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Hey, it looks like its a noobish question and maybe its not clear so:
I have already connected:
2x PSUs : Fortron FSP AURUM modular 650W
3x powered risers x1 to x16 (put in PCI-e slot)
1x processor 2core: Intel Celeron G1620 (1155)

Look at picture where is everything shown how it is connected.My problem is:
1. Even though my second PSU is not connected to el. I turn on the first psu and second is running as well (probably its taking el from the first one).                       
2. If i connect monitor to GPU number one its working. If I connect cable (dvi) to gpu 2 it is not working only if I disconnect first gpu from MOBO. (I have herad it is problem of drivers might that be a prob.?)                       
3. After I run cg miner with normal or a bit lower configuration (standard for my cards) my PC reboots automatically. I guess its because all my cards drain power from ONLY one PSU. So I decided I decrease that config, it is working, all 3 cards are mining ... with no reboot but only 250-300khs. (I guess it is because it is all running on one PSU so it can handle it while it needs lower el supply, correct me if i am not right)

Hope you can help me, thanks.

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