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Do you know that people can now get continuous bitcoins with the help of a low investment? While this may sound strange, but in reality, it is true. Bitcoins4Ever is an innovative service with several offers to provide prospective clients. The advancement of this company is beyond anticipation about receiving bitcoin.

If you look for a company that focuses on a bitcoin investment, then Bitcoins4Ever is the right place to go. One thing remains factual with this service user will enjoy more profits. In a nutshell, Bitcoins4Ever is a self-reliable and sustainable platform.

Benefits Of Using The Service Of Bitcoins4Ever:

1. It comes with great value. The sustainability of this service will help you remain active in the bitcoin market. The website is the first to display self-maintenance of bitcoin reception activities
2. It helps people to invest with a sense of intelligence, hope, and success. The platform can help to expand the progress of your business
3. Finding developmental opportunities is simple with this company
4. It is the first self-sustainable investment company of its kind
5. Users will make more profits for using this website

How To Access The Great Offers Of This Company?

The first step to take on Bitcoins4Ever is to sign up for an account. Once your account is active, you can go ahead to make a deposit.

Once the fund is seating in your account, ensure to make a purchase. For example, if you invest up to two hundred dollars, other users also take part in the process. If there are four users in the investment platform along with you, then the total amount becomes 1000$. The one thousand dollars happen to be the investment total for the first day of account. When comparing your investment for the first day, it will be the same as ten percent of the total amount.

If there is an increment of extra 1000$ on day two, the amount also changes. It means that the second day’s total investment amount is around two thousand dollars. Taking the same approach above, it means you have ten percent of the total investment. It brings you to an investment of two hundred dollars going to your second day’s activity.

It’s crucial to know that a 10% company commission is functional to the total investment. At this juncture, you will have access to one hundred and ninety dollars. The 190$ dollars will be the investment returns for using Bitcoins4Ever.

If the third day’s investment also moves to three thousand dollars, then you see some changes. The investor will get the original investment cost as the first day as the new returns. It also implies that you will be making 3.3 percent on the third day of your investment.

On other days, the event of your percentage profits will follow the same process. It implies the total amount you invest divided by sum of every day.

Referral Program:

To make Bitcoins4Ever more lucrative for users, you can refer to other people and earn. Investing other people to take part in this investment system will help you earn ten percent. The referral commission will give you the avenue to make 10% of other people. It means that when anyone you bring into the program invests, you’ll make money.

Referral Contest:

The event comes with a profit of 0.5 bitcoins that will expire on 2019-09-11.

Another thing to know is that the contest has different levels of earning as well.

The prize for the first degree is 0.09 BTC. For the second degree, you can expect to 0.06 BTC.

The prize of the third degree earning will be 0.038 BTC. With degrees four and five, users can earn around 0.01 BTC. Moving from degrees six to ten, you can earn 0.005 BTC. From the eleventh degree to one hundred, users will get a prize of 0.003 BTC.


Are you looking for a self-reliable and sustainable investment platform that converts? By visiting Bitcoins4Ever today, you will enjoy more investment benefits. The company is all about helping people to earn with bitcoins. Give it a try now and see how the system works.

Official Website:


What does the theft of billions of dollars by corrupt Malaysian government officials and the LIVE harvesting of transplant organs from innocent prisoners of conscience by the Chinese government have to do with the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370? Everything

The world was taken by surprise on 8 March 2014 when various news media announced the sudden disappearance of the Malaysia Flight 370. With many searches conducted over months without any breakthrough, some questions are left unanswered. How could a whole airplane disappear into thin air without any trace? Why is there no wreckage found during the search?

What do we tell our unborn children when they hear of the Malaysia Flight #370? We need to tell the world the true story and event of the Malaysia flight #370. Darlene Lieblich Tipton, a Hollywood veteran is on the forefront in revealing the hidden secrets that the Chinese government doesn’t want the world to know about the disappearance of Malaysia flight #370.

The link between Malaysia Fight #370 and the Chinese Government

The world needs to hear the truth concerning the real event of Malaysia Flight 370. Have you ever thought why Darlene was prohibited from making any videos, pics, and text files publicly? Why was she sacked on the eve of the day she had planned to upload the video on YouTube?

We believe the disappearance of the Malaysia 370 flights was not a coincident as it reveals the shocking torture of the Falun Gong practitioners from the thumb drive Darlene was about to duplicate. These practitioners have a moral philosophy, which centered on tolerance, compassion, and truthfulness. Previously, they were supported by the Chinese Government but became a threat after their increase. The Chinese government tagged them as outlaws and even tortured those who refused to give up their faith. The government went as far as harvesting their organs without using any anesthesia.
Undoubtedly, the content of the thumb drive shows a direct link between funds missing from the multi-billion dollar Malaysian 1MDB program and material gifts for corrupt allies, friends, and relatives of the former Malaysian Prime Minister, which also included transplants of organs from innocent prisoners.

Crowdfunding for the MALAYSIA 370

To begin the production of the independent feature film “MALAYSIA 370,” through crowdfunding, she has already started with investing $500K from her personal 401K. Although the Malaysia 370 feature film project has a legal restriction for three years; however, it is not a documentary. The planned movie was pitched to various movie executives was rejected because they do not want to jeopardize their relationship with the Chinese government.

The film will unfold the untold story of the disappearance of Malaysia Flight #370. It will reveal who hijacked the plane, why was it hijacked, when went wrong and why the governments of Malaysia, China, and the United States haven't released any intelligence report of the 239 people on board and the plan itself.

The film will include A-list talents such as Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, and Lady Gaga who have been banned from China because of their criticism of the Chinese government on their horrendous human rights abuses. Lady Gaga will sing the theme song for the movie titled “Remember Me.”

There are various ways to be part of this mission. You can support the project by downloading the movie’s theme song, which comes in multiple languages. Additionally, investors can contribute by streaming her previous award-winning movie, make donations, or buy a Malaysia 370/Falun Gong Memorial Coin.

The MH370 ICO and Token

The ICO is scheduled to start on 1 June to 14 June 2019 with 200 million coins to be sold. During the ICO, one MH370 is equivalent to $0.05 with a minimum purchase of $50 for each purchase. The allocation of the token is as follows:

•   70% distributed during the ICO
•   20% for Long-term foundation budget
•   5% for legal expenses
•   5% for Airdrop and Bounty program

Investing in the MH370 token today with the purpose of not making money only but exposing the brutal treatment and atrocities committed by the Chinese government on its innocent citizens.

Proceeds from Crowdfunding

The funds raised during the crowdfunding will go for the production of the “MALAYSIA 370.” Proceeds from the movie will be used in building a memorial park for the crew and passengers of the Malaysia flight #370. Additionally, remaining proceeds will be used to groups that provide legal volunteer services for people unjustly arrested and persecuted in China. Furthermore, the funds will help in breaching the Chinese internet firewall to allow everyone to gain access to uncensored information.

All further details at:

Official Website:

Telegram: @darlenetipton

In my view, it’s not just to do with software or such systems for on to be able to make money. It’s a lot more to do with your skills. In order for one to succeed, it is also down to your calculation, it needs to be good. But of course, this is just not possible to be perfect.

And that’s what we need to be careful about. I have that very much right thanks to A place to get all Euro price instantly along with able to convert things as well. All this is how on can get ahead of the game and make better and beneficial decisions for everyone.


We need to be good when it comes to investing. It is absolutely stupidity to go for random option in trying to double/triple our investment. So we have to be extremely wise and alert with which option to be picking.

And for me, one such high quality option is Maya Preferred 223, it is truly amazing with crossing bitcoin and is actually better than bitcoin right now in terms of price. So such options are the future for us and should be considered wisely.

Newbies / Polymerbit: Advancing Crypto Security Document
« on: May 25, 2019, 01:58:44 AM »

Recently, there has been an explosion of global interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, the technology at the center of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Supporters of cryptos believe that Bitcoin and other coins would stretch down to supply chains and real estate. Some even feel that since the hype is majorly in banking and finance, it has the tendencies to "democratize" the industry.

As an entrepreneur who makes his/her living in the crypto ecosystem, informing your customers or promoting your business to your potential clients would be like a tall order since cryptos are intangible. Thus, delivering your message to your customers would be hampered in some ways, plus, prospective customers may find it challenging to adopt an intangible product. It is in this light that the printing technology was introduced to print security documents and cryptocurrencies.

Operators of printing houses have since keyed into the crypto ecosystem. Whether it is Bitcoin or Ethereum, a security document that looks like a banknote can be printed. The note would carry your brand's logo and can be made into a standard product either for public relations or for sale. Using these printed notes will sure capture your clients' attention, which will have a direct positive effect on your brand's patronage.

Why we are different from the pack

A quick check on the cryptocurrency printing market reveals several operators in their numbers across the world. But what makes us outstanding is in the way we conduct our business. Our company was founded in 2007 by Daniele Barbagallo, a technocrat and a Masters Innovation Management Graduate of Loughborough University. He is being assisted by Adam Pinder, who's a Director in the company and a professional in Engineering and Operations. We are the printing solutions for cryptocurrencies.

Our mandate is simple - we make "banknote" style cold storage documents. Our notes are custom made and printed in-house. What's more? We can help you generate keys safely and then load coins on them.

Advantages of printing a crypto document

It may sound crazy how obsessed people can be about visual effects and identifying with particular brands. The world of cryptocurrency is like the fiat world where money needs to possess certain features before it can be generally accepted for payment. Using our services, therefore, gives your business the following benefits:

It makes your brand identifiable: Printing your crypto on a document or in the form of a banknote makes it easier for potential users to identify with your brand without having to mistake it for similar brands in the ecosystem.

A sense of connection to fiat: Though not exactly the same thing as fiat, giving some artistic effects to your crypto will make it look like real money and give users the psychological connection to fiat. It will make them have a visual image of their currency in their brain, unlike a situation where the current system only tells you the number of digital coins you have without a way of feeling that they really exist.

If you are interested in doing business with us, here is how our process works:

●   Firstly, your company or brand will contact us to create a note for any purpose ranging from an internal meeting, resale, conference or publicity stunt
●   We would collaborate with you to understand your ideas and intentions and thus offer consultations on possible options. At this point, we would create a preliminary design for you to design.
●   We would then discuss deadlines, quality, and other specifics that would make the project successful
●   You will then proceed to pay 40% of the agreed amount into our coffers.
●   Within one or two weeks of receiving your payment, full design work would commence.
●   You will then sign off if you like the design. However, if there is a need to do an amendment, we would be happy to amend the design to your taste.
●   Printing would then begin after you must have paid the remaining 60%. Usually, it will take between two to three weeks to complete the print depending on the quality and features to be added.
●   You will, after that, receive your printed notes.

So that's how simple our process works. We made it user-friendly because our customers are the very essence we are in business.

So, feel free to browse through our sample printed notes on, and if you're interested in taking a step further, contact us for a deal.

Game / Eternalcoin Decentralized Network: Platform for Gamers
« on: May 18, 2019, 11:00:28 AM »

The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the years, making it one of the best places to earn passive income online. A 2018 statistics showed that games were going to account for 76% of the expected $92.1 billion mobile app revenue for that year. Besides, it was projected that mobile gaming revenue of $70 billion would be generated by approximately three billion Smartphone users across the world. It was further predicted that by 2021, over $139 billion in app revenue would be generated by 3.8 Smartphone users. Also, games revenue is expected to grow up to $106.4 billion by 2021.

We give gamers hope of more revenue:

Unfortunately, despite the positive projections concerning the expected revenue growth in the gaming industry, a lot of players still find it difficult to harness this opportunity to make more money online. The difficulty comes from the restriction posed by several countries on the use of cryptocurrency for payment for gaming consoles, betting/gambling sites, and other related issues.

However, we at Eternal Inc are disrupting the existing bottlenecks by incorporating Blockchain technology into the gaming industry via our platform where developers, publishers, and gamers would both be on the winning side. We will, therefore, use our platform to bring innovations to how to play online games on mobile.

How Eternal takes care of the endless gaming challenges:

The gaming industry has witnessed a lot of problems, which has made gamers to be on the losing side, especially losing revenue under mysterious circumstances. Nevertheless, at Eternal Inc., we solve the various existing problems in the following ways:

•   Licensing issues: We allow gamers to own their assets on the Blockchain. Unlike what obtains on other platforms, gamers can earn and own cards by holding EIS here. We do not tamper with this right and do not also confiscate the gamers’ cards under any guise.
•   Fraud problem: Since it is difficult to judge the authenticity of cards, people lose an estimated 7.5% virtual items to fraud. But we ensure that card owners are not manipulated and will never lose their cards the moment they are paid for. Additionally, we are creating a user-friendly market where users who have EIS can easily buy and sell genuine cards.
•   The Problem of Constant Spending, High Cost and Slow Transaction: Our system is fast, and the cost of a transaction is one of the lowest in the industry. This minimizes the cost a gamer spends in the long run.
•   Immutability: We make use of Blockchain to ensure that records are easily identifiable and no manipulation takes place. This helps us to reduce fraud and secure the funds of the gamers who use our platform.
•   Decentralization: Transactions on the Eternal Inc platform are decentralized and entirely out of the control of third parties or intermediaries.
•   Chargebacks: No more extra burdens on merchants and scammers do not also have the chance of tarnishing the image of the game.
•   Liquidity problem: Users can quickly sell or trade their cards with several options available to them.

Revenue model:

Our prices are highly competitive and comparable to what obtains on other mobile platforms. They fall within the ranges of $0.99 and $99 and will have 5 various types of in-app purchases. What you buy determines the price you get in the long run. Our various offers are mouth-watering and will motivate newer players to start spending as soon as they join the platform. They include the following:

Growth pack price range - $0.99 to $29.99 (one-time purchase)
Weekly pack range - $5.99 to $29.99 (can be purchased once per week)
Monthly pack range -$49.99 to $99.99 (can be purchased once per month)
Daily pack range - $2.99 to $49.99 (player gets goodies every day for 15 days, similar to a subscription)
Gem pack range - $0.99 to $99.99

Benefits of Eternal Inc Network to the Gaming Industry

Some of the benefits we bring to the gaming industry include:

•   We offer gamers authority over their assets and allow them to trade between games and build a vast global community. Besides, we offer a variety of games to add spices to the gamers' appetite. Some of the games include PUBG, Fortnite, World of Iselia, and several others we hope to add in the future.
•   We will generate a massive base for traders through our games and give them access to buy and sell tokens 24/7 on different exchanges
•   With us, you have greater access to gaming contents. Apart from owning assets, gamers can create and take part in tournaments.
•   Trust and Transparency: We make all our transactions visible and transparent. Players have the right to contest where any transaction is unfair to them.
•   Share revenue: Eternal Wars players and investors are allowed to participate in sharing the revenue accruable from our full-service online card games.
•   Responsive Game Play: With a system built on Blockchain, we offer our players a highly responsive platform on which to play their games.
•   We offer adequate security for our users and their assets
•   We use scarcity to create a bustling economy inside the digital space.
•   Our token holder will experience steady growth in the value of their EIS tokens.

Eternal IEO is ongoing

The Eternal IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) starts at Latoken Exchange on 20 May 2019 and will end on 10 June 2019. During this period, Eternal will offer 195,000,000 EIS (65%) tokens for sale to the public. The preferred currencies for transaction include ETH, BTC, and LTC. 1 ETH is equivalent to 6,000 EIS. The token is an ERC20 based token, with a total supply of 300,000,000 EIS.

The expected milestone for the EIS token includes:  Development of the EIS economy into Eternal Wars List on exchanges (Q3, 2019), Alpha release of World of Iselia – Create SDK on unity for wallet (Q3, 2020), Launching of esports World of Iselia with work commencing on Chaos Drive Sync Eternal Wars, World of Iselia and Chaos Drive ecosystem (Q3, 2022).

Visit for more information

Newbies / exBlock 🚀 Launching a Digital Asset Exchange 🚀
« on: May 17, 2019, 09:33:06 PM »

Ours is an increasingly digitised day and age; and every day, it seems as if more and more basic facets of our daily lives are conducted online, many of us find ourselves driven to digitise our lives as much as possible.

And perhaps that’s one of the main appeals of cryptocurrency. A currency unbound by the laws or taxes of any particular nation, existing wholly in an online, digitised platform – for many who have grown up in the digital era, more or less everything about it makes it appealing as an alternative to standard legal tender.

And for some of us, the notion of using this digital currency for our personal expenses is not quite enough. No, we recognise the tremendous economic potential of cryptocurrency, and we’re looking to get ahead of the game by setting up our own cryptocurrency platform. After all, there’s a worldwide market out there – the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms are still riding high off the cryptocurrency craze, pulling in revenues of as much as $1 billion a year.

And for good reason: cryptocurrency, once thought of as some esoteric hobby for computer whizz-kids, is now a global phenomenon, growing more accessible by the day. As a result, once you’ve found yourself resolved to start investing in it or building a business upon it, the process of doing so is now easier than ever – though, of course, should still be approached mindfully.

How to Set Up Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

To begin, you will need to purchase a cryptocurrency exchange system, and gain full access to the source code. Many online would have you believe that this sort of purchase can run you up thousands; but over at exBlock, you can purchase a code for as little as 2 Bitcoin, or 60 Ethereum.

In addition, you will need to gather funding for your platform – after all, a business endeavour involving something as volatile as cryptocurrency requires the sort of investment likely well out of your personal funds. Consulting with private investors, or gathering money via crowdfunding platforms, is much more viable than paying out of your own pocket.

And once your investor base is set up, you’ll need to build your equally important customer base. Do this carefully – a small amount of loyal customers are ultimately far better than a massive amount of customers who’ll quickly move on. Do research into the cryptocurrency-using demographic you’re aiming for – for the most part, it’s young, tech-savvy people. Peruse marketing options, and tap into the online platforms and advertising techniques most effective for this demographic. If you crowdfunded your platform, tap into the funders as potential customers. As with any business, your cryptocurrency platform cannot survive without a solid customer base.

And finally, once your platform gains ground in the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency, you can move on to the next logical step: bringing your platform across the globe. As mentioned, cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon; and by adding support for different languages, exchange rates, and international policies, you are tapping into a world of fresh customers.

All further information below:

Official Website:


Biido is next-generation digital asset exchange platform, created with an aim to provide easy access to cryptocurrency. Biido platform is easy to use and has updated features to allow traders of all levels to get maximum benefit with minimum risk. Read on to know more about the Biido platform.

Biido is the first marketplace with zero trading fee. This means all trading transactions are free from any additional cost. Zero trading fee incentive is provided to attract more people towards cryptocurrency and better serve the Biido community.

Biido Crypto Exchange:

Biido is not only about innovative ideas and appealing website. The legitimacy of the project lies in the fact that Biido exchange is up and running. Right now you can trade 16 different coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, DOGE, LTC, HOT, NPXS, SNT, BAT, AE, ZRX, LINK, AOA, BION) with many more to come. Biido exchange is sponsored by the project itself not by members. Talks are in middle for partnership with established companies and exchanges to make Biido one of the top exchange in the crypto world.

BION Coin:

Native token of Biido ecosystem is BION coin. BION has following useful features and usage.

•   Biido Rewarding Mechanism. Biido has its own Growth Engine (BIIG) for developing and incentivizing community. BION coins will be given as incentive to members for doing certain tasks like marketing, referral programs etc.
•   Discount for Fiat Withdrawal Fee. Pay withdrawal fee with BION and get discount.
•   Biido Community Coin Voting. Biido community members can also vote for their favorite coin to be listed on Biido exchange by paying certain amount of BION coin.
•   Copy Trading Fee. Using BION coin one can follow and copy strategy of his favorite trader. The profit will be equally divided between user, trader and Biido.

Biido has premium features like A.I Trade Signal Alerts, Portfolio Analytics, Arbitrage Tools and A.I Trading Bot that can be unlocked by BION coin.

BIMi (Biido Identity Verification System):

BIMi feature is to shorten the verification process and allows customers to buy and sell any cryptocurrency instantly without undergoing the registration process. This feature is currently available for citizens of Indonesia only, as its using biometric data from government database.

BTC (Biido Trading Community):

Through BTC, Biido community members can access prominent members who have some distinctions like the biggest profit, the most profitable trader, etc. Newcomers can increase their profit by copying the trading strategy of successful traders.

Biido Launchpad:

Biido Launchpad is developed for entrepreneurs to help them launch their ideas by utilizing Biido platform services like consultation, marketing, Technical aspect and listing process. Biido Launchpad is an exclusive token sale platform for selling tokens and launching blockchain projects.
There are many reasons that makes Biido is a promising Project to keep an eye on:

No Private Sale:

More than 90% of Token Project that failed on the market is because they sold too many tokens with cheaper price on the seed/ private sale stage. Biido platform is developed by the community for the community. To make sure everyone gets BION coin at the same price, there will be no private sale of BION coins. This is done to eliminate risk of tokens being dumped by early investors.

Realistic Hard/Soft Cap:

Biido has 1 million USD for soft cap and 5 million USD for hard cap. These caps are deliberately kept at realistic and achievable values. Considering privilege of Zero Fee trading and other advance features that will be developed, this amount is very reasonable. Tokens burn are done every quarter to make sure no unsold token exists in the ecosystem.

Expert Team and Advisors:

The team is the first thing investors see while investing in any ICO and Biido has a team and advisors that have experience in FinTech, Blockchain, Marketing.

Some key advisors are:

Mr. Roger Lim from Neo Global Capital, an expert in advising top Blockchain project such as Blockcloud, Multivac, Bluezelle, etc that gives big return for their investors.

Mrs Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, a pioneer of internet startup in Indonesia that has received prestigious award i.e. 99 Most Powerful Women Globe Asia.

Mr Davy Makimian, CEO of the largest Advertising Company in Indonesia, which will help Biido to get more and more awareness from 280 Million people in Indonesia.

To see LinkedIn profiles of all team members please visit our website.

Finally the decision is yours to be a part of the growing community and the future. If you don't know about this platform you are already too late.

Official Website:


Anchor - the world’s only stable cryptocurrency

What we are:

The Anchor is a stable currency designed to preserve and enhance the value of your holdings. The Anchor is pegged to the value of the global economy, protected by a safety net comprised of six pillars. The key difference that the Anchor brings to the table is that, at its core, it is a platform and enabler of long-term financial stability and incremental, but steady accumulation and enhancement of value. 

The Anchor has developed a stable ecosystem and non-flationary financial index that other stablecoins and currencies can utilize as a standard peg of value. We have designed Anchor as a two-token economy that  consists of the ​Anchor Token​, the system’s main currency and payment token, and the ​Dock Token, ​a utility token that stabilizes the system. 

The Vision:

At The Anchor, our main goal is to help the economy evolve and advance so that we can all finally stop fretting about losing money with each passing day. We aim to do this by building a safe two-token system that will give everyone access to a non-speculative cryptocurrency, and take thinking about stability and predictability out of the equation.

The Anchor stable coin is designed to preserve and enhance your holdings, it is protected by six different defense mechanisms, and pegged to the value of the global economy. Since the value of the global economy always grows, you can expect the Anchor to do the same.

The Anchor System:

The Anchor’s two-token system is designed to provide stability and preserve the monetary value of its investor community over the long term. The Anchor incentivizes early-stage validators and investors with additional discounts and revenue streams.

Check out further information from below:

Official Website:

Social Media:

Telegram -
Facebook -
Twitter -
LinkedIn -
Medium -
Reddit -



Bitcoin came as a joke which several people were not willing to invest in because of the fear that it was going nowhere. However, after 10 years of existence, bitcoin is everyone’s delight. From online shopping to tuition payment, travels, real estate, online games, car hire, website hosting, and paying for meals at restaurants, everybody now makes use of bitcoin.

Despite the popularity of bitcoin, many are yet to know about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, altcoins and blockchain technology as a concept. At cryptooutfit, we see cryptocurrency as the future of e-commerce and online transactions. That is why we are using our fashion brand "SHIRK" to create awareness about crypto vigorously.

A little about SHIRK

SHIRK is our fashion designer brand, with the mission to create awareness about cryptocurrency using visual concepts. We employ a minimalist approach to design by professionally fitting crypto logos on casual wears, in such a way as to not make it look loathsome. We make it very subtle that even those who do not have crypto knowledge would mistake it for a designer label. This approach creates curiosity among those who have not heard about crypto.

We have various apparels specially customized with high-end materials. This is why we are different from other crypto merchant stores. We have a unique taste for fashion and express this taste through our designs. Some of the designs in our stock include Short Sleeve Bitcoin Embroidery Tee, Short Sleeve Ethereum Embroidery Tee, Short Sleeve Litecoin Embroidery Tee, etc. We will keep enriching our store several more eye-catching designs.

We also carry out free shipping to our customers. Just use the code “WIN1000” at checkout to receive this benefit. We offer a 30-day free refund so long as the item is unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging. Once we have your receipt or proof of purchase and your item meets the refund conditions, we will refund your money or exchange the item for another one.

$1000 Raffle Competition

We are organizing a competition to spread the news on crypto further. Every of our customer is allowed to participate in the contest as many times as he/she wants and at the end, there are 10 winners selected in the competition with upto $1000 prize in BTC or any preferred Cryptocurrency by the winner.

To be eligible to participate in this competition, you need to buy one of our products on the site using the promo code “WIN1000” (this also adds a 15% discount). As soon as you fill the required amount, you will be entered into a live raffle (on Instagram). You can enter as many times as you want.

However, the entry is according to the checkout, not according to how many items you purchased. Once the entry time is up we will host a LIVE INSTAGRAM session, where winners will be picked randomly from the box. We have also released an exclusive Digital Gold Embroidery Tee for this competition, as when any customer purchase this item using the specialized code (WIN1000), it would enter their names twice into the raffle. And that means a higher chance of winning the prize. Nevertheless, only 60 of such chances are available; so hurry up and leverage the limited slots to improve your chances of winning the prize.

All details about the Raffle competition is available at or you can follow us on Instagram @cryptooutfit

Our Coupon codes

Our product stocks are limited, and we cannot guarantee that you will get one if you do not place your order on time. However, since the products are a bit expensive when you add shipping, we have decided to lessen the cost for you by offering you exclusive discount codes. The first of our coupon code is "WIN1000" which gives you 15% at checkout.

We equally have another coupon code with a higher discount of 25% available at the same time. Unfortunately, this does not qualify you for the raffle draw.


Shopping can be fun. To some, it's only for necessities, but to others, it can be a hobby, and to other more fortunate people it is often a way of life. It's definitely more fun when you can minimize stress. Get what you want without wasting time and without traditional checkout systems that require a long process providing your most private information over and over potentially risking it with any number of retailers.

There's a majorly underused option that has existed since 2014. New York Coin. It's independent, decentralized and designed for speed.

Our goal at is to take New York Coin beyond crypto enthusiasts and people who understand "bootstraps" and technical jargon, searching through GitHubs and take New York Coin into the real world so people can enjoy this amazing technology and experience its real value. Our upcoming New York Coin Wallet Cards will provide ordinary people the benefits of New York Coin in a readily available plastic card which allows them to translate New York Coin into the type of experience they already expect from shopping... It is our way of contributing to making life easier for shoppers around the globe. Does this imply that we are in control of the coin? Definitely not. Check out NYC's community at

Decentralization is one of the main selling points of digital currencies, one of the attributes that contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency market. We support this transition and through this coin, hope to leverage its power for the benefit of the coin users. This promising coin has a lot to offer in the future. Our goal is to gradually turn NYCFlash into a payment social network for cryptocurrency users worldwide.

One of the ways you can gauge NYC's usability is by looking at NY Coin Stores to have an idea of the wide range of businesses that currently accept this coin as a payment method. Our coin is also useful for new businesses that are looking for an opportunity to accept cryptocurrency with dramatically lower fees. NYC is an excellent way for such businesses to leverage the power of an active vibrant community to increase their patronage and generate more sales.

Our aim is to make it simple, easy, and convenient for everyone worldwide to buy it using several options. For now, however users across the globe can buy NYC with s PayPal account and use it for making purchases online.

You don’t want to be selfish, do you? While enjoying the benefit of New York Coin, you can extend the same offer to your family and friends too. Tell your friends and family to sign up at Free New York Coins Online so that they can get their 1,000 NYC today! Buy New York Coin today using PayPal and enjoy a smooth payment with our digital coin.

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Hello everyone, we like to have your attention for a moment. We have received a request from people regarding our sales progress so far and the gap that's created in percentage. So we like to clarify things for them and even for everyone else. We have finalized some deals with investors in Singapore (during the event we attended), where they have signed up the deal with us of purchasing 57M BPD. Therefore, the percentage that seems to be missing is actually not missing, but already allotted to them. So, the process of transaction is already in place, and in the coming weeks, there will be a transfer of their shares completed. Hope this clears any confusion that was there regarding the gap. Thank you.

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Hello all respected community members and our users.

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Real estate investment is a great way to earn passive income and prepare for the future. Many investors have turned their financial status around by investing in real estate. Buying and selling of properties have proven to be a way to partake and benefit from the real estate industry. However, there is another way you can invest in real estate without owning a landed or any other property through B11G.

Betooni 11G (B11G) is a real estate company that is currently raising €1.1 million. The company is leveraging the power of blockchain through Blockhive to raise this fund by opening their doors wide for cryptocurrency investors to invest in the project and earn some commissions for years. According to B11G, “we are materializing the incredible potential of borderless financing made possible by blockchain.”

B11G is trying to create awareness for investment opportunities in the real estate industry. Currently, the company offers investors a 14% interest rate annually for individuals who can contribute to its crowdfunding project. It also attracts a maturity date of 2 years after issuance.

The fundraiser is taking the form of ILP otherwise known as “Initial Loan Procurement” which is different from an ICO. It is the tokenization of debt through smart contracts and digital (human readable) contracts. The loan contracts are tradable and also provide the creditor (the individual investor) with a claim against the borrower (the project). This proposition is unique and has never happened before. It is equally time Blockhive is using the ILP on a commercial level.

Blockchain powers this project and digital ID verification ensures its possibility. It allows investors from around the globe to sign legally-binding loan agreements that confirm their investment in the project. For instance, if you invest $1,000 in the project, you will earn $140 worth of the digital currency annually.

B11G’s real estate service covers a wide range of real estate branches, including office space rental, warehousing, space for production, and showrooms. This allows the company to appeal to clients with different real estate needs to meet their needs, regardless of what the need is. Thus, B11G is in good stead to recoup its investment easily. That, in turn, implies that you won’t have issues with getting the right Return on Investment (ROI) as an investor.

Agrello, a digital ID solution provider is one of the partners in Project B11G. Together with New Page, Blockhive, Oblicity and CoinMetro - A one-of-a-kind financial exchange ecosystem that will drive the future of blockchain innovation, on April 2nd, 2019 a pilot real estate crowdfunding project was launched. B11G has set the pace in the application of blockchain to this industry as well. It is an opportunity for the industry to reap the numerous benefits of blockchain.

For instance, blockchain offers second to none transparency. Whatever agreement you enter with any company is recorded on the blockchain network with millions of users on the network aware of the contract because they can see it. More so, the record can’t be changed. Thus, if you invest in a project that is powered by blockchain, rest assured that you can trust the project due to the transparency offered by blockchain.

B11G is using a crowdfunding platform created by Blockhive to enable them to raise money for this project. You can invest in these projects from any part of the world and get returns on your investment as outlined by the company in charge of the project.

B11G offers you an opportunity to invest in real estate through a blockchain-based project that offers transparency. Unlike in conventional transactions, you can invest in real estate without having physical contact with the company through which you want to make the investment.

When blockchain meets real estate, the future is bright. You have the opportunity to create a passive source of income, grab the opportunity with both hands.

The Fundraiser started on April 1st, 2019, 10:00:00 (GMT + 2) and closes on April 30th, 2019, 23:59:59 (GMT + 2), so join in now with less than 50 hours to go!

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Alternative cryptocurrencies / Re: Double Your Bitcoins in 24 Hours!
« on: April 20, 2019, 07:25:27 AM »
I don’t think it is all that easy to double/triple and it is pretty much common sense to be understood. This is where I feel we should be using only options that are truly of high class and worth. This is where I like it via a broker instead of an exchange which creates a lot of hurdles for everyone. I like using ForexFS, which is a very likable company having all highly likable features to work with.

However, one must always review a broker before joining and I do very much that only through FX-List. And to be specific for ForexFS, this is the place, as not only I found complete details here but also review and a genuine one.



We are BBOD – Blockchain Board of Derivatives

This month, we will release our new hybrid trading exchange that allows you to margin trade without losing full control of your funds. We still have some spots we would like filled in our private beta. Visit our website: and testnet: to get a first glimpse of what is to come. A few key details about our exchange:

- Non-Custodial Accounts - (client owned private keys)
- 1,250,000 transactions/second - (matching engine)
- Up to 50x leverage
- TUSD deposit with the ability to convert over 100 cryptocurrencies (spot)
- On-chain settlement
- No KYC (you are anonymous)

While we will be in beta, we’ll be working full speed to roll out Mainnet with your suggested improvements and feedback. If you wish to participate or want more information, please email

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