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hi guys,

I am working on an online litecoin wallet system. For every transaction originated from our site, we need to charge say x% of the amount as fees and it'll be sent to Admin's address ? How can I do that ?

What is the paytxfee and other similar parameters ? I didn't found any parameter to set the address to which the transaction fees should go ?
[/size]Looking for some help...

hello everyone,

I'm new to litecoin. I'm working on the development of a litecoin online exchange. I'm going to use the RPC commands for the webapp to talk to litecoin.

I need to know, how many transactions per second/day can the server support ? Also, are there any limits on the number of addresses, accounts for a single litecoind server ?

Is it required to run different instances of the litecoind server considering the site shall have the same traffic as ? If yes, then how many will work ? Shall I run a new instance every x users ?

Please help...

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