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and confirming the 10LTC block reward has been rcvd! Thanks DCWSCO..great launch to a great pool =D

Litecoin mining / Re: Low hash rate on 7970
« on: July 30, 2013, 09:21:18 AM »
The best answer I have found when getting stuck on that 550 mark is doing a BIOS flash. I found this worked for 2 of my 7970 GPU's one being a Gigabyte and another Saphire. This thread really helped me :,2963.0.html

but also read my thread that eventually won the race and am now getting 770 each with 1100/1500 speeds.,4408.30.html

Currency exchange / Looking to Buy your LTC
« on: June 09, 2013, 09:59:41 PM »
Looking to establish a few relationships with Miners looking to sell their LTC once a week. PM me if your interested.


Litecoin mining / Re: advice on getting started LTC mining (on OS X?)
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:13:05 PM »
A lot will depend on which OSX system you are running on and what type of GPU's you have. The easiest way to probably get started to see what your machines can get is by downloading MacMiner from -

Pretty easy plug and play software for 10.6-10.8 osx with some bugs here and there still but can usually get the CPU and GPU's fired up to make a little damage via pools. Also check out the following guides to install/compile Cgminer or BFGminer for osx:

If you already have macports installed please uninstall if trying to run homebrew which seems to be the way to go moving forward with OSX mining. If you are looking to do this for fun then osx mining will be great but if you really want to make some coins you might want to invest into the some PC mining rigs which seem to have a much faster hash ratio then osx. I have a newer Imac, MacBookPro w/retina display(both on 10.8) and a Mac Pro 1,1, on 10.7 but usually just use the Mac Pro with the 5770 to make any type of coins. I really just use the macbook to test as I dont trust it not overheating/breaking and the Imac maybe mines 5 hours of the day and Mac Pro maybe 12 hours of day totally maybe 1 LTC 8-10 days or .01 BTC every 2-3ish days. So as you can see I make zero-slim profit but am doing it for the fun of it it all and decided to buy LTC coins on the side if I really wanted to make any money in the longterm of cryptocurrency. My suggestion would be to start researching alt-coins and use your osx machines to each mine a different alt-coin where you could still make a coin a day in hopes that one of those coins takes off in the future. All trial and error and hope this helps get the fun started. Any other questions just ask and Ill try my best to steer you properly.

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