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Announcing LTC Mining Pool

We are a 2% PPS pool built on top of a stable enterprise platform. We are currently doing a 0% Pool Fee promotion until December 2013! Fast & stable pool with excellent support and a modern interface built on MPOS.

Please see below for some of the pool highlights.

  • Live Updating Dashboard
  • Mobile Site for Easy Smartphone Access
  • Stable PPS Payout System (Payout every 20 minutes)
  • Enterprise Reliability
  • Fast Pool With Low Stales
  • Friendly, Professional Support

Sign up now for an account and start mining with no pool fees until December 2013!

If you require support please get in touch on the forums or via e-mail at


- David

Just to confirm the pool has found and confirmed it's first block. It was a very long round but hopefully we do not see many of them.[/size]1st block confirmed and rewards have been paid to the miners. Also well Done to Shyliar who actually found the first block and has been given a 10LTC bonus.4 bonuses left to pay out for the next 4 blocks.Pool is currently at 35 MH/s which is a great achievement in such a short time.  Thanks again to the people who got the pool going.

This is an announcement for a new mining pool

Built on a stable enterprise platform with redundancy built in. Stable, Fast and Friendly. Monthly competitions for miners.

Looking to break new ground and get the pool going. Feel free to add some workers and enter the August competition.

This is a long term pool, set up for stability.

Currently 1% Fee
Idle Worker Notifications
All maintenance announced in advance
Powered by Intel Xeon'sDDOS and advanced web protection
Blog site with news and info about pools goings on will be rolled out in the next few days
SSL enabled
Easily contactable operator for support and questions

Thank you for taking the time to read about LTC123.NET and I hope to see you soon.



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