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Bincoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system that was created cryptographically which run on an open source software and it is not being controlled by any entity. The Bincoin cryptocurrency payment system is not govern by any government or bank.

Investors can use services to divide their investments between various services like P2P loans, Merchant Gateway , Crypto Exchange, etc. The first version of the BIN allows startups to launch and manage ICO campaigns.
website :

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Bulk Trader is a #Blockchain powered Online Marketplace Platform dedicated to B2B sales and services. Bulk Trader is a unique hyperlocal ecommerce platform with creative digital marketing solutions for accredited vendors & buyers for goods in bulk.

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AVXChange is a custom, incentive based, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform designed for the exchange of audio and video media over the internet. AVXChange developed an incentivized P2P file sharing network with elements of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It was designed to address a need in the market to convert uncompensated P2P media downloads into compensated media downloads by rewarding everyone for their role in the supply chain.

AVXChange is airdropping a total of 5,000,000 AVX tokens to 5,000 airdrop participants. Where each participant will receive up to 1,000 AVX tokens. 1 AVX = $0.005 USD.

Here's our site:
and here's our Airdrop form:


You can buy many Apple products at a discount
with Bitcoin payment method.
Shop now at


The hurdles are cleared, the ITO of UG can start: Blockchain and games of chance have entered into a symbiosis. And the chances are much higher than with all current games.

The effort was great, especially the legal framework which had to be coordinated in detail with authorities and lawyers. But now UG is facing the Initial Token Offering (ITO): until April 14, 2019 Ethereum can be exchanged for new eden tokens in the presale-whitelisting - with a discount of 30 percent. The tamper-proof Blockchain technology and the highly sought-after game of chance thus merge to form a profitable union. Every eden player automatically participates in three draws: daily, monthly and yearly. Above all, however, up to 99 percent of the income generated is distributed again - and this is probably unparalleled.
Blockchain as a manipulation-proof foundation
The company UG has carefully analysed the weak points of the classic lotteries, which enjoy great demand even in economically difficult times: a relevant part of the stakes is not entered into the draw, participation is usually limited to a single play and the chances of winning the jackpot are very clear. Based on these findings, developed an optimized variant - based on Blockchain. Thus, the eden raffles are free of manipulation, because the Ethereum Smart Contracts are transparent, comprehensible and executed automatically. Participants can therefore not only look forward to three draws, but also to the distribution of up to 99 percent of the stakes.
It is interesting to note that the chances of winning are identical for each eden - regardless of whether a participant uses one or several thousand eden. expects a lucrative token turnover, especially in the daily raffles. Participation is extremely simple: participants look for a broker for crypto-currencies who not only enables trading with Ethereum, but also the payment of transactions. As soon as the identification code for the wallet, i.e. the electronic purse, is available, interested parties can register for the presale whitelisting on the website and of course benefit from the 30 percent discount. The ITO should be completed on 30 June 2019 and herald a new era for the game of chance.


Receive 1,000 eden token
The Airdrop is limited to 1,350 participants. The Airdrop only takes places once the Softcap of 3,000 Ethereum (ETH) has been reached. The Airdrop can be terminated without notice by the UG. There’s no legal claim.

Off-topic / We just found 300 Billion Dollars
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:33:07 AM »
We just found 300 Billion Dollars
With the capital markets in a dark age yet our technology in an enlightened one, isn’t it odd that all forms for funding for our Small to Medium Sized (SME) business have dried up? The ICO is Dead and any IPO out there is like a fresh set of Unicorn foot prints, non-existent. Should we not be mixing together a real market need with a matching tech solution?
As the market always manages to find a level and something new emerges it should come as no surprise when I say, ‘The capital superhighway has arrived and launched ILOCX a platform which raises capital for worthy companies in a totally unique way. By making mass and immediate sales’ [size=0pt]Read more[/size]
ILO’s are a revenue-based method of raising capital, they make so much more sense than Crowdfunding, IPO’s and obviously ICO’s because they reward the right thing. Revenue.
Companies became equity dependant over time when equity was easier to find, now it’s harder they have to adjust, it’s this adjustment that will make for an interesting market dynamic. An ILO mixes the people power of social media and the need for companies to get capital and puts them together. Companies seeking capital can first get a quote to make sure that the capital they are seeking makes sense, from a return on capital basis. This is easy and based on pure common sense. does it in minutes.
Once the numbers work, we take a look at the readiness to make revenue, can they scale? If they can and the product or service is good after due diligence and various checks, its approved or denied.
For the companies which fit all the parameters they can list the ILO that is structured just for them on ILOCX and bring in sales of the ILO, which in turn brings in another element. ILOers (buyers of the ILO) are required to promote the product or service on social media to ‘qualify’ the license and trigger inclusion into the royalty pool.
In short, an ILO (Initial license Offering) is a license, a right to promote and or sell the underlying product, like a mini franchise or a commission for likes, shares and reviews. For the passive buyer he can qualify the ILO and wait for the royalties, on the other hand an aggressive one can market it and create direct purchases by using unique URL’s and check out codes. This activity generates additional direct commissions which differ from ILO to ILO.
Imagine something everyone can use, understand, copy, interact with, be part of, add to, make money from, help others make money from, be entertaining, accessible, fast, fair and secure.
ILOCX has launched its first exchange to sell ILO’s at this platform allows companies to list without the need for a listing agent and launch an ILO to raise capital and enhance sales.
ILOCX has now launched a second platform to allow anyone holding any or most recognised crypto to use that crypto currency to BUY ILO’s. 
This is huge because there is a huge pile of capital sitting in crypto $300,000,000,000 to be precise. This capital is untouched as the original buyers of these currencies bought early and are sitting on millions individually and they can’t really use it for much else, so it trades back and forth into different currencies. Now you can buy an ILO with your Crypto at so if you’re a company seeking capital and you are frustrated the market is dried up, head to and get a term sheet, and if successful head to and list your ILO.
Here is an example.

First a summary of the basic premise

ILO’s are set for 3 years, they pay royalties each year based on the gross revenue of the company. Companies that issue ILO’s set a maximum number of units for a defined price and royalty is set as a percentage of sales. Buyers must qualify their ILO and by doing so promote the company they bought into.

A new company making super food infused tea with some online sales seeks $500,000 to take them to the next level.
They have revenues of $200,000 but with the investment will track $1.5m for the following 12 months.
The ILO is structured to sell 20,000 units at $25.00 per unit. With a 3-year term. At the end of 3 years the company elects to either roll it again, buy them out for cash at the last trading price or convert them to shares in the case where the company is big enough to go public on a recognised stock exchange.
The royalty is set at 10% of gross revenue (like a commission)
Projecting 1.5 million in sales makes a royalty payment due of $7.50
This makes the ILO trade at a multiple of 10 so $75.00
The buyer paid $25 got 7.50 as a first royalty a year later and the value went up to $75.00, He can now sell this on our secondary trading platform or keep it for the year two royalty pay out, this buyer is happy.
The buyer had to qualify the ILO. This means they need to disseminate information about the company to their social media contacts. We know everyone has at least 200 people in their network, so we use this base line figure.
20,000-unit holders with 200 contacts means 4,000,000 at a minimum see this information.
The tea is $20.00 per tin and has a margin of 60% so $12 profit.
If 1% of the 4,000,000 people that saw the information buy one tin, it adds $800,000 to the revenue of the tea company.
If we add that the royalty above it means the ILO paid $11.5 per unit not $7.5 and the value goes to $115.00 instead of $75.00.
The company gave away no equity and they didn’t take on any debt
They increased sales and,
They have 20,000 warriors promoting their tea and stand ready to raise another round of funding but at $120.00 per unit instead of $25.00 a year earlier.

This is the power of ILO.
Rewarding the company for a great product or service and rewarding the ILOer for telling so many people about it that sales jumped, the result is a sustainable business was born.


The Era of Utilisation has arrived. We Found Billion Dollars in #Crypto. The capital Superhighway has launched ILOCX a platform which raises capital for worthy companies in a totally unique way. By making mass and immediate sales’
email :

#crypto #ico #cryptocurrency #altcoin #bitcoin #litecoin


Tiffany Brown Designs (TBD) Token is our ICO. Tiffany Brown Designs, a US Design House, has launched its Tiffany Brown Designs Token (TBD) for purchase. TBD Token is a utility reward token that will exclusively accept Cryptocurrency and authenticate its clothing through its private blockchain system. Tiffany Brown Designs will be the first designer to do both. The token will also give the customer an opportunity for exclusive opportunities such as a clothing subscription box and fashion show tickets all over the world
More info


Long Awaited Anti-Aging Platform Launches its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on March 1st, 2019
Guaranteeing people stay alive forever!

February 27th, 2019: Pioneers of the world's first anti-aging coin "ATA" proudly announce the launch of their ICO. Scheduled sell of the ICO begins from the 1st of March, 2019 and ends on the 30th of November, 2020. The token will be accessible on On purchase, its holder will be able to access a blockchain based health database system. Support researchers, receive error-free health and longevity prescriptions, etc. The token will be listed on Etherdelta, Forkdelta, Tokendex, TokenStore, and Tokenjar.

ATA’s prominence took flight immediately it got a mention on Cliff High's prediction platform “Web Bot." The prediction states "The emergence of an exceptional anti-aging token is imminent. Its enormous money gain potential for long term investment will spearhead breakthroughs in the longevity science field.” The rest is history.

A 50% bonus is guaranteed for all orders made from the 1st to the 31st of March, 2019. It is transferred manually from the ICO wallet after the 31st of March to the buyers ETH wallet address. For orders made from the 1st to the 30th of April,2019 a 25% bonus is obtainable. From the 1st of May 2019 onward, buyers get it at the price of $0.01 per ATA. The coins are automatically sent to them when they pay with ETH. Buyers get an equivalent amount of ETH at a price of $0.01 per ATA.

Payments can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, or with Cryptos like ETH and BTC!

About ATA:
ANTI-AGING platform is a health and fitness platform that is designed by a team of scientists and medical experts. They have devoted their energy and time towards the study of the secret of a healthy lifestyle especially considering the emergence of longevity science. The platform is built on blockchain technology and attached to a decentralized network that uses a distributed ledger technology. It establishes security in the use of data as well as offers the most efficient data processing techniques. The combination with powerful AI and the latest digital technologies helps to analyze, secure and distribute the data through a rich user interface.

Full information about ATA-ICO can be found at with links to official communication channels such as Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.

The White Paper in English is also available on the website.
See our ANN Thread on bitcointalk

Buy ATA Tokens Now!


Full information about ATA-ICO can be found at with links to official communication channels such as Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.

The White Paper in English is also available on the website.
See our ANN Thread on bitcointalk

Gambling / lottomat Buy lottery tickets online
« on: March 15, 2019, 02:02:48 PM »

On the you can purchase tickets and bet your lucky numbers in a lotto drawing with just few clicks. We have gathered here the most famous and prestigious lotteries of the world


Crypto Trading Exchange
Over 90 Coin Supported!
Game Section
Trading Fees Distributed to Members have CMSH
DIGI-ID Secure Login System and much more


Bitparadise-Most Efficient Cryptocurrency Exchange

Currency exchange / PAOcard – Blockchain and Private Banking
« on: March 13, 2019, 06:06:50 AM »

PAOcard – Blockchain and Private Banking: multi-blockchain PAOcard VISA, debit cards for withdrawing cryptocurrencies with no fees, high limits for cash withdrawals, investments and placement of capital, personal financial advisor, investment portfolio, technology solutions for your mobility
see project news at :
See more info

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