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Marketplace / Bit4GHelps You Make More Profits In Crypto Currency
« on: Yesterday at 04:00:00 AM »
With Bit4G’s staking program, you can earn steady income to solve your financial challenges. The more you invest the higher returns you get. In addition, Bit4G helps you diversify your crypto currency investment.

With their lending program, you can earn mouth watery returns on investment on a daily basis. That’s not all; they have a wonderful trading program where you can accumulate healthy profits by trading B4G. Wondering how to join? Simply visit their website and sign up for an account.

Services / Duecoin Lottery! FREE
« on: January 18, 2018, 08:42:18 AM »

As we often come across Airdrops or bounty schemes with various ICOs, here DUEC brings to you very unique thing, and that’s with their Duecoin Lottery. With this, it allows us the chance 100,000 DUEC every week for next 5 weeks.

The way to participate is absolutely straightforward; it’s through filling up this form through this website

So, it’s our opportunity to participate in the FIRST round (week), which is up and running from 15th to 21st January, so it’s our opportunity to win up this grand prize!


There are many upcoming ICOs that we talk about every way and invest on. But there is NOTHING like Recereum, it is certainly an opportunity for gaining money, but more than that, it is an opportunity to push the world into a better place!

It is common to see people throwing away garages any and everywhere, which contributes to environmental pollution and also hazardous to life. But now, there is a solution that will help people to contribute to a healthier, cleaner and a safer environment and that with also earning good money for it only through Recereum!

Recereum offers a new motivational ecosystem platform, which is based on the latest blockchain technology. With their platform, it will be possible to turn waste, garbage, and recyclable into real value! Their ecosystem is not just an alternative waste recycling plant or a garbage collecting machine, but it is a mission to motivate people into making the world cleaner for not just themselves but for the whole humanity and the upcoming generation!

This is the time to come forward and join this movement called Recereum, which promises to change the world in a way never done before! It is all through helping people understand how important it is to care about nature and make their habits right, it’s all about the SMALL step that can change everything and even for that there will be rewards given! And, that includes the Coins to be used for the discount in the bill of energy, gas, garbage disposal, and in other services of partners or even just a cup of coffee!

So let us cross our heart and promise to our self to make this world a better place for the upcoming generation, and to get rid of the pollution that is slowly killing the planet! Be part of this positive change, be part of Recereum!

Get in early at Recereum with the Pre-sale phase active, it will enable you to get a huge bonus of 40% with the purchase! It ends on 25th January 2018, so join in before or you will be left to regret

Now you can check for further info from here –

Official Website –

One page –

Whitepaper –

Legal token sale –

Social Media Links –

- Bitcointalk:
- Facebook:
- YouTube:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- Github:

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Join The Dole Coin Charity Movement
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:17:31 AM »
Wondering how to join the Dole coin charity movement? Worry no longer. This post will explain what the charity movement is all about and when it will start.

Dole Coin Charity movement (DCM) is a fully funded charity movement where DCM sponsors campaigns in helping and providing basic needs to those in need at different locations all over the world. The movement will be covered on social media and Dole coin official website. The movement is scheduled to commence middle of 2018. Visit their website for more information.

Do you know that the stock market is currently not as profitable as the crypto market? If you don’t know; then be informed that cryptocurrency is the next generation investment platform that a lot of people are enjoying more than stocks.

It represents over 220 Billion dollar market. It is traded globally on sleepless markets. It has no governmental influence or control. In view of the above, Pure Investments is offering a reliable platform to invest in cryptocurrency. In addition, they run an educational haven to tutor newbies on how to get started.

Litecoin discussion / Re: Looking to buy litecoin with BTC
« on: January 09, 2018, 01:26:25 PM »
If you have friends or acquaintances who need to laundry their bitcoins, here is a suitable service for this, there is a referral system, under the link you will receive up to 65% of the commission from the bitcoin mixer's profits. Try it

Marketplace / Make Money While Doing Your Regular Jobs
« on: January 08, 2018, 05:10:54 PM »
Do you want to make money even with your 9am to 5pm job? The opportunity is here. CircleNet is a platform to make huge capital return on investment. CircleNet has several investment programs to earn bonuses.

The programs are; lending program, reinvestment program, trading program and ICO bonus (ICO tokens will be available for purchase at the public presale starting on January 21st, 2017). In addition, there is also the affiliate program where you can earn 8% on level 1, 2% on level 2. To participate, register for free.


The title should say it all! HighRewardCoin is amongst the HOTTEST project you will see out there! HighRewardCoin is an investment instrument based on new generation blockchain. It has a neural network capable of learning based on the knowledge and experience of professional traders. The simplest objective of theirs is to offer everyone an opportunity to gain high rewards by making use of their rich experience and advanced tools, which also includes machine learning and blockchain technologies.

HighRewardCoin is a monetary system built on the Ethereum platform combining all the best properties of this platform. With easy transfers, convenient remittance of assets, fast immediate P2P transactions and the blockchain ledger that insures our funds from hackers, scammers, and brute force!

HighRewardCoin also comes with the Standard Lending System; It is incredible with up to 52% per month and up to 0.45% daily, and to do with the package that can help us getting capital back just after 39 days!

So, come forward to become part of this spectacular project with the ICO starting from 20th January until 20th February, it will be the opportunity of the lifetime!

Check out more about HighRewardCoin from these sources:

Official Website -

Whitepaper -

Social Media Links -

- Bitcointalk:
- YouTube:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- Gplus:


Let me start with a question. How many Hedgefund are there in this industry? Don’t bother, there are none!

HedgeConnect is as said the WORLD FIRST and probably the ONLY Hedgefund for the Lending platform and ICOs! There is a lot to like about them, but the thing that puts them amongst the most loveable option, it is their Coin function, which is to provide stability and return on investment across the VERY BEST projects in the world of Cryptocurrency. It is a self-managing financial system with a team that not just got experienced, but got the ability to bring you the BEST possible returns for the users.

With HedgeConnect, it truly connects you to decentralized and democratized lending platform in its truest sense. The self-managed funds allow you to operate the funds in any way we wish without anyone’s involvement. With their setup, it’s easy to invest in all top ICOs and lending platform with a Single Coin! With having the facility to do lending, staking or the affiliate program, it makes them truly amazing. With their Lending program, it enables one to earn 40% per month and with the possibility of getting capital back just after 89 days!

HedgeConnect will hold large positions across the BEST lending platforms through a network of accounts, which ensures maximum bonuses generated and provides a diversified investment option for us (investors). With the investment of large amounts, it helps them generate maximum bonuses for affiliate marketing across their accounts, which ensures a massive effect as our affiliate pile up bonuses for the investors.

With the ICO starting up from 20th January until 10th February 2018, it is going to be the exciting time ahead. So, get ready for the BIGGEST deal of your life!

Official Website -

Whitepaper -

Social Media Links -

- YouTube:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:
- Gplus:

Blockchain technology has truly opened the doors when it comes to these sorts of projects. However, we got to ensure that we are sensible with our time and investment into. We should at no cost go with random options; it’s where I go for Mobilink.

They are a truly game changer no less. With being the FIRST Decentralized Mobile Service Telecom Company, it ensures to take everything in the absolute grand way. The biggest plus point on them is their revolutionary setup; it just seals the thing as far chance of making money for people.


I don’t think Browser-based mining is anything NEW or surprising for that matter. It is very much common to many, as in recent times, there are several controversies regarding it, so most people have a good idea about it. However, it is fair to say that VERY FEW knows the EXACT value of it, and how much it could benefit.

That is where SpareChange comes in running! It is a browser-based cryptocurrency miner for our website! SpareChange offers a brand NEW way to monetize our website by using the power of the user’s computer.

So, whenever someone visits your website, a JavaScript miner runs in their browser, using a tiny amount of power to mine Crypto Currencies for YOU! So, this is the future that’s going to be so much more lovable, as none of the users will ever need to install a program or even know yet it can work perfectly for you!

So, basically, this is the ideal alternative for the annoying ads (pop-ups) and all those things. This will allow you smooth browsing without any disturbance whatsoever! So, now is your chance to join and become part of the glorious FUTURE with SpareChange!


Do you hate opening Google for checking the price of your favorite Crypto Currencies? Yet you are unable to get exact details of the daily/weekly or month movements?

Now, here is something for you that should ensure you have EVERY detail you require regarding not just your favorites Cryptocurrencies, but about every single cryptocurrency out there in a very according way.

Now, with Coinmarketwatch, it will be possible for you to get any info you want! With all kind of Price Graphs available whether you are looking for daily, weekly or further, it’s all present. And what more, you don’t need to go one by one to figure out about Top Gainers or Top Losers, as it’s all done for you along with the Trending Coins feature.

Before you think that’s all. It is certainly NOT ALL! In fact, this is just a portion of the features available at CoinMarketWatch! As there is nothing you will not find here. From the live action price to all major news in a minute to minute updates. So, now join on with this mind-boggling site


ALMBank is a name that might not exactly ring a bell now, as they are on the first stage that is Pre-ICO! But with what they aim, it is certainly going to be the choice for MANY in near term. It is the SMARTEST work-marketplace platform created to add new forms of work and charitable culture within the Crypto industry! With them, it will be possible for people to get Jobs! And, that too according to their skillsets for absolutely little to no cost!

ALMBank is built on one simple principle and that’s FREE MARKET MERITOCRACY! Before they get into that stage, it is present Pre ICO stage that is on likely to become the talk of the TOWN with able to get Bonuses as well for bulk purchases, and then there is 5% referral bonus as well. So with so many things to talk about, it is what makes them really STANDOUT!

So, now it’s the time to come forward and be part of one of the FINEST project of 2018!

Check out more about ALMBank from these sources:

Official Website -

Media Links -

Social Media Links -

- Bitcointalk:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- Reddit:

Marketplace / What To Make Money? Let Universal Coin Show You The Way
« on: December 30, 2017, 10:22:17 AM »
Do you need instant cash this yuletide to solve your financial needs? Then Universal Coin has got you covered. With Universal coin, you are sure of making good money this festive period.

All you have to do is to participate in the universal coin distribution that started on December 13th, 2017. The distribution will run till September 19th. The distribution is done weekly and over 40 weekly distributions are available. Isn’t it cool? Visit their website to register for free and make that extra cash this festive period.


Kahnchat Press Release

Kahn Technology To Introduce The Most Amazing Online Sensation Of The Decade

Pre-Ico For The Revolutionary Kahnchat Will Start On February 1st & Early Birds Will Be Able To Get Up To 25% Of Bonus

December 23, 2017: Kahn Technology Ltd, a UK based company, has proudly announced the launch of their all-new app called KahnChat, which is a social network as well as a mobile payment application. Although still in development stage, Kahn Chat is regarded as the App of the future, and it simplifies everyday activities by redefining social media combined with mobile payments and cryptocurrencies.

From simple text messaging to video calling or mobile payments, the new futuristic app will make a significant difference in the industry and tech-enthusiasts are already very excited about its launch.

“We are pleased to announce that we are now preparing for the crowdfunding through Initial Coin Offering for this app and the Pre-ICO will start on February 1st, 2018.” Said the spokesperson of Kahn Technology Ltd, while introducing the upcoming app. “We are welcoming, and we would like to encourage strategy buyers to pre-register with us to gain access to the three days Pre-ICO Sales before it goes for General ICO sales.” He added. Moreover, the ICO will help in raising funds for the research and development through social media.

According to the spokesperson of Kahn Technology Limited, KahnChat is not just another traditional social media application. Instead, it is an upcoming lifestyle that will be adopted by many people around the world, and it will promote concepts such as the cashless economy, easier communication, socialization and much more. Furthermore, the company’s website offers detailed insights regarding the features, benefits, and working of this remarkable technological innovation.

For more information about this inspiring initiative, please visit:

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