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Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows not only have various styles, but also have the advantages of thermal insulation. What are the characteristics of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? Let's find out with Superhouse.
[/size]1. The reason why the broken bridge aluminum sliding window is convenient to use mainly depends on the choice of accessories for the window.
[/size]When using sliding windows of ordinary materials, one thing is generally found. When sliding, it is easy to appear stuck.
[/size]However, high-quality pulleys are selected for the broken bridge aluminum sliding window, and the sliding rail movement is specially researched and designed, and the corresponding movement trajectory is customized, so that the window can be pushed and pulled smoothly, and the problem of jamming is not easy to occur.
[/size]2. Whether it is summer or winter, it always feels that the windows will leak air, resulting in low indoor temperature.
[/size]The broken bridge aluminum sliding window solves this problem very well. By adopting a top-secret sealing strip on the edge of the window, the air leakage phenomenon of the window can be effectively alleviated.
[/size]It not only effectively avoids air leakage, but also has a good resistance to the infiltration of rainwater to avoid indoor water accumulation.
[/size]3. The frame of the broken bridge aluminum sliding window is made of metal. When we clean it daily, we only need to gently wipe it with a damp cloth, but try to wring it out as much as possible to prevent moisture from remaining on the surface of the window and affecting the appearance.
[/size]For the slide rail, a vacuum cleaner should be used to clean up dust, impurities and other dirty objects regularly, so as not to affect the push-pull effect.
[/size]Finally, the broken bridge aluminum sliding window glass needs to be cleaned with a special detergent, so as to make the glass as bright as new and reduce the accumulation of stains.
[/size]4. The appearance of the broken bridge aluminum sliding window is relatively simple, and it pays attention to the design of line sense, and the glass is embedded through the metal frame.
[/size]Let the indoor space lighting effect, good vision, and easy to take care of.
[/size]Different usage methods can be divided into two categories: left and right and up and down, which do not take up space, improve the utilization rate, and make the overall decoration more prominent.
[/size]In addition, the broken bridge aluminum sliding window adopts high-end slide rails, the switch is smooth, and the service life is long.
[/size]Summary: The above is the complete introduction of how to maintain the aluminum sliding windows of broken bridges and the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows of broken bridges. Finally, I hope this article can help you.


When buying broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, because there are many ways to open broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, owners and friends are often not sure which window type to choose.
[/size]In fact, we also have knowledge in choosing the window type. Now on the market, the more popular ones are the broken bridge aluminum sliding window and the broken bridge aluminum casement window.
[/size]With the same glass and fittings, both push-pull and split have their advantages. From the aspects of appearance, performance, price and function of doors and windows, their respective characteristics are discussed respectively.1. Appearance comparison[/size]The main difference between the broken bridge aluminum casement window and the broken bridge aluminum sliding window lies in the style of the building.The broken bridge aluminum casement window can be used to make any line facade effect because of its great flexibility of division, and for the floor-to-ceiling windows with large divisions, the opening fan only accounts for a small part of the whole window.Therefore, it is more suitable for high-end real estate with strict requirements on the overall effect of the building, especially in line with the architect's pursuit of large-scale, spacious and bright buildings with good transparency and smooth appearance.The broken bridge aluminum sliding window can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, so it is difficult to match with the fixed glass of large divisions. Generally, it is more suitable for opening factories or rural family buildings with clear horizontal and vertical lines.2. Comparison of wind pressure resistanceThe wind pressure resistance of doors and windows depends on the resistance moment of the main force-bearing rod of the door and window. Usually, the larger the section of the profile, the larger the resistance moment, but it is not completely proportional.Aluminum casement windows with broken bridges generally have a small profile section, but their main stress members are often spliced ​​or vertical materials. These main stress members will be strengthened accordingly during the design process, so they are resistant to wind pressure. Better performance.The section of the broken bridge aluminum sliding window profile is generally relatively large, and it stands to reason that its wind pressure resistance performance should be better, but as long as a little in-depth force analysis shows that its main force member is often a middle fan material, and its upper and lower stiles Only rely on pulleys to bear the wind load in the horizontal direction, so the wind pressure resistance performance is generally not ideal.3. Water tightness comparisonThe water tightness of doors and windows depends on the sealing effect of the opening part. The broken bridge aluminum casement window is generally sealed with rubber strips, while the broken bridge aluminum sliding window is generally sealed with wool strips. The sealing effect of rubber strips is generally better than that of wool strips.4. Air tightness comparisonIn terms of air tightness, most of the opening fan parts of broken bridge aluminum casement windows on the market are locked and sealed with two-point locks or heaven and earth locks, and the sealing effect is better.The broken bridge aluminum sliding window is generally locked by hook lock or knock lock, and its sealing effect is not ideal.Therefore, the broken bridge aluminum casement window is generally better than the broken bridge aluminum sliding window in terms of three properties. This is why most high-end commercial and residential buildings choose to use broken bridge aluminum casement windows.5. Process comparisonIn terms of processing and production, the broken bridge aluminum sliding window is generally simple in structure and has no special requirements for equipment, so it is convenient for small workshop or on-site processing and production;The broken bridge aluminum casement window is generally connected by aluminum composite code, so it needs a good angle machine to make an excellent aluminum alloy casement window.6. Function comparisonIn terms of use function, the broken bridge aluminum sliding window is favored by the majority of users because of its flexible opening and convenient and simple operation;In contrast, broken bridge aluminum casement windows are generally connected by hinges (hinges), and are generally opened by handles, which are often not as flexible as sliding windows in operation.Whether you choose broken bridge aluminum sliding windows or broken bridge aluminum casement windows, you need to choose according to the needs of the family, so the doors and windows installed in this way are more suitable.

Litecoin discussion / How to choose the right system door and window?
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System doors and windows have always been based on the door and window market with higher reliability and more systematic design, and as people's requirements for the use of doors and windows continue to increase, system doors and windows that can better meet the various requirements of consumers are more and more popular with consumers. But like ordinary energy-saving doors and windows, there are countless system door and window manufacturers, so how to choose the system door and window is better?(1) Which system door and window manufacturer or brand is better?[/size]To choose a system door and window, you must first choose a door and window manufacturer and brand with more influence and quality assurance. In the system door and window industry, manufacturers are divided into closed system manufacturers and semi-closed system manufacturers, both of which have their own characteristics.(2) How to choose system doors and windowsAfter determining which door and window system to choose according to your actual situation, you must consider which series of doors and windows to choose. High-quality manufacturers have several series of system doors and windows, and the main performance or appearance of each series is different. , Especially for semi-closed system manufacturers, the door and window effects that can be achieved by using different door and window components are very different.Regarding how to choose the system doors and windows, the above content is to provide you with some ideas, hoping to help you. In fact, when choosing system doors and windows, the balance between budget and quality is more considered. As for product performance, as long as the quality comes up, most of the performance can be achieved. The rest depends on the manufacturer's system design team.aluminum window manufacturers


With the rise of smart phones, a variety of audio-visual entertainment activities more and more, indirectly promote the development of the cell phone headset industry, headset shell injection molding there are pure color and black and white two-color, so if you are ready to do a variety of headset shell plastic parts for a long time, then we recommend that you choose the machine to consider two-color machine, if you determine that you do not need two-color injection requirements, consider the ordinary standard vertical injection molding machine can be.
Headphone shell injection molding machine
Standard vertical injection molding solution refers to the integration of the whole machine + injection mold solution, so as to avoid customers to go to the mold manufacturer again after the purchase of the machine to customize the mold. Generally speaking, manufacturers can customize injection molds according to customers' requirements. According to the injection volume of headphone injection parts and injection raw materials, the choice of 85T or more standard vertical injection molding machine can meet most of the headphone shell injection molding needs.
Advantages of standard vertical injection molding machine
1, can be improved according to various injection requirements, the machine has the basic injection molding function requirements and cheap.
2、The lower mold is fixed and the upper mold is active. Good positioning for embedded parts, and equipped with finished product ejection device. Uniform stress distribution. The injection pressure protection is precise and the full stroke is smooth and excellent.
3、Electrical control and hydraulic parts. Precise and durable.
4、In-line screw type injection device. No limit adjustment of back pressure. Suitable for precision plastic parts molding.
5、Applicable to small and medium-sized embedded parts injection molding, insert molding options.
6、Optional servo energy-saving motor.
Standard vertical injection molding machine can also be improved by improving the injection clamping method to become a disc type or slide machine, etc. are based on the standard vertical injection molding machine to improve.

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[/size]superhouse[/size][/size]In short, the thermal insulation aluminum alloy divides the original single-piece contour into two according to the traditional aluminum alloy, and then separates the two parts together by mechanical composite means through two thermal insulation strips.[/size]Aluminum doors & windows[/size][/size]Types of heat insulation strips:
[/size]At present, there are two types of heat insulation strips used in system doors and windows on the market, one is PA66GF25 heat insulation strip, and the other is PVC heat insulation strip.
[/size]1. PA66GF25 heat insulation strip: PA66 is a series of modified engineering plastic alloys. It has a high melting point, excellent heat resistance and self-extinguishing properties. However, the unmodified PA66 material does not match the aluminum alloy in terms of tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient. Through experiments, adding 25% glass fiber to PA66 is modified into engineering plastic as the basic material of the heat insulation strip. It is better. At present, there is no new material for insulation strip that is more reasonable and economical than this one.
[/size]2. Polyvinyl chloride insulation strip: The main raw materials are polyvinyl chloride resin powder and 25% calcium carbonate.
[/size]The difference between the two:
[/size]1: Tensile strength PA66GF25 insulation strip> 126 n/mm PVC insulation strip, about 70N/mm;
[/size]2: Heat distortion temperature: pa66gf25 insulation strip, 240 degrees PVC insulation strip, 90 degrees;
[/size]3: Anti-aging: PA66GF25 insulation tape, durable, not easy to aging PVC insulation, easy to aging:
[/size]4: Expansion coefficient: PA66GF25 insulation strip, consistent with the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy PVC insulation strip, and the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy is very different.
[/size]How to identify:
[/size]1. From the perspective of gloss, the pa66gf25 surface of the broken bridge aluminum window has a frosted texture, and the color is reversed from black; but the pvc strip looks smooth and shiny, and the color is reversed from white. When they are put together, they can be clearly distinguished.
[/size]2. Is there any problem that PA66GF25 heat insulation strips do not burn, PVC heat insulation strips will burn after a while, and small flames can be seen, and they will have a general smell of plastic.
[/size]3. The PA66GF25 insulation strip is broken once or twice, and the PVC insulation strip needs to be folded more than ten times before it can be broken.
[/size]4. When the PA66GF25 insulation strip is broken, the sound is clear, the surface of the fracture is neat and not deformed after the break, and it can be repaired by butt joints.
[/size]When buying broken bridge doors and windows, in addition to paying attention to the wall thickness of the door and window profiles, glass, hardware product accessories and craftsmanship, you also need to pay attention to distinguishing the materials of the heat insulation strips for a certain period of time. If some inferior heat insulation strips are used, No matter how good your other configuration is, the life of the network will be greatly reduced.
[/size]Recommend more:Quality mould suppliers


The doors and windows are painted in various forms of color. The system window adopts the color of the cross section. The system window adopts cross-section aluminum hollow glass, which has the functions of energy saving, heat insulation and anti-fouling, dustproof and waterproof. So for aluminum. What are the development characteristics of alloy doors and windows? Let me share it with everyone.
superhouse aluminium windows
1. The structure that pops up different compositions is a combination of green wooden doors and strips. Its main function is to close and middle heat transfer to prevent heat or quickly transfer cold and heat transfer function.

2. Strict management of the type and section thickness of the door follows a national development standard. 4mm wall thickness requirements above, since the wall thickness related to the overall information technology and composition of the windows and doors of the wall thickness of the safety issues.

3. Professional color doors and windows must be made of customized surface technology, and the service life is determined by the aluminum production cycle.

The design of window doors and windows is different from that of ordinary doors and windows. Window openings are transparent and are designed differently, while ordinary doors and windows can have their own lighting and air permeability according to traditional design methods. The design is a large design and dedicated hardware for flat windows, while ordinary aluminum can be used for any hardware, which is not good.

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custom size sliding glass doors
aluninum screen door manufacturers


superhouse windows
High-end aluminum alloy doors and windows are not only reflected in the price, but also in the design, workmanship and service quality of the door and window products.

1. Working materials
  The main materials used for doors and windows generally include three aspects: outer frame profiles, glass, and hardware. In fact, the country has certain standards for doors and windows. The profiles, glass, hardware, etc. used by Yunzhicai doors and windows are in line with national standards.

2. Processing technology
   High-end doors and windows have fine processing, smooth tangent lines and consistent angles (the main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should be no obvious gaps during the splicing process, the sealing performance is good, and the opening and closing is smooth.

3. Product design
  From the perspective of door and window companies and consumers, designers and their works can play an icing on the cake.

Safety: The most suitable place to relax is the place you think is safe. Multi-lock point setting, mushroom head lock point, 5mm inlaid hardware, etc., fully ensure the safety of doors and windows.


superhouse aluminium windows
The selection and configuration of hardware accessories is one of the important factors affecting the quality of building doors and windows. Sealing the top of the airtight door with window frames and sashes determines whether the quality of ordinary fiber jackets is curled and loses the sealing function. Siliconized tops must be used.

The hinges, handles, and the sealing tape between the frame and fan of the casement door and window are the most important accessories to ensure the quality of the casement door and window.

The model, specification and performance of aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories should comply with the relevant regulations of the current national standards.

Structural adhesives and weather-resistant adhesives for aluminum alloy doors and windows should be tested for compatibility with profiles and glass before use.

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Litecoin discussion / What are the benefits of sealing windows?
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Aluminum doors & windows
Aluminum profile and hollow glass have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof. Color aluminum is currently used more decoration materials, remind you to find a regular construction team in the decoration, so as to avoid problems such as shoddy good. What are the benefits of sealing windows?

1. Security: After the balcony is sealed, the house has another layer of protection. The public security cannot reach the level of not being closed at night. An additional layer of protection can set up obstacles for criminals and play a preventive role.

2. Hygiene: After the frameless balcony is closed against theft, add a layer of windows to block the dust, which will help prevent the invasion of sand, dust, and rain.

3. Expand the scope of use: In the case of relatively tight living conditions, the enclosed balcony can be used as a space for writing, reading, storage, and fitness exercises, as well as a living space. Compared with Kaifeng balconies, the use forms are more diverse, increasing the use area of ​​the living room.

4. Broaden the design ideas: After the balcony is closed, it can be integrated with the indoor space by removing the doors and windows, which is conducive to the overall consideration in the design. But in the design of irregular rooms, the balcony should be sealed, and the overall design of the irregular space.

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aluminum windows manufacturer
Door and window companies are something we see every day at work, because our houses cannot have doors and windows at the same time. However, the development of decoration also requires more attention to doors and windows. Sealing doors and windows is also common, usually windows are sealed There are more of them, and they are mostly used for balconies, so what effect material should be used to seal doors and windows?

1. Encapsulation materials for window decoration to be paid attention to.

2. Then decorate the windows with floor materials. If your windows are not encapsulated, you can use non-slip tiles. If you pack the windows and open the interior, you can use the same floor decoration materials as the interior.

3. Wall materials for window decoration.

4. Pay attention to safety when decorating windows. The window cannot bear excessive weight and heavy object impact, so as to reduce the accumulation of heavy debris on the window; do not move back and forth on the window railing to avoid the welding at the bottom of the railing from breaking.

5. Wall and roof materials for window decoration.

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Windows & Doors customized
The system doors and windows have the characteristics of heat preservation, energy saving, wind and sand prevention, and earthquake resistance. The system windows are made of heat-insulating and broken-bridge aluminum profiles and hollow glass, which have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, and waterproof.

When purchasing system doors and windows, pay attention to the following points: First, observe whether the doors and windows are mechanically combined with aluminum alloy and red oak. If they have both the natural aesthetic properties of wooden windows and the durability of aluminum alloys, it can be said to be better than A cost-effective product with better texture and practicality of a single door and window.

When choosing and buying system doors and windows, everyone must have a low-level thinking. Don't be fooled by too high or too low commercial prices.

Which brand of system door and window is better?

The company specializes in the production, processing, aluminum doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, system doors and windows service providers, through strict technology and artistic design and manufacturing, the products have a perfect combination of European, classical and modern products. The product has the characteristics of heat insulation, heat preservation, air tightness and water tightness. Green and environmentally friendly, pollution-free.

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aluminum windows manufacturer
EPDM rubber strip-based EPDM foam composite rubber strip (also called soft and hard co-extrusion rubber strip), EPDM composite rubber strip is a combination of soft and hard developed by using automobile sealing strip technology, and the product has a more complete and effective seal The effect and assembly are convenient. The soft part has a good sealing effect, and the hard part is easy to install and has a good effect.

1. Acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic.

2. The surface is smooth and the foaming density is uniform.

3. Good surface layer is non-sticky and has good air permeability.

4. No irritating smell, non-volatile; various physical properties are better.

5. Environmental protection and safety, good insulation, small compression deformation, strong resilience.

6. Excellent anti-aging performance, effectively resisting the erosion of harsh environments.

Sealing strip is an indispensable important component on doors and windows. The physical properties of system doors and windows: the strength of air tightness, water tightness and other properties are inseparable from the quality of the sealing strip.

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superhouse aluminium windows
The sealant strip is an indispensable important component on doors and windows. The physical properties of the system's doors and windows: air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, etc., all depend on the performance of the sealant strip. At present, there are many kinds of sealant strips used in the market. What kind of sealant strips can be used to achieve better sealing performance?

1. Take a look at the sealing tape

Sealing strips are rubber strips made of rubber for product sealing, mainly used in automobiles, machinery, building doors and windows and other fields.

2. Common sealant strips on the market

Vulcanized rubber sealing tape: generally made of EPDM material. Has good ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties.

Silicone foam sealing strip: Silicone rubber is a new type of polymer elastic material, which has excellent high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, and can withstand multiple harsh and disinfection conditions. It has excellent resilience, ozone resistance, and resistance to UV performance.

EPDM styrofoam strip: It is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diene. It is a kind of ethylene propylene rubber. It is represented by EPDM. It has excellent ozone resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance. It is widely used Used in automotive parts, waterproof materials, building doors and windows and other fields.

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customized aluminium windows
There are many types of hardware products for door and window accessories, with different specifications, but hardware products play an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Choosing good hardware accessories can make the use of many decorative materials safer and more convenient.

1. Locks

(1) Door lock; (2) Hand lock; (3) Drawer lock; (4) Ball door lock; (5) Glass window lock; (6) Electronic lock; (7) Chain lock; (8) Anti-theft lock; ( 9) Bathroom lock; (10) Padlock; (11) Digital lock; (12) Lock body; (13) Lock core.

2. Door and window accessories handles

(1) Drawer handle (2) Cabinet door handle (3) Glass door handle.

3. Hardware for door and window fittings

(1) Hinges: glass hinges, corner hinges, load-bearing hinges (copper, steel), pipe hinges (2) hinges; (3) rails: drawer rails, sliding door rails, hanging wheels, glass pulleys; (4) bolts (ming , Dark); (5) door suction; (6) ground suction; (7) floor spring; (8) door clamp; (9) door closer; (10) plate pin; (11) door mirror; ( 12) Anti-theft buckle hanging; (13) Layering (copper, aluminum, PVC); (14) Touch beads and magnetic touch beads.

4. Home decoration hardware

(1) Cardan wheels; (2) Cabinet legs; (3) Door nose; (4) Air duct; (5) Stainless steel trash can; (6) Metal suspension; (7) Plug; (8) Curtain Rod (copper, wood); (9) curtain rod ring (plastic, steel); (10) sealing strip; (11) lifting control drying rack; (12) clothes hook and clothes hanger.

5. Plumbing hardware

(1) Aluminum tube: (2) Serve: (3) Wire elbow: (4) Anti-leak valve: (5) Ball valve: (6) Eight-shaped valve: (7) Through valve: (8) Ordinary leakage: (9) Special leak for washing machine: (10) Original tape.

6. Building decoration hardware

(1) Galvanized iron pipe: (2) Stainless steel pipe: (3) Plastic expansion tube: (4) Pull rivets: (5) Cement nails: (6) Advertising nails: (7) Mirror nails: (8) Expansion bolts: ( 9) Self-knock screw: (10) Glass frame: (11) Glass clamp: (12) Insulating tape: (13) Aluminum ladder: (14) Commodity support.

7. Tools

(1) Hacksaw; (2) Hand saw blade; (3) Pliers; (4) Screwdriver (flat, cross); (5) Tape measure (6) Wire pliers; (7) Needle-nose pliers; (8) Diagonal pliers; (9) glass glue gun; (10) straight shank twist drill bit; (11) diamond drill bit; (12) electric hammer drill bit; (13) hole opener; (14) open end wrench and box wrench; (15) ) Riveting gun; (16) Grease gun; (17) Hammer; (18) Sleeve; (19) Adjustable wrench; (20) Steel tape measure, box ruler, meter ruler.

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superhouse aluminium windows
In the daily consumption process, people will have such a consumption concept: the higher the price of the goods, the better, the more quantity the better, and the thicker the material, the better. Because the more materials are consumed, the corresponding price will be higher, and the quality will be natural. The better. So is this understanding correct?

Generally, the price structure of aluminum alloy doors and windows has three elements: profile, window type, and accessories. During this period, the wall thickness of the profile has a great impact on the price of the product. When many customers buy aluminum alloy doors and windows, they will take it for granted that the thicker the aluminum wall thickness, the better the quality of the product if it exceeds the national standard. In fact, it's not true.

The national standards for the wall thickness of aluminum alloy door and window product profiles are set in accordance with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection to ensure product safety and performance. It is not that the thicker the product profile wall thickness, the better the product quality. Due to the excessively thick profile wall thickness, the air-tightness and water-tightness of the product cannot be ensured, and the product quality is high.

To determine the quality of an aluminum alloy door and window product, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the following aspects:

1. The rationality of profile design;

2. The air tightness and water tightness of the product;

3. Equipment for the glass, hardware and accessories of the product.

If the profile design of a product is unreasonable, and the air-tightness and water-tightness cannot meet the requirements, even if its wall thickness exceeds N times the national standard, it is not a good product.

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