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Financial markets in the United States are the largest and most liquid in the world. In 2018, finance and insurance represented 7.4 percent (or $1.5 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. Leadership in this large, high-growth sector translates into substantial economic activity and direct and indirect job creation in the United States.

Investment in the financial services industry offers significant advantages for financial firms. As of 2018, at least 28 financial services companies out of all companies in Fortune's Global 500 listing have chosen to locate their headquarters in the United States and the UK to take advantage of its creative, competitive, and comprehensive financial services sector. The industry offers the greatest array of financial instruments and products to allow consumers to manage risk, create wealth, and meet financial needs.

There are several challenges bedeviling the financial industry. Among others, some of the challenges are operational inefficiency, poor customer service, highly regulated environment, unsuccessful M&As and unrealized synergy. One financial service company that’s currently revolutionizing and solving the financial service industry’s problem is Orelex Financial Services.

What’s Orelex Financial Services?

Orelex's Systematic Investment opportunity is An Intelligent Business Program to make money online based on Dollar Cost Averaging Strategies and Algorithm. A new kind of platform for individuals, institutions and entrepreneurs to use, trade, invest and raise capital with open crypto technologies. Orelex was founded in 2011 on the belief that open crypto technologies would replace the world’s closed, proprietary financial systems allowing everyone, everywhere to participate in an economy that’s fairer, more inclusive and more accessible.

Today, their platform drives a new kind of global financial services company. One where individuals, institutions and entrepreneurs come together to use, trade, invest and raise capital with products and online services that are safe and easy-to-use. When everyone participates, everything changes. Whether you’re building financial freedom, generating wealth for clients, developing decentralized apps or growing your own company, Orelex can help.

The team behind Orelex strongly believes that the digitisation of value, driven by blockchain technology, will be one of the most transformative themes of the 21st century. Their aim is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology into the global economy to solve complex problems encountered by investors and businesses alike. They do so by giving qualified investors access to crypto assets and businesses access to public funds.

To this end, they constantly challenge the status quo and leverage leading-edge technological developments to drive innovation in markets they profoundly understand and where they can make a significant contribution. Orelex aims to continue leading in the crypto asset space, providing a range of products to service and develop the emerging industry.

Why Choose Orelex Financial Services?

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with Orelex Financial Services:

•   Secure Deposits & Withdrawal: Your balance will be credited immediately you make payment. Withdrawals are also quick and almost instant and executed automatically.
•   Corporate Support: They value their clients; so they handle them professionally and are available on 24/7 basis.
•   Portfolio Management: They can help you invest in Forex, cryptos, equity, and much more. They are also into wealth management, asset allocation, offshore investing, risk management, and, diversification.
•   Commission / Networking: Orelex have one of the lowest commission, plus, sustainable flexible earnings. They also offer amazing investment returns.
•   Innovative Platform: Orelex has a unique business platform for you to make amazing returns on your investment. There is no minimum amount to get started, no hidden fees, just great returns. You can earn up to 10% on your digital assets including crypto, fiat, and precious metals.
•   Highly Encrypted Security: The team behind Orelex uses the cryptography technology to secure transactions and control the creation of new units.

If you passionate about making passive income, let Orelex Financial Services manage your investment for you.

To get started, visit

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Using Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms
« on: October 16, 2019, 08:47:19 PM »

In real life, when you lend people things like money or goods, it can sometimes be done with interest. I have tried to lend some people parts of the cryptos I have been accumulating over the past three years. To get into this business, I visited a cryptocurrency lending platform to see how it works. To my surprise, lending people some of your cryptos can help create a passive way of money extra money.

In a short time of entering the cryptocurrency industry, certain applications have caught me unaware. I only know and use wallet systems that help to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies. One astonishing thing I learned as a newbie in the crypto market is about using a desktop wallet. After using this wallet, it seems like any other crypto storing system that provides an alert when someone sends or transfers money to you.


Third-quarter for 2019 started off with a bullish momentum pulling the general crypto market out of the cold depths of the ‘Crypto Winter.’ While the gains in Alt. coins have waned since then, Bitcoin has temporarily stabilized creating a support base around the $9,000 mark. In the future, Cryptocurrency, tokens and other digital assets will become mainstream assets that belong to everyone. Technological advance will lead us to adopt the Blockchain, as well as Cryptocurrency, sooner or later.

Through CoinZoom, it is expected that this adoption process can be accelerated by carrying out the concept of “Future Investment”. Currently, exchanges on the market are relatively expensive and unfriendly to new users. This becomes a barrier to the growth of digital asset adoption. Such a problem is coupled with a less than optimal security system, resulting in rampant hacking cases, thus making newcomers more likely to be afraid to get involved in this market.

CoinZoom emerges to overcome this problem by providing a simpler but powerful services and risk management tools, coupled with a layered security system. All this is further complemented by the CoinZoom Visa Card, making CoinZoom the next generation crypto exchange for customers.

Unlike most digital asset exchanges which charge high fees for every transaction, CoinZoom’s fees are reasonable. This is because they want to remove the barrier hesitant for people to trade. Their goal is to provide good service to the crypto community and to the people. CoinZoom also provides a beautiful platform that is equipped with updated features and an easy user interface.

Features Of The CoinZoom Platform

First-grade Security:

Simplicity does not mean that CoinZoom removes features for expert users, since the features attached to CoinZoom are the features intended to accommodate all groups, from beginners and experts, to enterprise level customers. CoinZoom is very concerned about customer security; therefore 98% of assets are stored in cold storage. Plus, there is a highly encrypted personal data of users along with been regulated by relevant agencies.

Premier Fiat Gateway:

Card to crypto. Customers have a wide variety of funding options, including Visa and Mastercard, ACH, and wires. The very few global exchanges that allow funding with Visa and Mastercard, charge customers a service fee of 4% - 10%. CoinZoom has the lowest Visa and Mastercard fee in the world of just 2.99%.

CoinZoom Staking:

CoinZoom Staking initially supports two tokens – Dash (DASH) and Algorand (ALGO). CoinZoom clients can now generate passive income while assets remain in their secure CoinZoom Exchange wallet. The new service allows users to earn passive income in the range of 7-13% yield per year.

Digital Wallet Security:

CoinZoom has chosen BitGo Trust to serve as our institutional qualified custodian and digital wallet security provider. BitGo is the world leader in Digital Wallet security. A key factor in their selection was custodial assets held by BitGo Trust Company are insured for up to $100 million USD through Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market. Their services solve the most difficult security, compliance and custodial problems associated with blockchain-based currencies, enabling the integration of digital currency into the global financial system.

CoinZoom Visa Card:

CoinZoom is an approved Program Manager with Visa. The CoinZoom Visa Card allows customers to spend both fiat and crypto with their CoinZoom Visa Card at over 53M merchants globally. The CoinZoom Visa Card can also be used at any global ATM that accepts Visa. CoinZoom’s VIP Rewards program is an integral part of the Visa card. The CoinZoom Visa Card is available in the following VIP levels: Select, Preferred, Gold, Platinum, and Black.

Early Access Reward

Top 200 people that refer the most friends will win either a Black, Platinum, Gold or Preferred CoinZoom Visa Card, plus get early access to trading and use of the CoinZoom Visa card scheduled for fall of 2019.

In addition, those rewarded will get early access to trade cryptos of their choice and also activate their CoinZoom Visa Card for the 2019 fall.   

Here is how you can be part of this program; 

●   Visit
●   Click on the "Get early Access Button"
●   A new window will pop up
●   Enter your first and last name
●   Enter your email address
●   Click on the register now and win button.

Ready to get started? Visit for more information.

Further information at:

CoinZoom – A crypto exchange that provides you with a simple and secure way to buy, sell and spend cryptocurrencies.


One simple thing that remains clear is that people like using social media to pass or spread their messages. I have also tried using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise or promote products. With Facebook cryptocurrency platforms, it is now easy for me to tell other people about cryptos. People that need to understand the crypto world can start using this approach and get the best information.

eCommerce and general business / Re: Exmo exchange - Ex-code review
« on: October 09, 2019, 08:07:53 PM »
It’s so very crucial that we pick quality option when it comes to Crypto Exchange, as you can’t really afford to be taking risk with these things. I would not want to be trading using kind of option that I don’t trust. So, this is where I only prefer to go for quality option and this is where Coinbase, Binance and few others are my favourite pick. If you want to be successful, it’s important to be picking the right option.

Alternative cryptocurrencies / DELETED
« on: October 09, 2019, 11:04:32 AM »


How to participate to get 100 F1ZZ

1. Click "Register bithumb GLOBAL and receive 100 F1ZZ" button in the web page
2. Progress registration and finish KYC LV 1 (mobile authentication)
3. Receive 100 F1ZZ

Event inquires :

F1ZZ Airdrop event page :

Alternative cryptocurrencies / CSDEX: Trade and Earn like a Pro
« on: October 04, 2019, 04:25:29 PM »

The Community Stakes Decentralized Exchange (CSDEX) is an emerging asset token that presents Cryptocurrency investors a platform where they can trade successfully and have a shot at making a great income from their trading.

This decentralized exchange was built on the Ethereum blockchain. All its operations – order processing, order book entries, and order matching – are all done through the popular Smart Contract. This offers transactions on the platform transparency, safety, and reliability. You won’t have sleepless nights over the security of your asset because the underlying blockchain offers the platform unparallel security, immunity to hacking.

On this decentralized marketplace, you can trade your Crypto assets without issues. ERC20 tokens can easily be exchanged via the platform. CSDEX doesn’t require registration and the transaction fee is very low.

CSDEX Project Timeline

CSDEX is a gradual project that is designed for user’s trading comfort and offered increased opportunity to earn passive income through Cryptocurrency trading. The outlined project timeline gives you an idea of what is in stock for you:

1.   June 2019: Project Initiation
2.   July 2019: Prototyping
3.   Sept 2019: Product Beta
4.   October 2019: Pre-launch Token Sale
5.   November 2019: CSDEX goes live
6.   H1 2020: Non-Ethereum trading.
7.   H2 2020: Derivative Products

This is the best opportunity to join the train to increase your chances of nothing missing out on this project.

On CSDEX, you can trade with your inflated asset and earn income from it. Your trading earnings will be converted to inflated asset token, otherwise known as CSDEX Asset Token or CAT for short.
As a CAT holder, you can redeem the corresponding ETH value of your CAT on CSDEX at your convenience.

How does this work?

You can trade at CSDEX from any part of the world. Whatever commission you earn from your transactions will be stored in CSDEX’s Smart Contract. You can redeem the value of your earnings from the Smart Contract.

Thus, your Cat holdings are turned into a valuable inflated asset for as long as the platform exists. This is an assurance that you can continue earning income from the platform for the rest of your life.

CAT is an ERC20 compliant token, an asset token where all the accumulated CSDEX earnings are shared. The entire community has access to all the information connected to the token and platform. Thus, holders can have access to their earnings and redeem them at their convenience, via Smart Contract, a technology with a reputation for honesty and credibility.

Once you redeem your earnings, all the redeemed tokens are either completely burned instantly or cancelled pronto. The remaining token will share all future earnings. It is the platform’s way of ensuring easy and simple transaction while being fair to all.

As you can see from the timeline, CSDEX will go live in November 2019. However, the platform has started its pre-launch token sale. You can get this at a discounted price on CSDEX Asset Token (CAT). Note that the token sale is neither an IEO nor an ICO.

If you are interested in this offer while it lasts, you can purchase it on the official website Alternatively, you can directly use this purchase link as well:

The smooth and swift purchase can be done via Smart Contract automatically. The only accepted digital currency for purchasing the token is Ether.

Whether you have a full-time or a part-time job, CSDEX offers you a unique opportunity to increase your income as a trader on its platform, for good.

CSDEX goes live in November. This is the right time to start planning for it. As an early bird, you stand a good chance of getting the best offer from the exchange.

Further information at:


MANINGI Mines is one of the leading mining operations in Africa. The mining company has a goal: “be the leading mining operation in Africa and abroad.” The mining company is working hard to realize its dreams. It currently operates in Africa and some parts of the world. Specializing in mining some mineral resources such as gold, diamond, copper, coal, manganese, and anthracite, MANINGI is set out to lead the mining industry in the foreseeable future.

The company derived its name from a local word, “maningi.” The South African word is from the Shona language and means plenty. This is the company’s way of informing investors of the potentials for abundance in the mining industry. It is also a reminder for them to use their abundant wealth for the upliftment of the community.

The mining company is “rooted in the strong belief of uplifting the livelihoods of people” and is “proud to be the first crypto currency based on real world business.” This explains the rationale behind its slogan: “creating jobs one coin at a time.” This is in reference to the company’s plans to create job for as many people as possible through its mining operations.

MININGI has chosen the best locations for its activities. These are locations with the best deposits of these mineral resources. Starting from South Africa, one of the leading locations for precious metals in the world. Explaining its choice of South Africa and Africa, the mining company said: “Africa and South Africa are the world’s leading locations for precious metals. Some of MANINGI mines will be located in South Africa and Africa. Since the discovery of minerals and precious metals in the 1800s, the country’s has continued to benefit and grow economically contributing about 20% of the country’s GDP. The country’s reserves are estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion.”

To make its dream of becoming the leading mining company in the world come true, MANINGI currently targets 6 mining opportunities across Africa. These mines will have distinct names but will be under the umbrella of MANINGI. This will make it easy for the company to have easy access to mineral resources in any region. Investors have something to show for their efforts. The company has already created 6 coins for investors. These are Gold, Manganese, Copper, Coal, Anthracite, and Diamond are cast token coins meant to represent the commodities mined.

The cryptocurrency (MANGI) MANINGI MINES forms part of the  Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for fundraising. The company has the goal of raising funds through these ICOs to execute its project and harness mining opportunities from its global mines. According to the company, “Our ICO was created to help us reach our goal of starting these mines, thus helping the underserved communities in Africa by creating much needed jobs. We have also undertaken to build an orphanage in each location of the mines to help the children of that community with shelter and sustenance.”

There is a difference between this ICOs and others. While many ICO projects are built on digital assets, MANINGI ICO takes a different route. It is based on real assets. Thus, besides enjoying the full backing of appreciating asset, the investors will own precious metals of their choice around the world.  The company promises that by partaking in their ICO, you are supporting its dream of creating “jobs one coin at a time”.

If you are contemplating investing in digital currency with real and appreciating precious metal as your investment profit, you may consider investing in MANINGI Mines. You also help the mining company to create more jobs.

All further information at:

eCommerce and general business / Re: BTCInvestments: Turn 0,002BTC in 16BTC
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:35:17 AM »
When we talk about Crypto Investment, it has to be judged really well and not taking much chances with. If we are not careful with the route we are picking, it will not help us much at all.

So our priority and preference has and must be towards putting it somewhere worthy. I for one do that only and it’s kind of thing that benefits me. So don’t just invest for sake of it but do it when you are entirely convinced that you will get results.

We can't really be rewarded much through these ways especially if we lack experience so we must do something through valid route. It's far from simple or easy but still quite manageable. It's just about using the right route and my preference is to do with Crypto Lending, or similar ways. It's what will lead us towards worthy results and will also help us achieving the kind of rewards we are looking at but this is far from something easy at all.

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Preparing Investors For Greater Opportunities
« on: September 26, 2019, 02:14:22 PM »

Every day, I see new startups with innovative and creative solutions to develop the crypto industry. I somethings ask myself on how these startups eventually get into the crypto business without many people knowing about them.

Well, I found the answer to my aging question by simply getting in tune with upcoming ICOs. These ICOs are new companies trying to make their brand and name in the crypto world. With innovative crypto startups, it is now possible to find greater opportunities.

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Knowing The Value Of A Crypto Before Purchase
« on: September 26, 2019, 11:27:38 AM »

When talking about cryptocurrencies, I often take my time to choose the right crypto that is right for me. The current price of crypto in the market is my determining factor before I can purchase and store in a wallet. Over two years of research on how to determine the value of crypto, I eventually stumbled on something called cryptocurrency price trackers. These trackers have been helpful to me in knowing the price and value of crypto before deciding to trade or engage in investment programs.


Envisaging a career in trading is not yet complete until you understand the entire concept of Forex. Trading cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, and other useful items require total professionalism and the right system. Some important things to consider when trading are reliable signals, reading of charts, following market trends, and much more. The truth remains that it is never an easy task to trade Forex or any other type of stock. Reading this content will help you discover the advantages of using trading signal services or tools.

Reasons Why People Lose Money When Trading

The difficulty in understanding how Forex works have made a lot of people lose a massive amount. The truth is that the act of losing money during Forex or crypto trading often happen to people, time and again. A lack of experience is one of the main reasons people end up losing their investment in trading. When you lack the basic strategies, tools, and even ideas on how the process works, it can eventually lead to a complete disaster in trading.

Another reason why people lose money during trading is the lack of knowledge. Lacking knowledge means that a trader does not know the right tools and approach to handling any trading opportunities. Ignorance about what to do when engaging in Forex trading is the same as a lack of knowledge.

Some people even if they have enough money to trade do not create time to learning the entire process of trading. It is crucial to have certain tools to boost your trading experience and potential. When these tools are available, you will no longer experience any difficulty in trading Forex, crypto or stock.

Advantages Of Using A Trading Signal Indicator:

1. It provides high profitable trading signals for both newbie and professional traders
2. Strong and reliable trading information that can help people trade with peace of mind
3. A signal trading indicator helps to identify the right environment to trade. It will help to cut out the guesswork and point you to the actual area of maximum profit
4. It provides 24/7 alerts along with precise signals that can help get rid of your phobias when trading
5. It is easy and simple to use without creating any difficulty to the user

iTrade Alert Signals:

It is a company that provides crypto & Forex signals and other trading resources. iTrade Alert Signals has created a well-designed system that helps to beauty your chances of trading like a professional. With the Forex Momentum Indicator, traders will get greater profits and higher accuracy for any trade. We use the manual approach to provide our prospective customers effective and profitable signals. We know that trading is daunting and overwhelming for both veteran and beginner traders. The Forex Momentum indicator provides 24/7 alerts through an instant text message system. Whether it is on CFD, digital assets, or Forex, our indicator can send you an immediate text message alert.

Another thing about the trading signal indicator is that you will always get accurate and consistent results. Our system is optimized to offer high probability and strong trading signals. It will also help to harness the real place where anyone can trade without fear or risk. With our indicator, it is now possible to perform a comprehensive analysis of your trading activity before investing. It means that you will no longer waste time, effort, and resources when using our trading indicator. Whether it is for trading timeframes or cross pairs, our system can deliver in an ephemeral of time. Give us a call now and we will ensure to provide you the best information about how to go with trading successfully.

All further information at:

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