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Hollywood got extra glam for the opening of Nine Zero One Moncler Sale salon's new location on Melrose Place in West Hollywood on Saturday night.
Riawna Capri's longtime celeb clientele came out to support the hair guru and to have a beauty-themed night.
Early on in the bash, BFFs Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev put on lipstick, kissed postcards and signed them.
After, Hough sat down to pose for a caricature while Dobrev was a social butterfly.
"She was in good spirits and was letting loose," says a source about the star, whose ex Ian Somerhalder recently got engaged to Nikki Reed.
"She always seemed to be talking to someone new and at one point in the evening briefly took her heels off and carried them, walking around the salon barefoot!" the source tells PEOPLE.
Julianne Hough (left) and Nina Dobrev Michael Kovac / WireImage But the night wasn't all about the ladies. Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren were the first celebrities to arrive at the salon just after 7 p.m.
"He was really attentive with her. They spent about 15 minutes sitting down having a conversation together as if they were on a first date," an onlooker says. "When a friend came up and joined their conversation, he held her hand."

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First and foremost -- WOW, what a great night to be a fan of dance! A very strong opening show indeed. The lighting Moncler Men Vests Sale and space of the new stage also worked a lot better than I thought they would, allowing the dancers to really get into every performance.
I'm very proud of the hip-hoppers for committing to whatever style they were given. Russell reminds me of Joshua Allen in a way -- no matter what he has been given so far, every step of the way, he has given 100 percent commitment. The passion he showed in his solo was amazing.
I love Adam Shankman as a judge; he’s very informative and personable and one of my favorite in the industry. I also love what Adam said about Jakob Karr: "God put him here Moncler Men Jackets Sale to spread the gospel of dance.” A powerful statement, and a testament to Jakob’s amazing ability.
I Moncler Men Coats Sale absolutely loved the Dave Scott routine. Couldn't have been more perfect for Legacy and his charisma!!!! The way Kathryn stuck with him and played the character was awesome.
There's also something about Nathan Trasoras. The kid has got "it," especially when it comes to dance. Besides driving the ladies crazy by just standing there, he has a special gift of movement. I loved the disco routine that he and Mollee did (I love her personality). They had the exact kind of energy disco needs. Made me feel good while watching them perform.
Man oh man, Travis Wall is a beast!!! I am so glad he is a choreographer for the show. We have so much to look forward to from him. The piece he did was so dope. Victor and Bianca danced it so beautifully!!!!!! I love what Mary Murphy said about Bianca's persistence, that she has been trying out for years, and now the hard work is paying off. And it is well deserved indeed!!!!!!

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Ever since she was a little girl, Katie Stagliano knew how to make things grow.
Four years ago, Katie planted the seedling for a 40-pound cabbage that would end up making meals for hundreds of hungry people in her Summerville, S.C., community.
Now 14, she's been growing and feeding people ever since, with her nonprofit Katie's Krops that now seeds 55 kid-grown gardens in 21 states and produces thousands of pounds of vegetables.
In September, the cabbage that started her crusade landed the Pinewood Prep 8th grader in New York City 鈥?and in the company of President Bill Clinton, as one of six recipients of this year's Clinton Global Citizen Awards. "He's really into science," says Katie. "He talked to me about photosynthesis."
Katie works with groups addressing childhood health and nutrition issues and is part of an upcoming documentary Give Me Your Hungry. She's also been featured on the Great American Country cable network's Great American Heroes with Trace Adkins show.
"He's a country boy," says Katie of Adkins. "He makes fun of me and my mom for wearing gardening gloves."
Her now-famous cabbage seedling that she planted in her family's backyard made 275 meals (supplemented with ham and rice) at a homeless shelter in Katie's community.
Says Katie, "I thought, 'Wow, with one cabbage I helped feed that many people? I could do much more.' "
She started other gardens ' in her subdivision, on donated land and on a field at school ' seeded with donated plants and tended by school and community volunteers Katie recruited.
Those vegetables and volunteer networks have sprouted, feeding growing numbers of the needy. Her nonprofit, started in 2010, offers grants of garden center gift cards to fledgling gardeners ages 9-16 to start their own gardens, with a new grant application cycle that goes through Feb. 12. Katie hopes to eventually have gardens in all 50 states.
Katie is active in monthly suppers in Summerville, where kids cook vegetables from their gardens and feed anywhere from 50-150 people. A November dinner in a neighboring community transformed an elementary school into a restaurant for several hundred students and their families.
"A lot of these kids have never been to a real restaurant before and they're not really eating as healthy as they should be," she says.
Despite being thankful for the oversized vegetable that started it all, Katie offers a tiny admission: "I don't really eat cabbage that much. I know I'm supposed to probably love it but it's not one of my favorite vegetables," she says. "But I mean, it's not that bad."
More Heroes Among Us:
• Doctor Performs Life-Changing Surgeries for Free
• NYPD Officer Buys Shoes for Homeless Man
Know a hero? Moncler Jackets On Sale Send suggestions to For more inspiring stories, read the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine

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