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We are making some changes, asked our members to vote if they want for the lending platform to say or change it to hosted staking. The vote is concluded now and 90% of our members voted for hosted staking.

We decided that hosted staking will be the one who gives back profits to our community.

These changes are made due to restrictions in the USA because most of our members are from the United States.

We had an interview before pre sale and now we have another one, but this time in chat form.

So here are both interviews, first is before pre-sale and second is the new one.

Great news!

Today we reached more than 30 000 members and still groving. Thank you for your support!

Every day our ICO are SOLD OUT in couple seconds. Yesterday it was sold out in 8.1 seconds

Almost 18 000 members are ready for today's first round of ICO. [/size]Coins will sell out fast like it did in PRE-SALE. If 1 000 000 coins were sold out in 13 minutes then now for the 1st round we are selling out ONLY 250 000 coins. Since PRE-SALE we have doubled member count and 250k will be sold out in less than 10 minutes. So don't be late for Todays ICO.[/color]


Thank you so much for your support. Litecoin comunity is the best - The FineCoin Team loves you guys.
We sold out in 13 minutes. Can you imagine 1 000 000 FINE Coins were bought in less than 13 minutes… :open_mouth:
Without you guys that wouldn’t be possible.

By the way you can see interview with our Marketing Director Lucas -

Only 1 day left before pre-sale starts. Don't miss yout chance to invest in the next "moon" coin!

Already more than 2000 members for FineCoin.

Youtubers making amazing and honest reviews about FineCoin.
You can see all of them here-

We got listed in and got 4.0/5.0 score

Link to FineCoin's  icoreview discussion-

New post on our blog- Meet Our Team-

The project looks very promising. I love that you offer withdraw from the start, ucoincash still don't have that 1 month after ico ended.

Thank you for your kind words, it's great to hear that.

By the way, we have developed a bounty program for those who want to participate in the project creation. You can read more info about it on our blog-


Europe’s Finest Lending Platform
Our ICO Pre-sale will start on January 20th, 2018 @ 6 PM – [GMT]
Our ICO will start on January 25th, 2018 @ 6 PM – [GMT]
Website| [/size]Whitepape[size=78%]r[/size][/size] |[/size]Youtube[/size] |
[/size]  Telegram |Twitter
FineCoin – An Introduction[/b]FineCoin (FINE) the first and safest European Lending platform which aims to offer a digital solution to the everlasting problem of money transactions. FineCoin offer Lending opportunities with high interest, fast and reliable money transactions for businesses and individuals and incomparable fees. In a world that is ready to welcome Cryptocurrencies, we have created a trustworthy and secure platform which is build to offer you full control over your assets.FineCoin can be purchased with Bitcoin(BTC) and/or Ethereum(ETH) during the Pre-sale and ICO.
FineCoin – Different from other Lending Platforms[/b]
We have observed that many Lending platforms disable funds withdrawals (BTC/ETH) during the ICO. With FineCoin you have full control over your money, allowing you to withdraw your funds at any given moment with minimal withdrawal costs.
 Ad revenue sharing program.
We also have a total of 12.000.000 tokens, which will allow FINE to grow rapidly in price once the internal exchanges open. This will allow early investors to make profit as soon as the ICO is finished.Our Staking program offer up to 10% monthly returns, for the first 6 months.
 Our lending program offers up to 48% returns per month.
 4 lending tiers different daily interest amounts.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________
Coin Specifications[/b]

 Coin Algorithm Scrypt: (POW/POS)
 Block time: 2 mins
 Minimum staking age: 10 days
 Maximum staking age: 90 days
 Block Confirms for Mined Blocks: 25
 Total POW: 1.2 Million
 Total Supply: 12 Million FINE
ICO Timeline[/b]

 ICO START: 25th January 2018
 ICO FINISH: 13th February 2018

ICO Schedule[/b]
We decided to host daily rounds with a smaller number of tokens in each round and a smaller buy cap, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to invest in our tokens. Each round will last for 1 day and we expect the rounds to sell out fast. If round 1 sells out you will have to wait until the next day in order to make your next purchase.

 Round 0 (PRESALE): 1.000.000   =  $ 0.45
  Round 1: 250,000   =  $ 0.60
 Round 2: 250,000   =  $ 0.60
 Round 3: 250,000   =  $ 0.60
 Round 4: 250,000   =  $ 0.60
 Round 5: 250,000   =  $ 0.60
  Round 6: 250,000   =  $ 0.80
 Round 7: 250,000   =  $ 0.80
 Round 8: 250,000   =  $ 0.80
 Round 9: 250,000   =  $ 0.80

 Round 10: 250,000   =  $ 0.80
  Round 11: 250,000   =  $ 1.00
 Round 12: 250,000   =  $ 1.00
 Round 13: 250,000   =  $ 1.00
 Round 14: 250,000   =  $ 1.00

 Round 15: 250,000   =  $ 1.00
  Round 16: 250,000   =  $ 1.20
 Round 17: 250,000   =  $ 1.20
 Round 18: 250,000   =  $ 1.20
 Round 19: 250,000   =  $ 1.20

 Round 20: 250,000   =  $ 1.20

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

 You will have 4 lending options based on the amount you would like to invest. Our Lending program offers up to 48% monthly returns. The amount of daily interest that you receive changes with each Lending package. Please check our website for more information.

You can stake your coins in our platform at any given moment after our Stacking program is opened. Keep in mind that the minimum staking day for your tokens is 10 days after. Our monthly returns start at 10% per month after which, each 6 months, your returns will be lowered.

 We plan to launch our coin on Cryptopia and Mercatox by March 2018 while we are also in discussion with many other exchanges. Our internal exchange will be opened right after our ICO ends.
FineCoin Referral Program[/b]

 Our Referral program offers 3 tiers of referral bonuses. You will receive 5% commission of Level 1, direct referrals, 3% on Level 2 referrals and 2% on all referrals bellow that.
If you are an influencer with 25 or more referrals you will automatically receive 10% referral bonus + a certain amount of tokens for each person you refer.Check the chapter bellow for more information on that.
FineCoin ICO Bounty Program[/b]
We have created a bounty program for all our supporters with high social media following. In addition to the 10% referral bonus our top affiliates will receive:
 25 + Referrals = 250 FINE (10 tokens per person)
 50 + Referrals = 550 FINE (11 tokens per person)
 100 + Referrals = 1,200 FINE (12 tokens per person)
 200 + Referrals  - 2,600 FINE (13 tokens per person)
 Bounty referrals are meant for Level 1 Direct referrals who successfully manage to buy our tokens during the ICO. Our bounty bonuses will be distributed right after the end of the ICO.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Top Alt-Coins in 2018
« on: January 04, 2018, 09:50:02 AM »

Hey Awesome People
I am doing an expert roundup on my blog and I know how much our readers appreciate insights from brilliant Crypto experts.
Thus I think they would really value your answer to this question:
=> Which will be Top 3 alt-coins in 2018?
Just drop a line or two.
And to Thank You - in your Bio, you can plug a project.
The post will be published on a site that's visited by ~100k people a month.

Have an awesome day Y'all.

Litecoin discussion / Re: I'd like to try litecoin mining
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:54:35 PM »
I would want to start mining too, but do not know where to start.

Newbies / Re: My wallet won't sync?
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:50:39 PM »
Just change your wallet.

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