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We have added 2 new exchanges to our listing:

1. Huobi - 84 markets.
2. Liqui - 174 markets.


Hello friends!

We have added 2 new big exchanges to our listing:

1. Binance - 208 markets.
2. OKEX - 108 market.

Wish you happy holidays!


Hi friends!

we have two updates:
1. Sorting added to the lists..
2. Most coins now have a small tooltip. You must mouse over on the name of coin to see some words which describe this currency. This works on home page.

Thanx for your attention

Dear Litecoinforum users, is pleased to announce the launch of our realtime market data and rankings for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

- Very fast and useable mobile version
- Live stream prices
- Excelent performance report
- Market heat maps
- Several interesting filters

In the near future:Alerting systemICO listFree public API

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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