control.

With Litecoin Cash, you can perform transactions without any form of delays because the transactions are easy and faster than most of the cryptocurrencies already being used for the same purpose. Since it has come to solve a number of problems that others cannot handle, the Litecoin Cash has the potential to grow rapidly and take over the market in no distant time. Apart from being fair to users, it guarantees stable return on investment.

Besides, the token guarantees maximum security while carrying out transactions, unlike what obtains with its competitors. It simply outperforms other tokens when it comes to exchange and storage, giving you peace of mind.

Advantages of Litecoin Cash

Litecoin Cash comes with a lot of advantages which makes it the investor’s preferred means of exchange. Some of the reasons to use this highly versatile token include:

It is Faster: With Litecoin cash, it is faster to send money to any part of the globe using your computer or Smartphone and transactions are completed in a matter of seconds.

It makes use of Blockchain: It uses Ethereum blockchain to handle transactions, making it possible to take care of higher volumes of transactions as it frequently generates more blocks.

Decentralized system: The storage server is decentralized and divided into different servers which are run by each user. You are simply in control of your portfolio as no central authority is allowed to be in charge.

Low fee: Litecoin cash charges one of the least fees in the industry, making it a very cheap means of transaction that is highly affordable to everyone irrespective of your financial status.

Peer-to-peer: It is designed with you in mind. It is a peer-to-peer payment platform that ensures tokens are directly transferred between users without any interference from third parties or central authority.

It’s highly secure: Litecoin Cash cares about the privacy and security of users. It ensures that your transactions are done without compromising your personal data.

It’s profitable: Since this token has the prospect to grow, you can invest in it and resell the tokens when the value appreciates, thereby making a huge profit in the long run.


Litecoin will conduct an ICO in March 2018. The ICO is divided into three phases with the ICO 1 rolling out 5,000,000 LTCH to the public, with 1 LTCH = $0.4

ICO 2 is expected to see the distribution and marketing of 10,000,000 LTCH tokens at $0.8 per LTCH.

ICO 3 will experience the distribution and marketing of 40,000,000 LTCH tokens at $1.6 per LTCH.

Listing on Exchanges

Once the ICO is completed, LTCH will be listed on the as soon as possible. It is expected to be listed on a few exchanges such as,, and in the month of June 2018. In addition, Litecoin Cash will be listed on more exchanges like,, and in the SUMMER of 2018.

Window and Android wallets will be created in July 2018, while the token will be listed on Bitfinex/Coinbase in the FALL of 2018.

For more information on how to participate in the ICO, Contact the support team through the contact form on the website or the space below:



The Blockchain technology has given us a lot and regardless of what happens around Cryptos, it is still fair to say that Blockchain technology is going to be the FUTURE full stop! This is where Iris is a name to reckon with.

Iris is the Decentralized Electronic Healthcare Record. It is a digital healthcare ecosystem, built using the Blockchain technology.

The Iris Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) gives you back control of our healthcare data, and let US decide who, when and where it can be accessed.

The common problem as most people already knows that current electronic healthcare records don’t allow patient data to be shared between healthcare providers, which results in compromise of quality of care.

The Iris EHR stores data on the blockchain, facilitating universal access and a single true source of data. But that is not the only part here, thanks to the system that is built by Iris; it is going to help us get the right around our data as a patient. We will have absolute control over our healthcare data and option to earn from it through the Iris Data Marketplace.

Also, users will also be able to mine Iris Tokens by uploading personal healthcare data to their EHR database. Data is then anonymized, stored and made available for purchase (if we allow) on the Iris Data Marketplace. It will allow users to earn additional Iris Tokens from the sale of their data on the Iris Data Marketplace.

Now is our chance to be part of such revolutionary project that will allow many key principal agents to participate in the Iris Ecosystem, which will include Miners, Buyers, Public, Iris Operations, and Token Issuer.

So come and be part of the NEXT BIG THING in the world of Health with the Pre-Registration open!

You can check here for further info:

Official Website:




Social Media Link:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- LinkedIn:
- Instagram:
- Telegram:
- Medium:
- GitHub:


How tough it is for YOU or ME to exchange Cryptocurrencies? It should not be hard to guess. It is extremely tough to do Crypto exchange while even if you SOMEHOW manage it, then you have to pay a MASSIVE percentage over it!

In just last 6 months or say, there are endless cases of people getting scammed because of doing an exchange with unknown or random people, so why take such headache?

CoinSwitch is here to take you to EASY ROUTE. It is an exchange aggregator and so one can transact and compare rates across exchanges directly on CoinSwitch with them supporting over 270 cryptocurrencies that users can trade.

With having partnered with exchanges like Bittrex, Changelly, Shapeshift, Cryptopia etc. to provide the users the best rates and an ability to transact crypto from their platform itself.

And, all this works in extremely simple, easy and fast way!

So now ANYONE and EVERYONE are going to find it POSSIBLE to do an exchange in the easiest possible way at extremely cheap rates.

That’s not ALL, you can also become part of their mouth-watering Affiliate Program, where one can get 50% revenue share FOREVER!

DO not miss out on this jaw-dropping opportunity!

For further info check below:



Official Website:


Social Media Link:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- Reddit:
- Steemit:
- Blog:

Marketplace / Seeking For High Cashback? Let Help You
« on: March 04, 2018, 05:45:02 AM »
Seeking for a platform to enjoy high cashback? Then you are at the right place. A lot of Businesses worldwide spend more than 4 hours perusing special offers, coupons and cashback deals.

However, when you sign up on the platform, all purchases both online and offline qualify for up to 100 percent cashback, ONLY when you make payment with REME-Coin. REME-COIN is acceptable globally as a means of payment. No matter your location, you will benefit from the 100% cashback deal.

Wondering what problems QYKBar intends to solve? Then you are at the right place. Here are some of the problems; High prices of drinks at bars unless you stock bottles or buy in bulk, forced to prepay & stock bottles at bars to enjoy low prices, No freedom of ordering partial bottles and still enjoy same discount rates. That’s not all; other problems are; No way of buying bulk alcohol with freedom to consume it at any bar of your choice at any time without price shock.

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