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As an investor, it is highly challenging to make decisions that pay for long-term and are away from the fears of frauds! But life just can’t be lived happily without taking those tough decisions! With the rise of the Crypto industry, making investment feels safer and secure due to the decentralized system, which makes much better than all available ways of investment.

However, yet there are many projects, which are just not capable enough to go far, so which one to pick? The choice is not easy to make and is never meant to be easy either, but not with this scenario, with the choice that is reliable, trustworthy and the most importantly, a proven option by all means, and is meant to revolutionize the whole industry!

Bringing to you the finest creation of recent years, it is one and only the NetCurrencyIndex Family

NetCurrencyIndex is a precious creation, which aims at bringing people the kind of choice that not only will give them an opportunity to be able to generate stable revenue through it, but also will be able to do it in a simple, easy and straightforward way! The whole concept of NetCurrency Index Family is to measure the entire Blockchain sector as the S&P500 Index does for the U.S Stock Market!

Netcurrencyindex, Worlds First Visionary Cryptocurrency Index from all kind of Market stages with the Crypto Index Family which include NCI30, NCI100, and NCI500. It has become the Benchmark for the Crypto Industry and the entire Blockchain sector. Netcurrencyindex is set to Launch Index ETF+ with the beginning of the Presale on 26th October, 2018.

The World’s FIRST Index ETF + coins, where you have the chance to invest in over 99% of all Cryptocurrencies by market cap by the visionary and revolutionary NCI500 Index ETF+ Coin, for the FIRST time EVER! With that, it will enable the people to stay updated throughout about the strongest Cryptocurrencies and growing ICOs from the Blockchain sector in a fully automatic way! With the visionary and revolutionary NetCurrencyIndex ETF + coin you get the +boost by monthly paid dividend directly in your coin from our Cryptocurrency Arbitrage trading.

With all this, it clearly makes it the BEST and proven product on the Cryptocurrency industry EVER with also lowest possible risk and highest possible security! And with the NetcurrencyIndex, there is the next generation Hybrid Exchange called “Colsio”, and it comes with over 600 Crypto pairs, over 200 Crypto CFDs and, Binary Options. Colsio, the Home Of Crypto is already setting new standards for exchanges to follow!

With the borderless crossover of all payment, platforms functioned QuitPay by QuitBox payment system. The QuitBeam function is also available for the FASTEST and EASY mobile transfers of Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Money, anywhere to everywhere. By QuitCard, you can get the CASH anywhere in the world for Cryptocurrencies or Fiat currency at the BEST rates.

So, come and become part of this magnificent creation as the registrations are open now to get yourself Whitelisted for Early Bird Bonus!

Newbies / Forecast of your favourite option?
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:54:12 AM »

In my view, market forecast is so very crucial to oversee, as it is something that could bring you rewards if followed properly, but most people don’t do that and it is one major reason of failure for most. But thankfully, I have managed it right with tron forecast.

I like tron more than most, as it is a sort of option that is truly amazing. It is a kind of option that is EASY IF you look at it but IF you just think about it in random way, then it’s not going to work! So, my favourite is this and yours?

Alternative cryptocurrencies / ConcertVR – Rewarding Creativity!
« on: October 15, 2018, 04:16:09 AM »

ConvertVR ICO begins from Monday (15th October, 2018), it lasts for 7 DAYS! Each day there will be 666,000 concertVR Token distributed with a Bonus of 50%. The distribution will start at 12 pm German time each day! So, don't miss it!

Imagine a situation where you have the choice of choosing the type of live concert or artists to watch from the comfort of your home or office. This is exactly what the concertVR platform is all about.

ConcertVR’s experience is not just limited to live concerts. You will also have the opportunity to choose concerts and songs on demand from an ever-growing concertVR library.

And If you are an artist or an entertainer seeking for a user-friendly blockchain-based platform where you can reposition yourself for your fans to watch your live concert without physically attending the concert, then seek no further; you are at the right now. The ConcertVR blockchain will help artists and entertainers to overcome all the challenges inherent in the music and entertainment industry.

The music and entertainment marketplace is one that has its own challenges. One of such challenges is the fact that you have to purchase the platform’s token to enable you buy the platform’s content. Even though it is mandatory to purchase concertVR tokens to buy content in their app, they also accept various cryptocurrencies besides all well-established payment methods.

So, come be part of this thrilling experience that could change your life in many ways! The ICO begins in next few hours with 50% bonus, so do not miss this opportunity!

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Delete
« on: October 14, 2018, 03:25:00 PM »


It's a formidable life to begin your own offline or online shop, but if you put your effort and prepare for some of the major problems that are must be guaranteed to come around and attack you. Hence, you'll find the experience rewarding, both financially and mentally burdens.

It's crucial to realize that problems which are going to arise in the future days. Whether big or small, they are concealed around the corner to knock your business to the ground or top peak, so it's wise to prepare a plan for each commercial problem when you can run into as a beginner or intermediate.

Major problems you may find on running your e-commerce business.

1: A Lack of Urgency from Customers
2: Misleading Product and Website Data
3: Industry Changes That Make Your Products Obsolete
4: Competitors Who Try to Undercut You
5: Not Being Able to Handle All the Support Traffic

0Digitized transaction details can be much easier to audit by any computing device than manually audit the conventional ledger books which we are using presently. Furthermore, to make merchandise store to use digitized currency much easier

To solve these kinds of problems in this field, we are introducing TYME. It is the modern operating system for brick & mortar merchants. We give consumers a sophisticated, simple way to transact with the merchants they love, while merchants are able to create personalized experiences automatically by tying in the likes & dislikes of their guests. Our intuitive platform will leverage a Blockchain layer to provide a highly customized, frictionless, and infrastructure-light architecture that promotes loyalty across brands & their guests.

We want to enable physical merchants to win against e-commerce while becoming the natural go-to transaction vehicle for consumers. By decreasing reliance on online shopping and the environmental impact of e-commerce, we can help local communities thrive by bringing back local shopping.


We plan to build Tyme Commerce as a hybrid commerce & data company. We expect that Tyme Commerce will initially plug into the existing point of sale infrastructure of SMBs and Enterprises and help them run better, faster, and more profitably. For example, merchants could have the power to drive traffic into their stores during slow times by offering higher loyalty incentives priced in cryptographic tokens.  Plus, lines in stores have overworked cashiers and may become obsolete as consumers buy and pay using their phones and the merchant is just left with filling the orders. So Tyme Commerce is starting out by being a commerce company.

But we also expect to increasingly become a data company. Imagine if merchants and supply chain vendors could receive real-time information about product demand and consumer preferences  - what would that data be worth to the industry? And imagine if the consumers could purchase their favorite food and retail items locally, using variable pricing, while maximizing their rewards, helping local merchants in their own communities, and decreasing the carbon footprint and ecological impact of long-distance commerce. We believe that the value of this data and the benefit to the industry could eventually exceed the revenue from pure commerce.

Merchant & Consumer App

We believe that Blockchain and cryptographic tokens will play an integral part within the Tyme Commerce platform. As an enabling component of the Tyme Commerce business model, we expect to deploy a cryptographic token using a Blockchain platform layer.

The cryptographic token will be denoted "TymeCash" or "TymeCash Units" or "TCUs." We anticipate that TymeCash cryptographic tokens could serve as a currency for products, services, and data, and could act as a loyalty mechanism to incentivize consumer and merchant adoption.

Unify Fragmented Commerce Ecosystem






Smarter, faster crowdfundingwithout the risk.

WEBSITE | TELEGRAM  [/url] | TWITTER[/url] | FACEBOOK[/url] | WHITEPAPER[/url] | MEDIUM[/url] | INSTAGRAM[/url] [/color][/b]
[/color]The cryptocurrency world has changed the way we think about crowdfunding and early-stage investment. Just a few years ago, startup funding involved rigorous screening processes by venture capitalists; today, companies raise tens of millions of dollars with barely more than a whitepaper.

SCC platform is a new and unique crowdfunding platform based entirely on the Blockchain and designed to facilitate open, honest investment. It's a great time to raise money, but for investors this comes with increased risk. The regulation-free environment of token sales means that in the event of a mismanagement of funds, early investors have few legal options to turn to in order to recover funds or influence a company's business strategy.

That's why SmartContractChain is building a platform that will harness the best of both worlds, providing entrepreneurs and creatives with access to funds, while guaranteeing the security of investors' money.

SmartContractChain will leverage not only the power of cryptocurrency for rapid fund distribution, but also tap into the logical and provably transparent nature of smart contracts to ensure that dividends are assigned to investors in an auditable, immutable manner, all delivered across the stable and scalable Ethereum blockchain.
[/color]SCC platform provides a clear path toward safe, reliable investment and campaign development. We use existing best practices in the crowdfunding space as well as Blockchain-supported transparency to create a clear process. Each participant in any project has the visibility they need to feel safe about each project SCC platform is designed to help companies, projects, and entrepreneurs leverage latest coin tools and activities. It is designed to support multiple funding options and opportunities so project owners can reward investors in various ways.
[/color]Total SCC tokens to be created: 60’158’729 SCC
Available during token sale: 45’119’047 SCC (75%)
Token name: SCC
Fundraising goal: 30’000’000 $
Soft cap goal: 1’000’000 $
Token sale start: 15th of October
Sale end: 30th of December
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

[/color]SmartContractChain's founders bring years of experience in design, engineering, and administration, pooling a diverse skillset to create a product that brings an optimum technical and financial solution to the problem of investment risk. Based across Asia and Europe, they bring a global approach to the new network dynamics of international finance, and an unparalleled perspective on the challenges and rewards of early-stage investment in the 21st century.
[/color]FAQ [/color] ●●● NEWS[/url] ●●● BLOGS[/url][/b]


The whitepaper titled Smart Contract Chain and any/all abstracts provided here or through any other official channel are to be considered as a work in progress. The information provided in it is subject to change without any prior intimation by the publishing authority. Any excerpts or whole adaption of interpretation of the said whitepaper or related material is to be considered as an unfinished work. The final whitepaper and any related material will be duly updated with accurate information before the commencement of the token sale. The publisher does not claim responsibility of any losses incurred due to the misinterpretation of the current version or any subsequent versions of the whitepaper and/or adaptations thereafter. The investor is advised to carefully read through the final document before making any investments.


We live in a world driven by innovation. However, for innovation to be sustained, proper research must be put in place. There has been a missing link between research and innovation, which hasn’t been solved. We have a large amount of knowledge that is undervalued and untapped. This information is hidden and deserves to be made accessible by those who require it. On the other hand, companies have difficulties in their quest for innovation. Couple with this issue is the challenges of cost, funding, and access to knowledge. Topmost on the list is the insufficient knowledge of the particular subject, the difficulty in acquiring experts, and the delays in getting the indispensable information.

To help with these issues, Connecty is bridging that gap. Connecty is providing a means to streamline the relationship between research house and businesses. Connecty is providing the missing link between those with the knowledge and those answerable in transforming that information into innovation. Currently, the knowledge ecosystem is formulating to accept all situations on the spectrum: ranging from a short appeal for an expert’s opinion to a comprehensive research study, which may extend to a considerable period. This is aimed at opening all knowledge areas and other fields of studying including engineering, physics, environment, IT system, and society.

Connecty is a platform for linking the gap that exists between knowledge and innovation, which creates an ecosystem devoted to knowledge with its own currency and a circular economy based on the blockchain technology. The platform aims at bringing all actors of the two worlds targeted by the project into one place. It is a place where innovators and creators of knowledge meet.

Connecty - Token For A Currency Of Global Knowledge

For the optimal operation of the knowledge ecosystem, the platform has its own dedicated currency known as CTY token (blockchain Stellar), the knowledge currency. This means of creating money through token is important because of the following reasons.

•   The disconnection of knowledge exchanges after money. The vocation of researchers, their purposes, and motivation are based on the formation of knowledge. The linking of these motor values with the financial aspect of the idea of exchanges is delicate for some. Because of this, using token in representing the knowledge economy will help in overcoming this unwillingness by using a dedicated token.

•   A means of calculating the exchanges that happen in the circulation of knowledge. The stake of the project in order to allow unlimited and freedom of exchange of knowledge between the actors isn’t conceivable without the introduction of a measurement unit. The measurement unit, which is the token CTY, is intended to calculate the exchanges to provide a fair and equitable sharing for everyone involved.

•   A secure, reliable, and economical means of exchanging using a global architecture for a global project. The use of the Stella ecosystem brings together all benefits of the blockchain such as decentralization, security, and low-cost of exploitation with the benefits of Stellar Smart Contracts, which include flexibility of formats, automation of contracts, and environment of trust.


Connecty is a platform where researchers can easily convert their work into innovation and get handsomely rewarded. If you are driven by latent dreams, the easiest place to birth such dreams is on the Connecty platform.


We all want to lead a beautiful life, but it often gets compromised because of the financial troubles, which mostly is to do with the wrong choices we make. And this is where and why the world of Crypto can make the difference.

However, with the recent growth of the industry and so many ICOs and Cryptocurrencies coming up, it is equally challenging to make the choice that can be said to be worthy!

But not anymore, with the arrival of Alliance Token, it is going to the ultimate choice for everyone!

The Alliance Token is a private luxury Membership supported by a NEW purpose-built Cryptocurrency Utility Token. It comes with exclusive luxury membership with all of the advantages of the latest advancement in Cryptocurrency.

The Alliance Token is a class of Cryptocurrency designated as a Utility Token. The Alliance Token has value within the Alliance Membership, which allows one the access to SPECIAL EVENTS, Unique experiences, and able to participate in Luxury Raffles and Auctions.

Alliance Token is partnered with The Quintessentially Group, the world's preeminent Private Event, and Unique Experience Concierge Company. The goal is to provide the Members with unforgettable experiences ranging from private concerts to whirlwind excursions in exotic venues with the finest dining the world has to offer!

Every Member can participate in unique raffles and contests with their Alliance Tokens.  With partnering through the top luxury product and service brands to bring the members unique experiences, luxury products, and limited edition luxury offerings.

In keeping with the core value of luxury and unique offerings, the prizes will be exciting and compelling. You will definitely want to participate!!! With having aligned with a third-party industry leader in contest and sweepstakes technology to ensure the integrity of the draws.

In addition to bringing the Members incredible offers from some of the world's top luxury brands, each draw will benefit Global Children's Charities and as well and Animal and Environmental Non-Profit Groups with a portion of the proceeds as directed by the Membership. 

Imagine becoming part of a distributed global community of members who have EXCLUSIVE access to incredible unique luxury products and experiences. All you need is Alliance Token to be a member of this. But not just this as the members together are able to support children’s charitable foundations and non-profit groups along with the exclusive luxury offers!

Alliance Token is a spectacular creation with not only having an amazing luxury opportunity but it is global, anonymous and backed by a Blockchain distributed ledger guaranteeing no dilution of the total Alliance Token float.

So, come and purchase the Alliance Membership Tokens and Benefit from the Amazing Scheme, Buy 1 Token, Get 1 Token FREE! It comes with a FURTHER discount from the actual website, as we are reselling it for just $20 (originally priced $25), means a 20% discount. And IF anyone purchases 200 tokens or beyond, he/she will be given SPECIAL privilege with price reduced to just $12.50!

This is available only for a Limited time! -


[/color][/url] | | | | | |


Facebook Campaign: 20%.
Twitter Campaign: 20%.
Translation Campaign: 22%.
YouTube Campaign: 18%.
Blog & Article Campaign: 15%.
Telegram Campaign: 5%.


1. All the participants must join our official group in Telegram HERE. Do not leave the group before the end of this campaign.
2. Every participant must sign up using the proper form. Submission of the application without proper signup via form will result in no match within our counting application.
3. reserves the right to adjust the reward amount, depending on a number of applicants in each of the bounty campaigns.
4. Any application with improper information will be disqualified without notice (i.e. alt accounts, scam and etc...)
5. Double check your ERC-20 address which you submit via the form, this cannot be changed till the end of the bounty.
6. Stakes will be calculated weekly or fortnight for signature, twitter and facebook campaigns and for the rest of the campaigns it will be disclosed at the end of the bounty.
7. When the bounty ends, you will have 7 days for any questions/complaints
8. You can request changes to update your weekly stake status within 7 days after each week's review(all the above-mentioned campaigns). We will not make any adjustments if the deadline is passed.
9. We count your activities in stakes and generate the ratio between stakes and coins in the final calculation. All final rewards will be in PINCOIN

If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.

All rights reserved by Poins team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable.
For Project level assistance and technical support during the bounty campaign, please contact us through the given link or via pm us through there only. ( )

By signing up for the bounty via form, you're accepting these above terms

( Stakes will be updated every weekly or fortnight )


Every week stakes will be counted for Facebook and Twitter on Thursday. Reports (Facebook & Twitter) after Wednesday, 23.59.59 UTC will be counted for next week.

For bounty-related queries during this bounty campaign, please contact us via PM on bitcointalk. Project related queries only entertained at main telegram channel/group


Cryptocurrency Integrated System (POINS)
Three Platform One Coin

With 50% profit share given for Lifetime for signing up on the Hold and Share (HAS) Program!

POINS Platform is based on blockchain technology that uses Scrypt Algorithm with high transaction speeds.

Cryptocurrency Integrated System (POINS) “Three Platform One Coin”. A Complete Trading Platform (, Trusted Payment Platform (, and an Easy Startup Incubator Platform ( : not only as trading platforms, but you can learn more, manage your finances, update the news & also do a business[ : payment gateway is supported by super-fast transaction technology with many altcoins are integrated : realize your dream to build a successful startup : pincoin with transparent blockchain technology and mineable with scrypt algorithym

The cryptocurrency exchange market is similar to the stock market and forex market which currently accounts for more than USD 230 billion based on the site It even touched USD 300 billion.

Based on data from, in 2017 E-Commerce sales volume reached USD 7.66 trillion for business to business (B2B) transactions and USD 2.14 trillion for business to customer (B2C) transactions.

The Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) research and strategy company noted that the world's startup industry grew drastically after USD 140 billion in venture capital investment in 2017.

The Solution is Poins Platform

Symbol PIN
Algorithm Scrypt
Total supply 90.000.000 PIN
ICO 30.000.000 PIN
Mining 60.000.000 PIN
Reward 50 PIN per Block
Halfing 600.000 Block
Price per PIN 1 ETH = 1000 PIN
Link to website
Accepted forms of payment Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC)
ICO minimum purchase 0.5 ETH

Why you should buy at the ICO?

- You will get 50% of company profit from 3 platform projects: (Trading platform), (platform for e-commerce), and (Incubator startup business)
- You will get additional 30% extra coins when you choose distribution plus
- You will get 50% discount
- You will get 15% referral commision

ICO Discount Details



Our roadmap is planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions





Life is precious but often it gets compromised due to the financial troubles faced by the people. However, are the people only one to be blamed for this crisis we see? The answer is "No". The financial crises of recent years was to do with the governments and the banking system, which collapsed with banks going bankrupt, making billions lose their lifetime savings!

And some even today have not recovered from the previous disasters, but that's not it with the whole world on verge of ANOTHER financial fiasco. So, is there no solution to this? Or you, me and all of us continue to suffer for mistakes we never made? Are we also going to make our children go through the pain many of us went through? Will there be no way to lead a life that we all desire and dream about? The life we all deserve? Is the life of majority going to be wasted up in trying covering up for basic needs?

No, you don’t need to do that! The solution is here, and that’s called “Kinesis”

Kinesis Monetary System, the pathbreaking system that was founded by Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), the world’s leading electronic exchange of physical precious metal like Gold and Silver. With knowledge, expertise, and experience, ABX turned itself into a trusted leader in the precious metal industry for the better part of this decade!

With Kinesis, comes the solution of the problem that Cryptocurrencies faces and the precious Metal with storage fees. Kinesis is the world’s FIRST Monetary System and unlike other Cryptocurrencies in the world, Kinesis Coin are baked 1:1 by REAL Physical Gold or Silver with serial numbers, that is stored in top-tier vaults around the world, that YOU retain title to! And you can even have Physical Gold or Silver held in your account or shipped to your doorstep!

But that’s not all, as you can use this in your everyday life with daily transactions to buy/sell goods around the globe, utilizing the Kinesis Debit Card! It is going to make life easier, simple and safer for everyone and will boost the world Crypto space along with!

When YOU "Mint" the Currencies, then SELL, SEND or SPEND the currency to another entity, this entitles YOU, as the Creator, to receive a Yield on that currency as it is used in financial transactions around the world, over and over again, within the KMS, because YOU own it!

When you REFER people who Mint Kinesis Currencies, you also receive a % of the on-going transaction fees from all currency minted by the people you refer. The Kinesis Currency Exchange records its usage, and you get paid a percentage of the transaction fees, as it circulates anywhere in the world, over and over again... for LIFE!

As the Token owner, you will get a share of ALL transaction fees generated by ALL Kinesis Currencies used by everyone in the world for LIFE! There is only limited time available in the form of ICO with just 300,000 tokens available! The ICO ends on November 11th, 2018 or when all tokens are sold out, whichever comes FIRST!

With such short duration, it is time to take a step towards a BETTER future! A future, where everyone will be able to have Financial Freedom. In life, good opportunities come pretty commonly, but great opportunities come rare, so make the decision now or else you will be left to regret!

And to have the whole concept of Kinesis understood in minutes, all you need to do is to watch the video below, the duration of the video is around 5-6 minutes, that could literally change your life forever, so give your life a chance that it badly needed!

You can also join for FREE, get to know more details through

And if you still are not convinced that this is the FUTURE, then look at the expert's rating of the Kinesis project!

Litecoin discussion / Re: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte prefer Litecoin
« on: September 26, 2018, 03:00:22 AM »
I believe even a BLIND can SEE the potential in Litecoin, so there are really no doubts. However, it is important to be realistic and be on with multiple options instead of just one, as it is the route to gaining well.

I love Litecoin and with regularly checking up on ltc future price, I feel even more interested. Yet, I do like to keep myself on with other options too, so to ensure that I can gain regardless of what happens with one.


Spending time online has become a very common need of people’s lives in today's time, especially for youngsters, who spend hours and hours on social media or surfing. So, why not make the BEST use of your precious time?

To do just that, introducing to you “Fellowhale”

Fellowhale is the new generation’s favorite creation, which will give you an EASY way to make money! It is a new game based on the EOS Blockchain with a simple, straightforward, and transparent system to ensure everyone is able to participate easily and confidently!

The whole mission is to become a WISE Fellowhale to be victorious in the competition that includes people from every country! The competition puts you against the VERY best in holding themselves in the nervous situation, so to be able to win; you will require the heart of the Ironman, Superman and even the Batman!

The rules of the jungle are SIMPLE:

1. Only the wise Fellowhale understands greed and controls the ocean.
2. Each round begins with 1 EOS.
3. Make your first move to become a new Fellowhale—you’ll pay 21% more EOS than the previous Fellowhale paid.
4. When a new Fellowhale joins, you’ll profit from the EOS he pays. Yes, you’ll make a profit!
5. A new round begins when nobody is willing or able to beat the Fellowhale for 5 days.   

After each move, the timer at the top of the screen is reset to 5 days; it means that you have 5 days to become a NEW Fellowhale. If no player is willing to take a risk during the 5 day period, the round is over, and the next round begins!

Not only is the system easy but also fully secured by using Crypto as your payment method! All of Fellowshale’s wagers are managed through the virtual wallet Scatter!

Fellowhale is a fully transparent online web-based game, as the source code is open source and available to be found at Github! Which allow everyone to be able to view, and even audit the code, it makes safer for everyone to use, play and enjoy!

So, come forward and be part of this luxurious game that is really going give you the time of your LIFE!

Check below for further details:

Official Website:
Source Code:
Scatter Wallet:
Contact At:




"You do not have to apply for campaigns, you only have to report your work."


$500,000 in VEIAG tokens are allocated to the VEIAG Bonus bounty and will not exceed the cap.

Sept 19 – Sept 22   ( Week 1 ) – In Progress
Sept 22 – Sept 29   ( Week 2 ) – 
Sept 29 – Oct 6   ( Week 3 ) –
Oct 6 – Oct 13   ( Week 4 ) –
Oct 13 – Oct 20   ( Week 5 ) –
Oct 20 – Oct 27   ( Week 6 ) –
Bounty rewards (VEIAG tokens) will be distributed within the 6 campaigns listed below:

�� Twitter Campaign  –  1,000,000 VEIAG
�� Facebook Campaign  – 1,000,000 VEIAG
�� Video Campaign   –  500,000 VEIAG
�� Articles Campaign  –  500,000 VEIAG
�� Telegram Campaign  –  1,000,000 VEIAG
�� VEIAG App Campaign  –  1,000,000 VEIAG

General Rules:

✅   Fill application form for each desired bounty campaign.
✅   To participate in the bounty program, you must be at least 18 years old.
✅   Join
✅   Join
✅   Rewards for each campaign have a cap and once that cap is reached, rewards will no longer be processed or awarded.
✅   Each user can only participate with one account per campaign. Users with double-registrations or duplicate accounts will be permanently banned from program.
✅   Campaigns will be reviewed and counted weekly.
✅   Rewards for all bounty activities will be VEIAG tokens.
✅   If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.
✅   The VEIAG team reserves the right to make any changes, if necessary.
✅   For technical support during the bounty campaign, please contact us via our Telegram bounty group and message
✅   Use only predefined content (if available) – promo message for every new week:
✅   Using fake accounts or trying to cheat our bounties will get you automatically disqualified.
✅   Do not use new accounts. Accounts that are less than 30 days old will be disqualified.
✅   Send report form/forms for each desired bounty before 10pm EST on Saturdays, every week (if necessary for bounty)
✅   You must read the pinned message on our Bounty Telegram every week! 

All approved participants will receive their rewards after VEIAG’s ICO. This may take up to 2 weeks after sending tokens via smart contracts.

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