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We all want to lead a beautiful life, but it often gets compromised because of the financial troubles, which mostly is to do with the wrong choices we make. And this is where and why the world of Crypto can make the difference.

However, with the recent growth of the industry and so many ICOs and Cryptocurrencies coming up, it is equally challenging to make the choice that can be said to be worthy!

But not anymore, with the arrival of Alliance Token, it is going to the ultimate choice for everyone!

The Alliance Token is a private luxury Membership supported by a NEW purpose-built Cryptocurrency Utility Token. It comes with exclusive luxury membership with all of the advantages of the latest advancement in Cryptocurrency.

The Alliance Token is a class of Cryptocurrency designated as a Utility Token. The Alliance Token has value within the Alliance Membership, which allows one the access to SPECIAL EVENTS, Unique experiences, and able to participate in Luxury Raffles and Auctions.

Alliance Token is partnered with The Quintessentially Group, the world's preeminent Private Event, and Unique Experience Concierge Company. The goal is to provide the Members with unforgettable experiences ranging from private concerts to whirlwind excursions in exotic venues with the finest dining the world has to offer!

Every Member can participate in unique raffles and contests with their Alliance Tokens.  With partnering through the top luxury product and service brands to bring the members unique experiences, luxury products, and limited edition luxury offerings.

In keeping with the core value of luxury and unique offerings, the prizes will be exciting and compelling. You will definitely want to participate!!! With having aligned with a third-party industry leader in contest and sweepstakes technology to ensure the integrity of the draws.

In addition to bringing the Members incredible offers from some of the world's top luxury brands, each draw will benefit Global Children's Charities and as well and Animal and Environmental Non-Profit Groups with a portion of the proceeds as directed by the Membership. 

Imagine becoming part of a distributed global community of members who have EXCLUSIVE access to incredible unique luxury products and experiences. All you need is Alliance Token to be a member of this. But not just this as the members together are able to support children’s charitable foundations and non-profit groups along with the exclusive luxury offers!

Alliance Token is a spectacular creation with not only having an amazing luxury opportunity but it is global, anonymous and backed by a Blockchain distributed ledger guaranteeing no dilution of the total Alliance Token float.

So, come and purchase the Alliance Membership Tokens and Benefit from the Amazing Scheme, Buy 1 Token, Get 1 Token FREE! It comes with a FURTHER discount from the actual website, as we are reselling it for just $20 (originally priced $25), means a 20% discount. And IF anyone purchases 200 tokens or beyond, he/she will be given SPECIAL privilege with price reduced to just $12.50!

This is available only for a Limited time! -

Newbies / Re: How To Make Money With Fun
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:39:22 AM »
You want a simple way? Get yourself an ethereum wallet, or even other crypto like ripple, litecoin and others. It is going to go very high in coming days. But not just them, try out Inlock, which is basically the FINEST creation of the year, 2018! You can get yourself everything and anything via it.

It is truly a revolutionary creation with whole vision behind boosting people who often get caught up in weird scenarios. It is a lending platform and one that is going to be highly beneficial for lenders and borrowers. So, this to me is one way of making money with enjoyment.

I don’t think it’s just about Litecoin news that we need to keep eye on. There are many other developments that have the DIRECT impact on the whole market. Bitcoin is the obvious player that has an impact on all, so news regarding the whole industry should be watched very closely.

We have recently seen the Chinese Stance Over The Bitcoin trading, so such news makes a lot of impact and something that needs to be monitored very closely.

Off-topic / Re: Crypto Franchise Investment Opportunities
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:01:16 PM »
Investment in Cryptocurrencies are something that you need to be doing really wisely, as only then you will be able to get things through. I keep my way incredibly straight forward and that’s easier through CryptoNewsTrends, it’s simply awesome with not just regular news available, but in a very likeable system, which enables one to be at ease with things. And that’s why I am able to trade smoothly and make regular profits.

Services / Seed Capitals – The seed of your success
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:08:40 AM »

Financial crises are becoming a common aspect of people’s lives, especially ones with a weak financial background. So, with such scenario, the need for solid yet secure income is an absolute must! And, that’s not an easy thing to achieve in present life with good options becoming limited. Therefore, we have come with the creation that’s not just meant to be life changing for many, but it is also going to be transparent, secure and easy.

We are here to introduce you to “Seed Capitals”.

Seed Capital is an online investment and trading platform offering services to institutions and individuals, which opens up doors of life changing opportunity in the land of Cryptos. It's a community, where members can carry out various financial transactions with the highly efficient internal exchange and investment opportunities.

Seed Capital’s roadmap leads to a MASSIVE agricultural investment while exploring the world of Cryptocurrencies with the aim of utilizing the Blockchain technology with an impending ICO. The aim is to ensure everyone is able to generate easy profits and offers an investment opportunity producing 1.5% - 2% daily returns without members breaking a sweat.

You can begin from as low as $20 and able to extract up to $0.3 per day with able to get up to $8.4 per month and runs up to 9 months on full circle. There are 8 packages to select from, so one can pick it according to their requirement and desire.

Seed Capital’s mission is to bring the glory to common people with LEARN TO EARN Campaign, where you could join in with thousands of others to change your financial condition for GOOD and explore your REAL potential. And that's all done by Seed Capital with picking out investment opportunities focusing on the use of the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency trading to give members the ADVANTAGE of networking and rewarding them appropriately.

At Seed Capital, the ultimate desire is for giving people peace of mind and something they could trust upon. And that's exactly why Seed Capital is here with not just secure investment environment, but also got great returns with ensuring complete stability due to well-built structure by highly qualified team of experts!

But that’s not all since there is also good rewards available for bringing people to the table with the referral program, which helps member earn more on every referral with 5% interest rate! If you think that there is some degree or skills required for all this, then stop right there! With Seed Capitals, you can receive “PROPER” training to be able to understand the world of Crypto and there is a section for getting regular news and updates.

While one doesn’t require having a Bitcoin wallet because the internal exchange of Seed Capitals takes care of that with the multitude of members available to help fund the wallet with Bitcoin and give one the local currency when there is withdrawal needed.

So, come forward and secure your future NOW!

Check below for further details:

Official Website:




In order to register:


Marketplace / [ANN](NO ICO) Lonero - The Future of Digital Cash
« on: July 02, 2018, 10:28:16 PM »

Lonero Will Be Released Without An ICO


Have you been suffering from the problem of insecurity while trading digital currencies? Then a solution is here. When you trade coins online, your privacy protection is guaranteed with Blockvest.

All you have to do is to sign up for an account and start enjoying maximum protection. In addition to enjoying maximum protection, you can also earn bonus when you participate in the ICO expression of interest from May 1st to June 30th.

Marketplace / Here’s How The PinkDate Platform Works
« on: May 18, 2018, 02:33:59 AM »
Wondering how the Pinkdate platform works? Then you are at the right place. This post has got you covered. The PinkDate Escorting Platform integrates detailed search, booking, payment, and screening into a single, user-friendly interface.
Clients are able to input detailed search features, browse all available escorts, and make “Instant Book” requests. Escorts can view clients’ screening info, provide availability in advance, and accept payments in cryptocurrency. Both parties can benefit from fast, efficient interactions, saving time and money in the process.


Do you love doing Crypto trading? Are you wishful to be amongst the top earners of the industry? The plan is set and the map is out, all you require is to follow the route to the destination of heaven for traders.

Hold your breath, Crypto Potluck has arrived to ensure you the kind of reach that you could never imagine in your finest dreams!

Get on the bus where you could be able to get all the guides you were ever after. With Crypto Potluck, you are placed to get all the tools to become amongst the BEST if not the BEST!

With tutorials available for everything from setting up the ultimate strategies or putting up VPS, whether you are looking to the automatic strategy or anything else, it’s all guided here!

Come and be part of the biggest Crypto trading community through and make sure you are not letting anyone destroy your dreams!

All the dreams become reality from here, so don't miss out on this magnificent opportunity to change the whole game!

Try out the FREE Trial:

Setup of the free trial for 1.42% daily returns:

Medium base setup for upgrade:

Advanced settings maxing it out:

Look below for further info:

Official Website:




Social Media Links:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Steemit:
- YouTube:


It is no rocket science that every month millions are lost due to improper private key storage and over billions of dollar in a year. In order to prevent that from happening, here is the ultimate and revolutionary solution!

Introducing to you the creation of the year: Crypto Key Stack

Crypto Key Stack LLC was co-founded by Chris Gonyo and NFL veteran Israel Idonije in an effort to reduce the billions of dollars lost, which occurs every year due to improper private key storage. The number of assets being stored and tracked on the blockchain is growing at an exponential rate, and they are all being secured by private keys. Software based hardware wallets are excellent for cybersecurity, but are equally vulnerable in the event of a physical disaster.

For this very purpose, the creation of Crypto Key Stack comes into reality to prevent you from suffering from any disasters. Crypto Key Stack is a highly affordable backup device with high quality stainless steel used, which allow users to store multiple Cryptographic keys permanently!

Crypto Key Stack is absolutely fireproof with Black anodized stainless steel plates, which allows fire protection up to 2200°F. It is double the average temperature of a house fire! But that’s not the only concern that people have, it’s also to do with rain/water kind of disasters that could have a major impact, but Crypto Key Stack is also Waterproof & Rustproof, it protects your private keys in the event of flooding and water damage!

With Crypto Key Stack, you have the Electric engraver included. It’s an easy and convenient way to permanently backup your Cryptocurrency keys! It is going to help with getting rid of hundreds of tiny reflective silver pieces, and is also an ideal way of saving money with the ability to store all the keys in one device! Each Crypto Key Stack set (Builders, Explorers and Pioneers) also comes with a diamond-tipped electric engraver included in the package, simplifying the process even further.

One is able to get 10% referral commission as well for any sales that are done through their links. So, come and be part of the creation that is going to bring revolutionary changes to the world of Crypto in terms of safety, security and easiness!

To know further visit the website: - You can also watch this video for better understanding:

Newbies / Re: Novice!
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:34:03 AM »
When it comes to beginners, it is MUST that preparation is accurate, if we are good with preparing these things then we could gain heavily. I love altcoin trading, but only when I know there is sufficient amount of money to be gained. That is how we could proceed well and able to collect up money rather consistently.

Newbies / Tradesatoshi Exchange – The NEW home of traders!
« on: May 02, 2018, 08:47:11 AM »

Are you a crypto lover? Do you like trading on them? But you are unable to figure out a quality and easy way for it? Then the arrival of “Tradesatoshi Exchange” is going to turn it around for you!

Tradesatoshi is a UK based trading platform for Bitcoin and Altcoins, it focuses on providing the highest quality of security, transparency, fastest services with 100% uptime guaranteed, the voting system in the exchange for new coins and there is fulltime support as well, which makes it such an epic thing.

Tradesatoshi is created for ORDINARY people, who often are at the suffering with exchanges, it’s created to give everyone EQUAL rights and able to get the stuff done easily! With over 100s of ICOs already present, there is a huge list that is waiting to be added.

There is also Arbitrage system in place to view for everyone, which is NEVER seen anywhere else.

That’s not all, as there is “FAUCETS” available too. It allows people to consistently get their favourite Cryptos for FREE!

So, join with Tradesatoshi - The NEW home for traders for Crypto Exchange!

Check below for further details:

Official Website:


Social Media Links:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- LinkedIn:
- Discordapp:
- Reddit:
- Github:
- Tradesatoshiapp: 


What exactly is Social Media? Let’s be simple here. A place where you spend your time by doing something that is “TIMEPASS” for you. But wait, it is not exactly “TIMEPASS” for the owners of Social sites! “HOW”? Just ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as over the years, his company (Facebook) and other social media giants earned billions from your “TIMEPASS”.

Are you still not sure how? It’s SIMPLE; it’s by selling YOUR DATA, it’s by FORCING YOU to watch ADS! In short, it is by destroying your Private life to EARN without your PERMISSION!

Who cares? As I can’t do anything anyway, is this you? Then think again! You can do A LOT and even get rewards for your effort. We today are here to introduce you to something that will change the way you look at Social Media sites and guide you to the ultimate route of FREEDOM from the Social MAFIA!

We introduce you to “TOUCH SOCIAL”, it’s developed and created to ensure that no ever AGAIN can steal your data and sell it without your permission, not even US! We have created the platform that will change the whole landscape of Social Media. We will install the MUCH NEEDED comfort for you to be at ease with your private data.
TouchSocial is not just created to give you privacy, security or comfort, but it is also created to help you get rewards for your CONTENT. We have come up with the solution that was always required, but the giants of the industry NEVER wanted it to be revealed, but now it’s on!

With TouchSocial, you will have the option to lease your data for profits, so the only one who makes profits is YOU! It’s a RARE creation, which will enable you to earn from your interaction and due to the Blockchain technology, it is a truly decentralized experience!

Such high scale project like Touch is cannot be completed without equally high quality team. It is our priority to have BEST of the BEST minds behind the scenes working and that’s exactly what we got.

We have the BEST possible team handling the stuff, which is to ensure everything is in tip-top shape and always ahead of time, but it is also made sure that there is user-friendly structure. It is to bring comfort for every user and to help them engaged into thing with ease.

TouchSocial unlikely other ICOs, it doesn’t aim to drag things. We are aiming to ensure everything is done in “RECORD” time yet not letting the quality of the product suffer one bit.

We aim to complete some major developments over next 6 months, which not only will take our project to the peak but will also give people the IDEAL platform to look at. So, come be part of this thrilling experience, as Touch brings the “SOCIAL” Back to “SOCIAL MEDIA”.

The token sale has already started from 20th April, so do not miss this opportunity to join something truly revolutionary!

You can also join the Airdrop to get up to 25,000 $TST simply by visiting:

Get to know further about us from below:

Official Website:




Social Media Links:

- Telegram:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Reddit:
- LinkedIn:
- YouTube:
- YouTube:
- Instagram:
- Email:


Life is moving fast with the new technology taking over in every field. The SaaS industry too is getting bigger and better day by day. With the industry already riding over 100 billion, it is only projected to double up in coming years!

In between, comes the FUTURE called “TOWERBEE”. It’s a platform mix of blockchain and other traditional technologies. The project will be a major step towards mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies.

TowerBee will enable companies and individuals to buy SaaS products using Cryptocurrencies for carrying out their everyday business, which is what will lead to mass adoption and will only add to the rising popularity of Cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to TowerBee, there will be a HUGE discount for the services that will be paid through TowerBee Token! TowerBee will ensure the IDEAL Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway with accepting over 500 Cryptocurrencies with a single API. It will come with reduced fees of 0.005% for transactions when using TowerBee (TBE) Token) and where will be 50% discount as well on transaction fees with use of Towerbee Token. The discount is applied automatically to the transaction fee when the buyer pays using TowerBee (TBE) Token!

TowerBee comes with huge list of existing SaaS products and services including HR Software Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Business Email, Email Marketing, Contact Manager, Text, Audio and Video Chat, File Manager, Team Calendar and All-in-One package.

It works within a budget to allow everyone to have easy access without having to worry about quality, so that makes the software packages reliable and affordable. But that’s not all with some epic upcoming SaaS products built including inventory management, project management and much more, so that makes it arguably the greatest creation of 2018!

The whitelist is open now to participate in the ICO. As people joining early will receive 30% bonus on the purchase. The ICO sale begins from 5th May 2018 and will run until 4th of June!

So, during the FIRST 5 days, there will be 30% bonus given to all meaning 1ETH = 10,400 TBE Tokens. If anyone purchases after the first 5 days, then they will receive 8,000 TBE Tokens for 1 ETH! Be part of it as soon as possible to get HIGHEST benefits. Come and be part of this thrilling project that promises to change the way this industry works!

You can check below for further info:

 Official Website:


Bounty Campaign:




Social Media Links:

- Telegram:
- Bitcointalk:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- LinkedIn:
- Gplus:
- Reddit:
- Medium:
- Email:

Marketplace / Repo Coin – The ONLY Coin you CAN NOT BUY!
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:15:37 AM »

How many ICOs do we see come up with discount/bonuses and all that? I think nearly all! But that’s where Repo Coin is the unique deal! It is not the project that is setup for fundraising and gets people throwing their money around. It is world’s ONLY (for now) ICO which WON’T have Pre/Public or ANY KIND of sale!

Repo Coin is the ONLY Coin, which you can’t BUY! Repo Coin is a revolutionary blockchain project based upon the Auto Lending and Repossession Industry, it is a solution which will help in faster, efficient and easy recovery of assets for auto lenders by bringing together a larger community of people to assist in locating delinquent vehicles.

With the Repo Coin mobile app, it will give everyone the power to scan license plates to easily identify delinquent vehicles through the real-time database of delinquent vehicles from lender across the U.S. The project is going to be revolutionary for repossession industry in a NEVER seen before way!

Repo Coin works in a very straight forward way with having to mobile the Mobile app and scan license plates in any public space, if the license plate is tagged for repossession, an is sent to the app user, the lender, and the vehicle recovery. Then the app will reward the user with Repo Tokens as a direct incentive for helping to locate delinquent vehicles. The token can be used to purchase goods and services through the Repocoin website.

The Repo rewards program contains some of the finest stuff you could wish for! From having Brand new Tesla Model 3 (Car) to stuff like iPhone X, Surface Laptop, X-Box 1, PS4 and lot more. But that’s certainly not ALL.

With Repo Coin, you are invited to participate in the Giveaway Program. The people applying for it are required to fill the short form. It will allow the Repo Coin community to choose the recipient of the vehicle using their Repo Tokens to vote based on applicant stories and videos.

But if you think that’s all, then no! The greatest part is the “We Care Program”, it is there to help you in difficult times. As often it can be difficult to pay auto loans on time, especially when unexpected events unfold and can cause disaster in your budget. Keeping that in mind, it is “We Care program” that is activated, through which Repo Coin will be offering fully paid-off vehicles to families or individuals in need. It will be done through the voting system based on applicant stories and videos!

Right now, everyone is invited to get FREE Tokens in SIMPLE STEP – All you require is to subscribe to RECEIVE FREE Tokens!

Therefore, be part of this revolutionary movement that aims to make life better for everyone involved!

So join in now on one of the MOST INNOVATIVE projects of 2018!

In order to know further details check here:

Official Website:




Social Media Link:

- Bitcointalk:;u=1864403
- Telegram:
- LinkedIn:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Reddit:
- Instagram:
- YouTube:
- Email:

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