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    Case Wallet - The world’s most secure and easy-to-use bitcoin wallet.
    Register at the bottom of our website for a chance to be one of the ten lucky people to

receive a Case for free.
    Help us test our firmware to become one of the ten lucky winners:
     We built a dedicated hardware wallet that's easier to use than a credit card and more

secure than a bank vault... a grandma-proof bitcoin wallet. We promise to deliver on both

of these fronts. No compromises.
        A wallet that fits in your wallet
        Multi-signature, multi-factor
        Works worldwide
        Designed and built in the USA
    Why We Exist
    Needless to say, we are huge fans of Bitcoin. We believe it holds the promise of a

reimagined finance industry so our ultimate mission is the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, the existing ecosystem of bitcoin wallets fails to address the difficulty of

using and securing bitcoin. Software wallets fall prey to viruses, malware, hackers, and

physical theft or loss. Anyone who thinks that we can educate general consumers about the

importance of backing up their private keys or the diligence required to avoid installing

some kind of malware is sadly mistaken. The first cloud wallets were also insecure because

they are still accessed from a general purpose computing device that can download stuff

from the Internet, so no matter how secure those servers are, there’s still a single point

of failure and a pretty weak one at that.
    To fix “the security problem” cloud wallets began to add two-factor authentication,

which greatly reduced the odds of your wallet being compromised but think about the

sequence of steps required to buy a cup of coffee – unlock your phone, launch the wallet

app, click Send BTC, scan a QR code, minimize the app, launch Google Authenticator, copy

the 2FA code, switch back to the wallet app, paste the 2FA code, and hit send. That’s ten

steps! The pursuit of security has created complexity and led to an extremely cumbersome

experience relative to existing payment options like credit cards, destroying any incentive

for the average user to adopt Bitcoin.
    Security and ease-of-use can’t exist on a spectrum where you get one or the other, or a

compromise of the two. The promise of Bitcoin is too great to settle or make a compromise

and that’s why we are building Case. We like to say that we’re building the world’s first

grandma-proof bitcoin wallet and while that’s a cheesy marketing line, it really does speak

to the ethos of what we’re doing. A wallet doesn’t just need to be hacker-proof. It has to

be user-proof. It has to be easier to use than a credit card and more secure than a bank

vault or the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin will remain but a dream.
    How Case Works
    When you press the ? button, the device turns on and jumps right into the “Send bitcoin

sequence”. The ? button also cycles through the other features of the wallet but we wanted

“Send” to be one click away since that’s the primary purpose of a payment device. After a

quick view of the spiffy splash screen you see in the picture above, the camera turns on so

you can scan the payment info QR code. The screen shows what the camera sees so you can use

it as viewfinder to make scanning the QR code easier. Once Case detects and reads the QR

code, the screen shows you the amount and address, asking you to swipe your finger to

confirm the transaction. That’s it – click, scan, swipe; three easy steps that take less

time than swiping a credit card, printing the signature receipt, and putting your John

Hancock down on that piece of paper.
    Read to bottom of our website to learn how you can be one of the first to receive our

product. Email:

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