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5 Altcoins to watch in August 2020

I have been following Nova Blocks for 2 months now and their analysis is on point!
Even BAND from their article has pumped over +70% 1 day after they published the article!

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Currency exchange / Sell Bitcoin & Get Any Currency
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IQONIQ is the heart of digital fan engagement and loyalty programs, revolutionising the way fans interact with their sporting club!

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We look at how much do solar panels cost and way to ensure your making over £1000 profits each year with Rowan Energy's revolutionary solution.

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Español (Spanish) / WOM se integra a Chainlink
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:49:07 AM »

El Protocolo WOM anunció la integración con éxito a Chainlink, la red de oráculo de precios descentralizada, líder del mercado. La primera de estas integraciones, que ya está en vivo, es el lanzamiento de una alimentación de referencia de precios WOM/USD impulsada por Chainlink.

Esta integración no sólo proporciona precisión en los precios, sino que su arquitectura descentralizada le da a la WOM acceso a una fuente de datos de precios a prueba de manipulaciones para mostrarlos a sus usuarios finales y utilizarlos dentro de su sistema de recompensas en USD.

Gracias a la integración con Chainlink, WOM puede ahora determinar de manera segura y fiable el precio del mercado mundial del token WOM, sin ninguna coordinación central ni tener que restringir la experiencia a una sola bolsa o incluso a una pequeña selección de bolsas, que puede verse fácilmente obstaculizada por la manipulación del mercado.

Francis West, CTO de WOM Protocol Pte. Ltd. dijo respecto a la integración de los enlaces en cadena:

Además de los oráculos de precios, WOM está trabajando activamente en una integración de nivel más profundo que utilizará Chainlink para llevar a la cadena datos de autenticación sobre los creadores de contenido. Dado que WOM no es una plataforma, sino un protocolo sin permisos, puede autenticar datos de una amplia variedad de plataformas, entre ellas: medios sociales, publicación, mensajería o plataforma de comercio electrónico. El enlace en cadena puede entonces transmitir esos datos a cualquier blockchain, que actúa como una base de datos pública e inmutable para almacenar métricas fiables sobre la eficacia de las campañas de comercialización de contenidos y los creadores de contenidos en todas las plataformas.

Ser descentralizado de principio a fin es fundamental para el Protocolo WOM. Al aprovechar la red de oráculos de Chainlink para obtener datos del mercado WOM / USD para recompensas de precios, un componente central del sistema se descentraliza. Esto no debería subestimarse, ya que descentralizar la distribución y la valoración de los incentivos financieros evita conflictos importantes entre las múltiples partes interesadas de WOM.


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Rowan Energy Adds 5 New Blockchain Masternodes To Existing Blockchain Architecture

5 New Blockchain masternodes have been added to the Rowan Energy Network, Increasing the safety and security through verifying transactions.

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Marketplace / Bitcoin Price News – Sideways Or Will The Run Continue
« on: August 06, 2020, 06:05:56 PM »

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Bitcoin Price News – Sideways Or Will The Run Continue

Bitcoin Price News is that Bitcoin it is likely to consolidate for a few days before resuming its uptrend while the bulls are in command.

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Hourly Plans & Earnings | Registered UK Company | Best Proven Records | Hour Xtra Ltd

Hour Xtra Limited is a fully operational Investment company formed on 3rd July 2020, by a team of 5 professional having 10 years and above experience in successful trading of Cryptocurrency and Forex Market. They not only achieved huge profits from their investments but guided many amateur investors to the right track of investment, for earning profits. They also performed many online courses which went on huge success and helped more than 10,000 plus people around the world to master trading of Cryptocurrency. Finally, they decided to create an online platform Hour Xtra which will give the investors the freedom to invest and earn profit hassle free.

Gambling / Benefits Of BTC At Online Casinos
« on: August 05, 2020, 01:33:04 PM »

Benefits Of BTC At Online Casinos

Does online gambling only revolve around winning money? Why does it always backfire for many punters who apply similar tactics? Fortunately, things are not so gloomy thanks to cryptocurrency gambling. There are many benefits such as free BTC by using Bitcoin casino promo code offers and in this article I will talk about the other advantages that blockchain provides.

Bitcoin has proven to be king when it comes to gambling using crypto. To make you understand further, we present several benefits that come with using Bitcoin. Go through this piece, and you will come out with enough knowledge to warrant you switch from conventional gambling to Bitcoin gambling.

Low Fees

Bitcoin like the rest of the cryptocurrencies in play today remains a decentralized unit. Other than keeping your information secure, the transaction fees remain low to zero value. The reason being these transactions are done on the bitcoin platform without the intervention of intermediaries.

All Bitcoin-based transactions get stored in a public ledger known as a blockchain. The database serves as the leading platform for all cryptocurrencies, and it records all transactions. Users only pay a meager fee that serves as transfer fees.

Fast Transactions

Thanks to its decentralized nature, the transactions take minimal time from initiation to payment. Every aspect of bitcoin gambling from playing to payment processing is done online.

Without any third-party meddling, it means that once the funds get initiated funds are deposited into crypto wallets within minutes. Bitcoin block reading speeds fluctuate between ten minutes to several hours on average.

However, note that it’s not in all cases that you get your funds within ten minutes. The casino platform you’re playing at may take their sweet time to authorize funds withdrawal. It means that with the casino’s slow pace, transaction processing could be more than a day which is still faster than using fiat currencies.

Promotions & Bonuses
Another huge benefit that comes with utilizing Bitcoin when gambling is the numerous promotions and bonuses players gain. Traditional online-based casinos grant punters 50% - 100% match bonus which is usually a few hundred dollars after placing an initial deposit.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, grants gamers bigger bonuses and promotions since these platforms have minimal overheads. Punters get more rewards on the following several deposits, and in some instances, they profit from a lifetime bonus reload.

Bitcoin casinos also accord players various promotions that come with free spins or cashback bonuses. At times, they grant gamers with tickets to special events such as Texas Hold'em and poker tournaments.


As you use Bitcoin, a lot of online casinos don’t require users to share their personal information other than a username and cryptocurrency wallet address. Since privacy is at the helm of Bitcoin gambling, if you get a platform asking for more information other than a username and cryptocurrency address, you should run away!


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Off-topic / I made $34,000.00 usd in The Ethereum Fusion Smart contracts
« on: August 04, 2020, 07:00:04 PM »

Ethereum | Fusion

I made $34,000.00 usd in The Ethereum Fusion Smart contracts one day and this is next to blow up

Yes, The Ethereum Fusion Smart contract andEFT Tokens are back and I made over $30,000.00 dollars off Ethereum Fusion Smart contract this week, this will blow up tomorrow. Get in before token prices jump.

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Marketplace / Buy Crypto with Instant Delivery
« on: August 04, 2020, 03:25:06 PM »

FastCoin Express

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Off-topic / The Best Place to Get Started with Crypto
« on: August 03, 2020, 11:54:59 AM »

Learn Crypto Currency while earning at the same time. This is the easiest to use digital currency platform that you'll find today with free training courses to ensure that you have success as we enter a new age fo digital currency!

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