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Litecoin discussion / Litecoin modern-style website widgets
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:57:57 PM »

We made awesome Litecoin website widgets. You can get a code here:


Real-Time notifications when new coins are listed on exchanges. New feature in Bitgur Alerting Service. We have added new useful feature to Bitgur Alerts.

Now you can create alert, that will notify you when new coins are listed on exchanges. You will find it in “Global alerts” tab when creating a new alert.

There are three delivery options (e-mail, telegram and browser push). Alerts are sent seconds after the trade begins. And it's absolutely free, unlike some popular apps.



Hi friends!

- We added new exchanges: CEX, COSS and WEX.
- There are new indicators on Bitgur Customizable Watchlist. Now you can add ATH and moving averages.




Hi friends!

We added new section on site. It’s Alerting Service.

There are five alert types now:
Price range
Price above
Price below
Price change % (relative change)
Price change abs (absolute change)

And there are three delivery methods:
Telegram bot
Browser push notifications

At an early date, we will add next alert types:
Unusual volume change
Coin Listing on new exchanges
BVI and BITEX index alerts
Alerts relating to a specific exchange
Moving average alerts and other trade signals


Tell me please what do you think? What can we do better and which another alert types do you like to use. Thank you in advance for feedback and suggestions.


We built the new index that tries to tell when there is a storm on market. It's Bitgur Volatility Index - .

This weighted index is calculated on the base of Bitgur first tier cryptocurrencies (now it lists top 32 coins). BVI is similar to the VIX index.


Fully customizable cryptocurrency Watchlist

We are glad to present you our new amazing tool for BitGur cryptocurrency listing. It is a customizable WatchList. Now you can create your custom cryptocurrency watchlist using 23 financial indicators or charts and select their display order in the table.

How it works
1. There is a new tab on the main page called “Watchlist” (WL on mobile): where you can add your favorite currencies to watchlist. After you’re done adding just click on “Layout” button and choose indicators and charts that you want to see on the watchlist page.
2. Additionally there is a new “Star” button on the main and performance pages. You can switch it on and then Bitgur will show you information about your favorite currencies only.
3. Watchlist and its settings are connected to your personal account. Therefore you will see the same picture on desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

Active indicators list

Examples of different watchlist layouts

Watchlist URL:

Thank you for your attention! Your feedback and suggestions are welcome


Hi friends!

We have news:

1. Four new exchanges:
Livecoin- 428 pairs
Kucoin - 168 pairs
Bit-z - 66 pairs  - 208 pairs

2. Two new reports in Trendig page . Unusual trade volume and Volatility.

3. Total Markep Cap and Total Trade Volume added to main page.

4. We improved our Performance Report. Now it is the most popular report of our site.

Thank you for attention. I will be glad to see your feedbacks.

We have added 2 new exchanges to our listing:

1. Huobi - 84 markets.
2. Liqui - 174 markets.


Hello friends!

We have added 2 new big exchanges to our listing:

1. Binance - 208 markets.
2. OKEX - 108 market.

Wish you happy holidays!


Hi friends!

we have two updates:
1. Sorting added to the lists..
2. Most coins now have a small tooltip. You must mouse over on the name of coin to see some words which describe this currency. This works on home page.

Thanx for your attention

Dear Litecoinforum users, is pleased to announce the launch of our realtime market data and rankings for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

- Very fast and useable mobile version
- Live stream prices
- Excelent performance report
- Market heat maps
- Several interesting filters

In the near future:Alerting systemICO listFree public API

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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