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Hello all. I just sold my Windows 7 computer. As I store my personal files on an external drive, I wasnt overly concerned about formatting/wiping the drive. The drive is an OCZ Vertex SSD. I created a new Admin user account, then I deleted my user account. When I deleted the old user account, I told Windows to save the user files. I then cut/pasted those files onto a flash drive.

 A couple of days passed before I remembered that I had some Litecoin stored in the Litecoin client wallet. The wallet had been password protected. When I looked on the flash drive- no wallet.dat.  I then called the person who purchased my computer and asked him if I could look for the wallet. When I started the Litecoin client up, it indicated the blockchain was 130 weeks behind! The wallet was unlocked, showed 0 Litecoin and said it was out of sync. When the blockchain became current, the wallet remained unlocked and at 0.

 A search for wallet.dat indicated a new wallet was created the day I opened the Litecoin client to look for my wallet.

 It seems that the Litecoin client does not share the blockchain among different users on the same Windows computer. It also seems that when you delete a user account in Windows and ask Windows to save that users files, it doesnt save the Litecoin wallet. Anyone with input or a solution would be appreciated.

 At the very least,  maybe someone could code a solution into the client so others wont lose their Litecoin when they delete a user account and/or profile from Windows....

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