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Goods / Litecoin & Bitcoin Domain Names For Sale
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:17:46 PM »
[size=0pt]  [/size]Hello [/color]Prior to developing some of these Domain Names within my portfolio and auctioning the rest off at Go Daddy Auctions, I thought I would expose them on this Digital Goods Section in the forum in case someone happens to prefer one of mine instead of creating their own. I’ll entertain offers made with any alternative coin available on Cryptsy. Send me a private message if you would like to make an offer on one Name or multiples. If not, thanks for stopping by and viewing my portofolio & a very prosperous Alt coin 2014 to everyone!
[/color]Premium Chinese Banking Names:[/u]
[/color]使比特[/color]币或[/color]Litecoins[/font]  (Bitcoin Bank in Chinese) (Ltc Bank in Chinese)
www.PPCyinhang ( PPC Bank in Chinese) (Quarkcoin Bank in Chinese)
[/color]Premium International Banking Names: (Latin for Litecoin Bank) (Int'l for Lite Bank) (Int'l for Bit Bank) (Bit Bank in Russian) (Lite Bank in Russian) ( Int'l for Bit Bank) (Swiss for Swiss Bit)
[/color]Domain Names for Retail Developers:
[/color]Gambling Domain Name:
[/color]Mining Pool Names:

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