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Detailed technical and conceptual update:

Notably, it includes the planned HEAT Microservices to be quickly in the pipeline. This will allow anyone to implement BaaS on the blockchain.Also:- Completion of the possibly highly lucrative bank co-op project- Streamlined general corporate solution deployment model, and- Considerable feature enhancement for the public HEAT blockchain


In preparations for HEAT launch, Alcurex adjusted the 1.50x HEAT token multiplier yesterday Jan 17th.
Openledger 1.50x adjustment is imminent at 14.00 CET today. Buy one HEAT now, have 1.5 HEAT in 2 hours
C-CEX adjustment is still pending until further info."

1.5x multiplier is being added to the pre-trading exchanges. This was due to not all coins being bought in ICO, so all holders got the rest distributed.

HEAT is about to launch in 24-48 hours.
Just here to open up discussion about HEAT, a generation 3.0 cryptocurrency. It features innovation never seen before all together in one package.
Scalability: 1000 transactions per second to 100 000 TPS
Direct Crypto Trading - An Asset to Asset Exchange, with cryptocurreny gateway support, for decentralized p2p cryptocurrency trading.
Hybrid Block Rewards - Proof of Stake and Proof of Persistence (which involves saving files on the HD)
Distributed Services - HEAT's version of Dapps, which can be npm packages and written in Java/Javascript.
Offline Smart Vouchers - Fully signed transactions that can be sent to the blockchain by anyone.
...and much more
Check out the OP on bitcointalk: Company Website:

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