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    'Helping you ride the Bitcoin roller coaster'

    New free beta version released

    -Fully Functional.-Looking for Beta Testers.-Beta testers will a change to win 1 BTC as prize from best feedback.-UNLIMITED 24/7 support.

     Version 0.2b- Released April 9th 2014 About the program: Cryptocurrency-Trader is a trading terminal that aims to streamline trading in multiple exchanges at the HIGHEST rate of profit possible. The program features an easy to use interface, address book and intuitive charts. The reason why this program is released now while it is still in beta is to receive feedback from you. If you have suggestions or feature requests please post them on this thread or pm me.

    Exchange supported: -BTC-e-Bter-Cryptsy-Mintpal

    Additional exchanges we plan to add  :, Swaphole, CoinbasePLEASE pm me if you would like a exchange added to the future exchange plan.

    Language support : English and Russian

    Platform support : Windows 8,7,XP, Mac OS Users, and Linux!

    Download : Go to my website at . You can find the download link by clicking the product.

    Manual: (Windows Download only for Mac and Linux please use our website.)
API keys and security: The program will encrypt your API keys when they are stored using the username and password you provide. The API keys will only be used to communicate with exchanges. Your APIs secret key is never sent anywhere. For the program to work it needs to connect to exchanges. Please post any questions and suggestions you have!



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